The Persona/Shin Megami Tensei Game Thread


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When's Persona 2: Dancing Third Reich? I wanna see my boy Michel fight nazis with sick dance moves at El Caracol....

Memeing aside, I'm a bit sad Persona Q2 doesn't have Persona 2 characters. I know they're unpopular and all but they are lovable and I'd love to see Tatsuya and his friends do that pretend marriage thing from the first game.

Not even Fire Emblem ended up not giving a shit about its past as much as Persona does. I know fans of pre-3 games are less than a 1% in the grand scheme of things but... Come on Atlus throw us a bone.
And before anyone tells me P1 and P2 feel different: sure, the gameplay flow is different, but it's still a game about Japanese high schoolers fighting deities with the power of friendship and believing in their true selves. The jump from 2 to 5 is clear, true, but the jump from 2 to 3 feels natural.

I mean, you wouldn't want to have people confuse Jun for Yusuke and viceversa, in PQ2? No...? Okay......
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I never played a Catherine game before(besides watching the playthroughs when I was 14-15) so I'll get this one to see what I missed xD idk about the new "girl" tho, something doesn't seem right about "her" so Idk whether to like her or not
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