Who's your training dummy?


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^Title, who do you always use as your punching bag in the training lab? Also which stage if not the dojo?

In 1 I used Zack.
In 2 Hardcore I typically used Ein on any stage.
In 5 I usually use Akira in his swimming trunks on Zack Island and sometimes Eliot when I want to try stuff out on a lightweight. I don't use the dojo because eh it gets boring and Zack Island is very vibrant and sunny and it's funny when coconuts fall on heads.

Skipped all the xbox titles because I never had the consoles. :oops:


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In DoA1U I used Training Dummy (before she was Ayane)
in DoA2U I use either mirror or Ein on random
In DoA3 I use Mirror on random/Azuchi/Lost World
in DoA4 I use Mirror on random or suspension bridge
in DoA5 I use Mirror or Hayate/Ayane on random/Zack Island
in DoA5U I will use Ayane (in her Training Dummy costume) on Sky City Tokyo/Lost World/Forest


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Most of the time it's either Hitomi, Leifang, Kokoro or Pai but it can be anyone else as long as they match the outfit of the character I'm using. An example would be like if I'm using Sarah in her black dress, I would either choose Christie, Lisa or Leifang in their black dresses too.

As for the stage, Street or Zack Island or Sakura.

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My trainings dummy are Kasumi , Hayate , Helena , Ayane , Eliot , Gen Fu and Tina.
But If I want to train against a Character which I not good against then I take this Character as a trainings dummy and learn his or her movement and attacks.


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Depends on weight. If I'm testing combos and the such that are irrelevant to weight classes then I use Sarah, because she needs a good ass whoopin'.


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I always used Ayane. Not sure why but I just always picked her. Probably because I hated her 4f+p in DoA2U lol. In 5 thanks to the replay function I tend to mirror whoever I'm in training with or a character I want to figure out because again thanks to the replay function.
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Ayane of course! She is the original training dummy.


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Depends on weight. If I'm not working on anything weight specific, I prefer to use a mid weight character just because they're the middle ground. The first one that comes to mind for me is Hayabusa, for some reason, so I always use him.


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Ayane, cuz shes the fastest to pick after selecting a character. Lol
Always hated that because she switches to BT with so many attacks that when I want to practice holds and the such, she's always doing different shit all the time.
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