"My Fists Are on FIRE!" The Dead or Alive 6 Hitomi Video Thread!

Hitomi's thread is closed for some reason so I will ask here.

What do you guys think about Hitomi in this new patch with nerfed sidestep? She has good tools against sidestep but I guess this will benefit her linear attacks like 66H+K or 66K, being able to do them more safely. Maybe will it be easier to play a more aggressively playstyle?


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:s::s::s::P::s::s::s: -> dash -> Close Hit :236::P:
Hitomi meter build combo, builds up to 101 meter, more with the environment
- works on all weight classes
- all environments
- NH/CH/HCH all the same
- good corner carry
- all those Fatal Stuns will usually trigger a BH response from the opponent lol, and that's ok since we're still draining meter

The alternative, less efficient meter build combo with a different starter would be:
stun -> :s::s::s::P::s: -> dash -> Close Hit :236::P:
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