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Kayin Amoh

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Kayin Amoh
I fully expect her to twist opponents into pretzels. Probably some grabs where she pulls off Leon style heavy, solid blows.

Oh yeah, regardless of how good she is as a fighter, she's now my main character. Boom.


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Don't you think you should of waited for an official announcement before posting this? It may be real, it may be not, but my personal opinion is that image looks incredibly fake, so ya, wait till TN says something official.


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Her movelist is going to be the same one she had in Sigma, but with her warhammer removed so her animations will look really awkward....

Just kidding, I have no idea. I wouldn't mind seeing a slow, powerful character who is not exactly a grappler but practically I don't know how that would look or work out.


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DR2K said:
YouTube Video

I expect her powerblow to look something like this. Deal with it.
Omg. She grabs someone, put their head on the floor and does some breast pounding...lmao

-speaking of if she will be in the game, who really knows, but that poster did have an updated leon with self shadowing on it. So this could very well be true.
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