The Winged Lady of Miyama -A DOA6 Nyotengu Primer- (WIP)

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The Winged Lady of Miyama
-A DOA6 Nyotengu Primer-

Major changes from DOA5

2pp slightly nerfed, 2nd hit reduced from +16 to + 11 on hit

Can now go into the 3rd part of her 5pp6p string directly with new 6p+k input

Her old 6p+k has moved to 3p+k, it no longer has advantage on block, -4 to -5 when done by itself, -7 to -13 when canceled into 9p. Now bounds on hit every time (previously only bounded at high stun threshold)

Her old running p attack has changed to running p+k

Her new running p attack is now the same as her 66p

9p now has 2 new extensions, a flying sidestep performed by either 8p+k or 2p+k and a dive kick performed by 5k

Hiten no mai 5ppp now bounds on hit every time (previously only bounded when the opponent was standing on the ground)

Hiten no mai 5h+k now leaves opponents standing if hit midscreen at low threshold

6p can now cancel into Hiten no mai (wtih p+k)

6pp no longer crumple stuns on NH or CH, now +21 on hit

6pk is a new string

BT 4k now +18 on hit

6t now has an extension for a knockdown and extra guaranteed damage

1t now has new animation on HI CH

Old 1p+k has been removed :(

Now has ground throws! Performed with 2T

46p+k is a new move, a tracking mid punch (finally!)


Nyotengu is a defensive spacing character whose goal is to control the mid range with her plethora of far reaching moves, strings, and built in feints to keep opponents at bay. Not only is she a capable zoner, but coupled with a plethora of guard breaks with insane pushback, Nyo can use these to frame trap overly aggressive players, mix up and pressure overly defensive players, create space for whiff punishment opportunities, or use their ridiculous pushback to wall out opponents. While she’s great at the ranges she most comfortable playing at (mid and fullscreen), the trade off is that she has a mediocre CQC game, a weakness which other zoning characters don’t generally have, which makes her a weaker choice among characters with a similar game plan. At i14/i15/i/15 with no strong get off me tools, Nyotengu is rather slow, and forced is to defend herself against faster characters who get in her face (which is a large majority of the cast), which can be quite daunting, although somewhat mitigated in this game with the universal nerf to NH lows, knockdowns not being as scary, and the new break hold mechanics. Because of this, Nyo is character more geared towards advanced players who have good spacing and strong defense, and an excellent choice for players who love playing a character that offers a dynamic and rewarding neutral game.


Low execution – not a whole lot of strings to remember, very easy to play, Hiten no mai cancels may take time learning but a very shallow learning curve overall

Very safe- most of Nyotengu’s most useful moves are either completely safe or even plus on block, so feel free to let those move fly when you must

Range for days – One of the few character in the game with an offensive full screen game (others being Raidou and Mai), longest reaching jab in the game, and just has a lot of moves that cover a lot of screen space

Stun for days – DOA6 is notable for a reduction on stun among the cast, but not for Nyotengu, despite a few slight nerfs here and there, Nyotengu still has plenty of deep stuns and crumple stuns that force the opponent to guess once they’re in massive disadvantage


Slow- as mentioned before Nyo’s speed can it difficult to get things started up close, this is why good defense, good character knowledge and reactions are necessary when playing her against characters with faster tools, looking for escapes whenever you can. Knowing when to duck, when to block low, when to side step, reacting with holds when you can, reacting to free cancels when you can, and sometimes just pressing buttons under pressure so your opponents knows that you wont block forever

Limited- while not having a lot of tools makes her easy to pick up and play, the downside is she has a small tool set and among those tools she doesn’t really have anything that's truly scary or oppressive, which leaves her a small pool of unique but average moves.

Notable moves

5p- Nyotengu’s jab is one of her strongest tools. On hit it is capable of combing into it’s follows up on NH or CH, which is unique for a jab. On
block it is still somewhat dangerous because 5pp jails (meaning if you block the first hit, you’re forced to block the second hit) and she has 5 options the opponent has to deal with, 2 tracking highs that force your opponent to eat a mix up, 2 mids that are unsafe but lead to big damage on hit, and a low that puts your opponent in a high low mix up. While this sounds impressive, be careful when using her 5pp strings to open blocking opponents up; lacking a mid that’s good on block after the 5pp you’ll find yourself relying on either her highs or her lows to gain advantage on defending opponents, both which are neutralized by crouching. Not so much a problem at lower levels, but definitely be wary of just throwing this out against better players. At 14 frames of start up and with it’s great range, this can also be used as a whiff punisher, 5pk into 7kp being a great mini combo in this scenario (or you can go for 5pp if you wish to extend the stun and go for larger combos). But be careful, 5p is still a jab that hits high, meaning it will whiff on moves that leave the opponent in a crouching state or recover very low to the ground, making its use as whiff punisher somewhat situational.
66k- this move has it all, it’s a mid, it tracks, has super good range, has good stun on hit, cancels into her Hiten no mai stance on hit (you can do this by inputting 5p+k on hit) and it’s completely safe on block at -3 (-2 if you can hit it at tip range). This is a great move to check opponents with at mid range, and even if they block it and you have a good read on your opponent, you can go for a crush, a sidestep, a hold, or a hellstab (5p+k) to try and continue your offence, or just block with a fuzzy guard if you’re feeling conservative. This move is also great because it complements her multitude of strong highs very well, if opponents start preemptively ducking or use high crush moves at the ranges you’re likely to use your high attacks, throw this move at them to punish them for doing so, making the space in front of you much more treacherous.
6k- a slow but very plus on block high that has immense range; on hit it sends opponents fullscreen, and on block it is +13 to +14 (leads to a guaranteed hellstab when the opponents’ back is to the wall), which all sounds great, but since it has so much pushback there are very few moves that will close the distance and connect if she wants to take advantage of her plus frames on block. When used at closer ranges this isn’t so much of problem since the opponent will be in range of most of Nyotengu’s attacks if they block it upclose, but at 28 frames of start up this normally isn’t something you want to use when you’re in the opponents face. This is somewhat mitigated by the fact that this move has crush frames that can go under highs and some linear mids, but these crush frames are inconsistent and situational, and she has much better moves you want to use up-close so focus more on hitting this at it’s max range to minimize damage to yourself. When this connects at tip range, she has no attacks that will connect to continue her pressure if the opponent is blocking or moving backwards. 6k and her grab out of her Karasu tobi stance (9p) will close the distance, but both of these moves can be interrupted with button presses. However if the opponent is attacking out of disadvantage with a forward advancing attack, their button press will move them in range and by their own hand turn your 6k that normally has no follow ups into a frame trap, generally 66k is the best move you want follow up with in this scenario. If you don’t wish to use your plus frames offensively, you can use them defensively by simply backdashing to create space. The plus frames off of 6k give Nyotengu enough time to backdash into freewalk safely, combine that with the already large amount of pushback generated by the attack it’self and this creates an immense amount of space, where Nyotengu can looks for whiffs and punish them accordingly or just back off and run away. 6k is great move that with proper spacing can be used offensively or defensively, get a good feel for it’s max range to use this move efficiently. Mind you it is still a high and it rather slow so don’t get too predictable with it or you will get punished.
7pp – a backflip that has a fast mid follow up which has insane range, however, at -14 this move is very unsafe, but the follow up is not what we’re interested in, it’s the initial 7p. 7p being a backflip that has good horizontal range, this move is very safe to whiff outside of your opponents’ effective attack range (DO NOT use this move if you're range of getting hit with a forward advancing string, know your opponents’ attack ranges to properly use this move), so a strong technique with 7p is to whiff it at a safe range, run towards your opponent and as you approach their attack range, whiff the it again. A simple non committal technique that can keep opponents locked down without having to actually attack them. The fear of getting hit with the long range mid punch follow up is usually enough to keep opponents on the defensive, and the forward advancement keeps your offence ambiguous. Will you finish the string or will you simply run forward and 7p at a safe range where they can’t punish you, a very powerful mind game. Think of it as an extreme form of waddling (moving back and forward outside of your opponents range in an attempt to bait something and punish it accordingly). When your opponent starts blocking out of fear of the follow up, this opens your running mix up game, you can do a running poke, a running grab, a running 2p, continue whiffing the 7p at the right range, once your opponents has frozen up the offensive possibilities are endless. However, eventually your opponents will realize that you’re not going to finish the sting and will start challenging the backflip, and this is when you start finishing the string, because if you’re spacing your 7p correctly they’ll start moving in and pressing buttons at a range where they cant hit you, but you can hit them, because the 7pp follow up just reaches that far. a great tool for mind games and pressure, keep an eye on your opponents tendencies and know their ranges to use it well
7kp – another backflip with the same ender as 7pp, although different from it’s 7p counterpart since this version has a hitbox and does not travel a great horizontal distance. Even though 7kp is mostly used as a combo ender this move is quite versatile since it has benefits on hit, block, and whiff. If it hits you have enough time to confirm and finish the string for guaranteed damage. on block, it is unsafe (-21) but at 16 frame start up, and with a follow up you need to worry about, and with pushback that requires a very specific strike punish that varies from each character(some characters can't punish this at all though), just doing 7k in your opponents face is not the worst idea (unless they have their Nyotengu 7k on block punish on deck, but until then…). On whiff, it’s a similar situation to the 7p, where the fear of the follow up usually keeps opponents defensive, so again, not the worst idea to just toss this out (unless they’ve proven they’re down to punish, but again, until then…). Also, it is good is a very potent low crush, keep that in mind in situations where opponent like to go low, a good example is during r1f, 7k will crush even the earliest and faster lows in that situation. 7k is one of Nyotengu’s very few Nike moves (just do it), not the greatest, but it is an option, so keep it in mind when you play, just don’t get too predictable with it.
4p+k- WIND! Nyotengu’s signature fullscreen attack and notable for being the farthest reaching attack in the entire game. Being that it is a mid that safe at any range, has major pushback, and is fullscreen should make it pros obvious. However with a minimum 63 frames start up, it is very slow and reactable. To counter this though, you can feint the wind ( by pressing h) and you can delay it up to 254 frames. Using these properties in combination make 4p+k and invaluable tool for Nyotengu’s keep out game, it can discourage opponents who mindlessly throw out strings from poor distances, it can stall for time, and can punish opponents who stance switch fullscreen since they cannot block during these stances (think Brad Wong lying stance or Ayane BT stance), a unique and powerful tool that can be strong with good reads behind it.
9k – a mid kick that is a true mid, although it is quite slow at i19, it has benefits on hit and block. On hit it has guaranteed follow ups, on block it is plus and it puts the opponent in a situation where they have to deal with Nyotengu’s Hiten no mai stance (HNM), which gives her access to a multitude of options.
HNM 5ppp – a three hit string, first hit is a tracking high, second hit can be canceled back into Hiten no mai if you don’t finish the string, and the third hit is a mid that bounds, it is unsafe so be wary just dialing this out. mainly used a combo filler
HNM 5pk- 2 hit launcher, but is mainly used as a relaucher on juggled opponents
HNM 5kp – an aerial version of her grounded 7kp attack, not much use in combos since the initial 7k is quite difficult to land in a combo, Can be used in a similar fashion to her original 7kp,
HNM 2k – a dive kick, used at the end of combos to lead into (mostly) guaranteed ground throws. safe on block, if used after a blocked 9k (or any move that can transition into Hiten no mai) you will be the spacing necessary to make this move -5 to -4 on block, if used out of a raw Hiten no mai cancel up-close (9p into 5p+k), it goes up to -7 on block, making it punishable by grapplers. At maximum tip range this move is -3 on block. Not a terrible move to end with if they block your initial 9k or any move that transitions into Hiten no mai for safe pressure
HNM 5p+k – Nyotengu’s divebomb attack, mainly used at the end of combos to put opponents fullscreen. While that is its main function, it can also be used as a pseudo poke given its properties. The divebomb is i14, making it her fastest move out of this stance, while it is a whopping minus -16 if they block it, the amount of pushback it induces makes punishing a tricky business. Some characters have no answer to punish this move, while others have very specific moves that can punish it on block such as kokoro 66p, hitomi 236p, raidou 6p, jann lee 4k, Helena 3p, and others, but even these are not always consistent. So unless your opponent has shown you that they can reliably punish your divebombs, don’t be afraid to occasionally toss this out.
HNM 5h+k- a 3 hit tracking high to mid string that jails on block and is +12, on hit and depending their location and critical level, it will either wallsplat, leave the opponent stunned for more pressure, or knock them away fullscreen. Given that it is the most advantageous option on block this tends to be the go-to during Hiten no mai pressure, It’s not a bad option just be sure not to get predicable with it or your opponent will start crushing the initial high or start high holding, make sure to mix this up with your other good options on block to stay ambiguous
HNM 4t – a throw, a great option to use if/when your opponent starts respecting your strikes out of Hiten no mai
HNM 2t – another throw, but one that grabs crouching opponents, can also work as a ground throw. Regardless, this throw is a lot more situational than the previous throw, outside of opponent who duck on reaction to Hiten no mai, or possibly to catch a fuzzy guarding opponents, there is little use for this move
3p+k – a gaurdbreak that is also an instant high crush (and sometime mid crush), leads to guaranteed follows up on hit and is completely safe on block; this is a very strong move in Nyotengu’s repertoire. It’s only flaws are it’s speed at 23 frames of start up, but with it’s crushing properties it can avoid a reasonable amount of stuff (it can even beat out 2 in 1 moves that start off 5p and end with a mid), it’s range is also a tad on the short side, just barely connecting at starting distance. All that said, this is a powerful move at the correct range, just make sure it connects if you plan on using it, this move has a whopping 39 frames of recovery on whiff, so be mindful of that. While nerfed from it’s previous iteration (used to be plus on block when done raw), this is still a powerful poking tool, it is -4 to -5 on block when done by itself, and with the amount of pushback there’s little to worry about if your opponent blocks this move, putting you at the perfect spacing to punish should they decide to chase you. However if you wish to continue pressure you can cancel into her Karasu tobi stance (you do this by pressing 5p after the 3p+k makes contact) and go for a strike throw mix up. 3p+k into Karasu tobi 5k is a frame trap, it is unsafe on block though so be careful. On the flipside, 3p+k into Karasu tobi 5t is a grab, so use it for overly defensive opponents or the ones who start blocking in anticipation of your frame trap. 3p+k into Karasu tobi 2t is another option, but like her Hiten no mai 2t this is a very situational move, use if your opponent in crouching in anticipation of your Karasu tobi 5t or to catch a fuzzy guard. Another option is to just cancel into Karasu tobi and land, you’ll be -7 if you cancel at the earliest frame (-14 if you cancel at the latest frame) so this sequence is mostly safe (punishable by grapplers but if you mix up between the frame trap and throw it’s unlikely they’ll be looking to 6t you when you’re on offence). This is also a great opportunity to gather data on your opponent to see how they react to blocking your 3p+k into Karasu tobi, allowing you to make a more informed decision when you decide to go for the strike throw mixup, in this situation or any other situation. You can also perform an aerial sidestep out of her Karasu tobi (done by pressing either 8p+k or 2p+k), useful for dodging linear attacks, although lacking the linear invincible attack the standard sidestep offers, this can be hit by retracking strings, making this side step a lot more situational. Overall, 3p+k is good and versatile move, pay attention to your opponents tendencies to maximize it.
9p – Nyotengu’s Karasu Tobi, her aerial command dash. she can cancel her 9p into her Hiten no mai stance by pressing 5p+k, where she has the same HNM options in addition to the previously mentioned Karasu Tobi options. Has a lot of start up and very obvious animation so it’s not something you’ll be busting in neutral too often, generally used after some conditioning is in place or when you have a good read on your opponent.
5p+k – Nyotengu’s hellstab, her fastest strike; Nyotengu already being a slow character who’s starved for quick strikes, this is the only one she’s got, and it’s not that great. Yes it does has good reward on hit (+34 when it connects), but it is a high, it has little range (although you do move forward when your perform it) it has no follow up, doesn’t track, it unsafe on block, the negatives outweigh the positives. The only thing I can think of is that while it is unsafe it does come out very quickly meaning punishing it on block or whiff can be tricky so it can offer some kind of mental frame advantage, but even that’s kinda flimsy. But it is her fastest strike, it’s just super situational, use it when you think your opponent will attack from disadvantage with a standing attack or use it to strike punish -11 and above moves on block.


Comboing with Nyotengu is very simple, thanks to her limited moveset you’re not gonna have too many options to think when you have your opponent in the air, but what you do want to think about is what do you wish to gain from your combo? Do you want your combo to do big damage? Do you want your combo to reset neutral? Or do you want a combo that sets you up to keep pressure on after the knockdown? Here’s a simple breakdown of how to achieve each of these

If you want damage, end your combo with a ground or air throw, while the damage is high with these, they leave you standing very close to the opponent and offer no setup, so your only options post knockdown are to back off or make a hard read on their wake up. These combos are best saved for the end of the match when they can kill and you don’t have to worry about being in a poor position after the knockdown.

If you want positioning, end your combo with a string that sends them fullscreen, these will reset neutral provided you do them mid screen (DO NOT end your combo with these if you are very close to unbreakable walls or breakable intractables, these combos have too much recovery and will leave you vulnerable or will make you loose out on guaranteed damage, i’ll go more into this later). If you’re confident in your ability to win neutral exchanges, these are a good option to go for

If you want setup, end your combo with 1pp. Nyotengu’s setups force your opponent to stand while also eliminating the threat of wake up attacks and delay wake up. The only option your opponent has to avoid this is to tech up, but even if the do tech they still have to guess because Nyotengu is either at great advantage or very slight disadvantage, so regardless of whether they tech up or not, Nyotengu is in a favorable situation. All that said, these combos are best used more toward the end of a match when you have some data on your opponents wake up habits so you can make an informed decision on which of your options will open them up , or use them if think you have a good read on what your opponent wants to do on their wake up.

So yeah, damage, positioning, and setup, these are your endgames when landing hits with Nyo; however there are scenarios when you’ll be able to achieve two of these goals at the same time (like doing a positional combo into a breakable wall will net you positioning AND damage), but this section will focus mainly on midscreen combos with no interactables or dangerzones involved. Another thing you’ll have to keep in mind is whether or not you launched your opponent with a Hiten-no-mai launcher that makes you airborne or a regular launcher that keeps you grounded, as certain conversions are only possible with certain launchers. If you’re going for Hiten-no-mai launchers, your best options are 5h+k or 214p, for grounded launchers 3p and 8k, are your go-to’s, and with all that said let us look into how to optimize combos with Nyotengu
*All combos must be done during critical stun or CH and will work on all weight classes unless stated otherwise.


*W/ Hiten-no-mai launcher

*W/ Regular launcher


*W/ Hiten-no-mai launcher

*W/ Regular launcher


*W/ Hiten-no-mai launcher

*W/ Regular launcher

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