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Can't forget about Bayman's DLC though, I thought it might've looked better on Rig.

That looks better on kasumi than I thought holy crud even though it does seem more phase 4 themed...
It's true, but Phase or Kasumi could have had it. Not saying that it looks bad for Rachel, but I prefer it on Kasumi.
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If TN made that costume for Lisa I'd buy it in a heart beat.
I have been saying this since the start of 2014... at this point I am hoping they pick a good costume from her entries in the first contest for Last Round. I am still hoping it will be mine. Selfish, but I think everyone hopes for their entry to make it. Haha.


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Let me dream. It's all I can do while all of Last Round's DLC goes to the same 10 females.

I feel your pain. Won't it be so amazing though if they end up giving her a new hairstyle and fantastic new costume!?

CUT TO: Us a month from now:

But fear not, fellow Lisa lover! I, LordOfTheRings9690 (DRAAAAMAAA) will be heavily modding all characters with whom I find enjoyment. I plan to give her more outfits and hairstyles for La Mariposa AND Lisa. Maybe there will even be an easy and safe way to incorporate them to PS3 or Xbox 360 editions. Who knows? Stay tuned though. I'm sure, if TN is okay with mods someone will make a mod thread and I might post there, if I have the time. EVENTUALLY! She will have outfits. Mark my words.
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