DOA6 Mona Vanderwaal Wins Throw-Down Tournament by EmeryReigns

EmeryReigns continues to support the Dead or Alive community in his way by hosting a special weekend tournament complete with a 50 dollar starting pot, and he also accepts donations as a pot bonus via his Twitch channel. This online tournament has so far been a success attracting a wide array of players both veterans and newcomers alike with a growing pot bonus bonus thanks to the community that has exceeded 300 USD! Day 2 will begin Sunday at 6pm EST and you can observe the match history by checking out the live bracket at Challonge.

The quality of the event is exceptional for an online tournament, and throughout pools leading up to top 8, the game runs really smooth and is complemented by rules to keep the connections at their highest and excellent commentary giving extra voices to the fights chosen by Emery himself. Blank October & MesuRJKen are both experienced at calling matches and Emery joins in frequently adding his sense of humor and knowledge to the team. Master quickly notices the quality of this production and helps the community out by throwing in 2 Season 2 Passes for 1st and 2nd place!

StevoMaru and BackTurnedLegend join this tournament and fight aggressively for a spot in Top 8 with their mechanically proven Ayane tech; and since StevoMaru has been impressive with Ayane people are expecting a possible win from this incredible player and continued momentum flow as he makes his mark on the Dead or Alive 6 World Championship.

Mona Vanderwaal is also continuing to make statements with his transition from offline to online for Emery's special event and he's taking names with Christie. Last week, Mona dominated most of the competition at KUMITE 2019 and he was noted by the community as one of the best up-and-coming fighters in the DOA6WC circuit.

It is also worth mentioning that we are seeing a lot of different character choices for this tournament and not just a bunch of Kasumi. Hoodles rocked a stellar Hayabusa in his climb to top 8, and SoSickNASHFAN also returns to the fight with some awesome Tina-play. If you've missed Jann Lee; even he manages to show up to this tournament with stunning Lee mirror & single matches!

MCD should be going to tournaments regularly because he was able to put Nash Fan's Tina on ice throughout the entirety of this set. His insane combo selection, ranged poke timing and environment combos were some of the best we've seen from the character. Jann Lee has combo potential that was not possible in Dead or Alive 5 and he won strongly with mechanics outside of that.

NashFan sports the second best Tina in the offline scene right now, and he flat-lined Jann Lee with a plethora of suplexes from neutral and crouch. We see Nash make the best out 66K following up the deep stun with a well-times Crucifix Power-Bomb. It was of great surprise to many spectators that all of this technical presence still wasn't enough to get the best of Mr. Lee. Winner: MCD

:leifang: :nico: BlackBerry vs Mona Vanderwaal :christie:

This set started off looking really painful for BlackBerry as Mona completely decimated his Leifang in the first round with Christie. BlackBerry couldn't build any momentum in this FT3 until he switched to NiCO in the second game. Christie still roughed up NiCO pretty good, and won the second match as well, but BlackBerry slowed down the pace to make it a real fight.

Berry made some adjustments with NiCO in the third fight, and the held Christie consistently with clutch reads and resets that lead to electrifying damage. Mona stuck it out with Christie after losing his first match and brought out that raw focus he's now known for to win this FT3 against one of the biggest threats in the community. Winner: Mona Vanderwaal

:momiji::zack: Hoodless vs XenoNecroSky :eliot::nico:

We're seeing a different Hoodless at this event as he has really expanded his character pool for these fights - choosing Momiji to open this set against Necro's Eliot. This opening match at 'A.P.O' showcases what Eliot can do in this long narrow stage, but Hoodless also has some beautiful moves to display from Momiji. Sadly the first game had to be reset due to a connection error, and the repeat ended in Eliot's favor.

Hoodless makes his first switch in this FT3 with Zack and he slowly dissects Eliot and picks him apart with a superior footsie & damage game. After a convincing win from Hoodless, Necro switches to NiCO only to overwhelmed once more. Hoodless finds himself in the driver's seat, and Necro is forced to adapt quickly to keep life in this set. Necro ups the ante on his zoning game and combined it with perfect holds to put this set into last round; against Hoodless!

The last game is at 'Muscle' and both players are using extremely defensive techniques in this confined & dangerous space. They are blocking 90 percent of what they were throwing at each other - in the rare opportunity they found damage; they took advantage of it with beautiful combos complete with electric ring-rope damage. Lots of great wall throws and holds made this a super fun set to watch and Necro took final round of the final set in a complete upset. Winner: XenoNecroSky

:jannlee: Nunchaku vs Jager :phase4:
Hello, Jann Lee, it's nice to see you again! These two fighters open up at 'Showdown' and they combo the hell out of each other, but Phase 4 wins round one edging out Jann Lee on jab & stun speed. Nunchaku makes some serious adjustments in game two at 'Chinese Festival' and dominates Jager with some of the coolest Jann Lee combos the community has ever seen for the character. Jager gets the lead in game three after adjusts his focus and fixates himself on the best elements of the Phase 4 character.

This Jann Lee player is no joke and Jager knows he needs to dispose of him quickly, but Nunchaku plays at an expert level, and getting passed his solid defense requires consistency to Phase 4's pressure game. Nunchaku's Jann Lee was able to wait it out and punish with superior tech putting yet another FT3 for this event into last round. Jager gets spooked in the last fight and Nunchaku's download is complete winning with his coveted Jann Lee. Winner: Nunchaku

:jannlee::bass: MCD vs Mona Vanderwaal :christie:

This has the making to be a classic as both players appear to be at the top of their game. Mona dominates the first round with a hard knock-down that leads to an extended car combo at "Road Rage' and Mona continues to dominate the first game forcing MCD to think up something new with a Bass switch for the second game. MCD's switch proves to be effective against Mona's devastating combos, and the extra weight gives MCD a chance to think.

Bass gets a lot of damage from his offensive holds, but Mona is also adapting each round to the extra weight with modified combos and frisky HC throws. MCD gets a very impressive win over Mona, but he does eventually adapt to Bass to regain his lead. Mona remembers that jab speed is one of Christie's highlights so he pokes his way to victory over Jann Lee once more at 'A.P.O.' Winner: Mona Vanderwaal

:tina: SoSickNashFan vs XenoNecroSky :eliot:

Necro's Eliot destroys NashFan in the first match at 'Muscle' and those damaging combo options combined with the bear-stance & bound extensions really overwhelm the knowledgeable Tina player. Nash fan tried hard to get the win, and showcased a gorgeous half-life combo with the 7KT extension after the BH reset for maximum damage. Necro dominated this set, but NashFan did start up a great stun game in third game before he went out. Winner: XenoNecroSky

:nico::christie: BlackBerry vs Nunchaku :jannlee:
Yet another hype match up in this special tournament from two top players at an extremely competitive level starting it all off at 'Road Rage.' Nunchaku combos Nico to the wall with Jann Lee and shows us how frightening his damage output can be. After this quick match, BlackBerry quickly switches to his OG Christie and plays the mix-up game at 'Lost Paradise' until Jann Lee blocks or holds so that Christie can outplay him with a damaging slough of throws for Berry's first win in this FT3.

Berry re-discovers his patience for the tie and it's strong enough to eventually break it at 'A.P.O' and the slow, menacing dissection of Jann Lee begins. At the 'Zero Lab' Nunchaku gets his face broke against the electric wall, he gets break held back into it when he seeks to escape it, but he is able to continue fighting back despite the speed disadvantage. He responds to the damage done to him with damage of his own and overcomes a violent BlackBerry to put yet another set in this tournament into LAST ROUND!

Nunchaku continues his rampage at 'Sweat' but BlackBerry is patient as he takes a beating and catches Nunchaku dropping combos with Lee. He takes advantage of a missed close-hit and finishes Jann Lee off with a nasty break blow! Winner: BlackBerry

:christie::nico: BlackBerry vs XenoNecroSky :mila::nico:

For this set, Necro opens up his game-plan with Mila to face off against Christie at 'Chinese Festival.' Both of these players compete with high combo damage exchanges but miss out of some of the firecracker combos which have been modified for version 1.11 of the game. Christie outplays Mila in a last round smash in two of these matches, forcing Necro to make a character switch - this time to NiCO; one of BlackBerry's best characters in Dead or Alive 6.

This switch surprises BlackBerry and Necro gets a win off of some great environmental awareness, perfectly timed-close hits and great throw punishes. BlackBerry doesn't stand for someone else picking his character and chooses NiCO himself. BlackBerry proves to Necro that his NiCO is better and smashes him with cautious set-ups to win the set at 'Road Rage.' Winner: BlackBerry

:nico: BlackBerry vs MCD :jannlee:

BlackBerry is primed with NiCO already from the last fight so he is wise to stick with this character as MCD is on fire with Jann Lee. These two have a back & forth exchange at the bottom tier of 'Lost Paradise' but MCD outmatches him better reads and damage near the wall. MCD continues his dominant streak in game 2 with a serious flurry of awesome machine gun punches; literally combo-ing NiCO to death.

Match 3 could be BlackBerry's last if he doesn't make some defensive adjustments to his current game. Berry slows the match down, but MCD breaks through his defense & continues a poking-to-combo approach and then finishes off BlackBerry against the ropes of 'Sweat' with a wall-throw. Winner: MCD

Grand Final

:tina: Mona Vanderwaal vs MCD :jannlee:

Mona has a life-threatening Tina and he gives MCD a run for his money at the opening 'Hidden Garden' fight. He continues to dominate this set at 'Chinese Festival' and quickly closes the third game as well to prevent the reset from happening. Winner of the 'Throwdown' tournament: Mona Vanderwaal

Hopefully, Emery will see this event as something that should continue in the future because it was a genuine success, but as of now this was just a special tournament that he wanted to put on giving players an opportunity to be showcased in front of the community. All & all these matches were exceptionally good with great competition and sportsmanship. Congratulations to Mona and MCD for winning some prize money and free Season 2 Passes from Master!
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