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Anti bokuho back dash strat (236P+K is +1 on block)


the 6KK low is reactable
the 2K hits on Half Hit (half damage, less frame advantage, more distance)

- needs space
- not universal, needs an evasive/thin character (most slim females will probably work)
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So the most efficient basic combo/juggle from Helena is one that finishes with you in Bokuho and opponent in bounce, at which point you do a 6,6 to get close then 6+P+K for a close hit.

Simple examples of such a combo:
4P,P,K (counter), P, P, 4+K, 4+P,K, 6,6, 6+P+K
BKO 6P,P,K, 3+P+K, 4+P,K, 6,6, 6+P+K

From a couple of patches the last part doesn't work anymore in some stages where the floor launches your opponent. For example the DoA1 part of "Unforgettable" or the Chinese Festival (in some parts).

So for those zones, which moves do you use to finish combos like the ones above, instead of 6,6, 6+P+K?

I've tried many options but some that are in theory very good require such a good positioning/timing/weight that I don't consider them reliable, I'm looking for something more universal.
The options I've found so far:

P,P,K => pretty meh, but works every time, on every opponent, on every point of every stage.
7 (out of BKO and into backturned), P+K ==> pretty simple, works, more damage than above
6P,P,P => as long as you don't go too early it works nice and slams against a wall if there's one close. I feel the first punch requires somewhat of a strict timing to hit though. If you go too early you'll block the jump and rest of the combo will whiff.

Stuff I tried but that doesn't work:
Fatal Rush => fourth hit won't land
4+P,K,P => impossible to land something else after the P, maybe a ground attack. It's pretty hard to hit the enemy with the 4+P. If you're too early you'll block the "jump" the opponent does, whiffing the rest of the combo. If you're too late or too close or too far, the initial punch will whiff and consequentially the rest of the combo too.
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