The Persona/Shin Megami Tensei Game Thread


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So, how’s everyone enjoying Persona 5 Strikers so far? I’m only 10 hours in but I am absolutely in love with the game. The combat really feels different from the other musou games I’ve played. Its so much more dynamic and fun. Oh and the music slays as always lol.

Just bought it not too long ago, will play it when I finish Yakuza: Like a Dragon

Speaking of Persona lol:


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Man hearing P3 music makes me wanna play it again but I'm too lazy to hook up my PS3 lol. I know Smash fans want P5 on the Switch cause of Joker but personally I'd like it if ATLUS ported P3FES and P4Golden.

Also Merciless mode in P5S literally turns the game into Dark Souls. Hory shet, you can be Level 99 with a max stat Persona and STILL die to a Level 4 Bicorn in the first jail lol. This is nuts.
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