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Hmm. The only game in the series that didn't follow the standard numeric title, other than the original game, was Broken Destiny. Calling the next one "Lost Swords" sounds to me like it might be another spin-off. Alternatively, it could be a massively updated re-release of SoulCalibur V, which also brings back the old characters (lost swords?).

Of course, that's all baseless speculation that doesn't mean shit. I would like it if they made a true SoulCalibur VI and brought back all of the characters they needlessly cut from SoulCalibur V.

But what am I saying anyway? I've yet to actually sit down and learn any installment in this franchise yet. My opinions mean nothing.


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My bet is on a digital card game, those are huge in Japan right now. I really hope I'm wrong though. Either way I'm glad Namco hasn't given up on the series after SC5


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It's not a numbered release so I see this as going to be something kind of irrelevant. Probably F2P, or handheld, maybe even pachinko.

Hopefully I'm wrong. I think F2P SC would be a waste of everyones time, honestly. At this current juncture I can't imagine who it would really attract. Tekken Revolution works because TTT2 is actually played, and it's a good stepping stone into that.

SCV isn't really played much, though.
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