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The more i see her the more she looks like a potential secondary plus i've yet to use a bitch in this series and she fits the bill for what i look for in a main. plus its only natrual that the strongest man in the world is accompanied by the strongest women. her obvious copy and pasted NG animations look pretty jarring though with some moves still having her animate as if shes holding her battle axe and shit


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Leon never had that air throw. Or that new ground throw shown in the new trailer. Bayman never had an air throw. Those originally belonged to Spartan, same with that double punch to throw string (I don't know the inputs).

Rachel is definitely based on Spartan.
Yes he did, just done slightly different, Spartan moves completely from them, it's even shown in the new trailer. Look at frame 50 on the link does the same kind of grab. What I'm saying is Leon is all about catching the character and then throwing them, pretty much the same concept, so if you push it further back she's more based off of Leon. It doesn't make much of a difference as long as they made her original regardless of what moves she borrowed. If she had the complete move set of ANY character, to me that makes Rachel a COMPLETE waste.



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So far the moves she seems to share that're unique from Spartan not Leon and Bayman are

spearhead (Rachels version causes a bounce from air).

The difference is most of the moves she does share are slower than spartans 1k, and kk. I like her spearhead. She can launch ~ relfloat ~ spear head ~ combo ender. Other than that, the rest of her moveset seems to be unique
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