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I saw no throw punishment for both players. So I guess if you are not doing it and they are not either, then all is good. I would advise against being unsafe and poke more but, throw punishing is a lost art these days. Just be aware that you do not want to complete the lot of the stuff you were doing. In the event you come across a player that will throw, unlikely, still keep that in mind.

I do not if you watched the video I made for him but, you were running into a problem I mentioned in it. The lack of a mix up game he has. The Ayane player caught on to it a little bit but still manged to get hit often when you rushed down. You kept repeating 66P and 3H+KK over and over again. Granted they kept getting smacked by it, both players you played against, a player who is attentive you will lose quickly. He has more to his range game but, since you are starting out, what you are doing is ok. Just know it will not last long.

After blocking Ayane's 66KK4 the player kept hitting buttons out of it 100% of the time. In the last round (iirc) you tried to throw the player after blocking it. You got HCH because of it, lucky for you it was just a sweep and not a launcher. Seeing that I can tell you are not entirely paying attention to a player or at the least that player in that match. You may want to keep that in mind as well. Pick up on what a player is doing and respond accordingly.

After you broke Ayane's 66T, you immediately started mashing jabs. I know you mashed them because you were CH launched. If you did just 1 punch that would not have happened to you. The point in me mentioning this, though, is that you want to go with a mid if you feel you must hit a button. I do not know her throw break frame data but I am almost positive she is at a significant minus when it is broken. So 3K should CH her if she hits a button after the throw is broken. 6P may not reach her and she may go under it with 6P or 4P. Go and test that out.

I know they are posted in one of these threads in his sub-forum. Go and check out his other ranged tools so you are not constantly running up with the same 2 moves. You can play a keep out game as well. Again, I highly advise you to watch the beginner video on him, if you have not already. It will give you a foundation to build on. Keep watching it too or as many times as it takes to memorize what you need to do as a beginner.
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