The Hair Thread


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or the guy with tons of fake accounts
Yesterday they blocked me on twitter pretending to be different people (even conversating between them in the process) XD

Looks to me it might be costume specific
I don't think that it will be a costume specific, after all the original design for it didn't show Rachel with a loose hair (if I remember well).

Wait, will I still be able to have her hair down on PS3 or is that like exclusive to PS4/XOne versions?
If it's a specific new hairstyle, it will be an exclusive for PS4 and Xbox One.


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I believe that the experiments on Raidou at the time of DoA1 rejuvenated his body in addition to increase is strenght, so his natural color is very likely black.
And who knows? Ayane could've dyed her hair at a young age, or is it her official true hair color?
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