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Hayashi: "It’s not about just going back and trying to make it easy for casual players..."

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An interview with Hayashi has recently been posted on VentureBeat. In the article, Hayashi talks about the DOA5 and NG3 stories, DLC expectations, pushing the genre forward, and dealing with the idea of a crossover series with Tekken.

VentureBeat said:
Team Ninja studio head talks DLC costumes and Tekken vs. Dead or Alive
December 9, 2011 | Sebastian Haley

Team Ninja, an in-house development studio owned by Tecmo Koei, is best known for its work on the Dead or Alive and Ninja Gaiden franchises. The last major entry in the Dead or Alive fighting game series, Dead or Alive 4, was released one month after the launch of the Xbox 360 in late 2005. Since then, Team Ninja has focused on ports, such as Dead or Alive Dimensions for the Nintendo 3DS, Ninja...

GameSpot: DOA5 Impressions from the Press Event in San Francisco

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There's a lot of new buzz going around due to the recent Ninja Gaiden 3 and Dead or Alive 5 press event that happened yesterday in San Francisco, California. There's also been a lot of confusion on reports based on this new buzz. Unfortunately, Team NINJA stated they did not want high level players at this event to give their immediate feedback so we'll have to just try to decipher what all the reports are saying. However, GameSpot has put up a nice video talking about their impressions. The video can be found here, but below will be the list of features and gameplay changes made to the game mentioned in the video:

  • The cliff feature has a QTE event that the one falling off can use to catch on and get back up.
  • After catching the ledge, the attacking player has the option to either do an attack or a throw while the falling player gets back up. The attacker...

DOAD: Dimensions sold 310,000 copies LTD

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According to a recent quarterly analysis from Koei-Tecmo Global (Japan), Dead or Alive Dimensions has only managed to sell 310,000 copies in its lifetime. That's global numbers which include North America, Europe, Japan, and Asia.

The low number could be attributed to the weak sales of the Nintendo 3DS platform. A platform which has had trouble marketing itself to consumers.

Dead or Alive Dimensions released at the end of May. So the question remains, are you one of the 310,000 owners of the portable Dead or Alive? Do you still play your copy? or have you given up on your game and/or the Nintendo 3DS?

Ono: "[Companies] need to continuously provide fans with information."

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It's easy to be a fan of Dead or Alive if you're a fan of the fighting game genre. In that regard, it's nice to hear from other company developers and directors from time to time.

In a Capcom company interview with Yoshinori Ono (Director of Street Fighter IV and Street Fighter X Tekken), Ono commented on the necessity of communication with your fans (and consumers) as well as a few other notable quotes:

Yoshinori Ono said:
- What’s the regional distribution of fans for this series like?
Generally, North America accounts for about 60%, Europe 30%, and Japan and Asia 10%.

- It seems that Street Fighter has been widely popular in North America for a number of years.

Part of this popularity stems from the past success of the series, but I think the major reason can be attributed to the strategy we...

DOA5: An outside look at the DOA5 trailer

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Here at FSD we can be found looking from inside the box at times. It's always refreshing to see other people who aren't a part of the immediate community to discuss how they interpret the footage and news we see. In that manner, The Fading Genres blog has posted an article breaking down his take on the Dead or Alive 5 trailer. Below is an excerpt, otherwise feel free to visit the original article here

The Fading Genres said:
Very impressive indeed, but here are my thoughts:

The Good

1) The attention to character detail is rather impressive. With such visuals, DOA5 will comfortably compete with and even surpass Tekken Tag Tournament 2, Soul Calibur 5 and Virtua...

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I think after NICO, it's time Team Ninja make "Different Styles" of female archetypes. I know they couldn't help themselves, but its time to see more personality in DOA imo. I'm good for the lolis and clones but we need a mix up.
I understand people's pain regarding NiCO, but this wouldn't have happened if Kiryu and Majima was announced, kek lol.
not gonna lie, NiCO getting the Bayman Backkhand to the face is my favorite part of the new trailer
DOA5's Rig and Mila was probably a better entry than Diego and Geico.
Now my main is revealed, i'm really catched. i want to play her now !!! February is too far away.
Jump Force is yet another Tag game ?.... WHYYYYYYYY ? :(

Can't I have just 1 vs 1 ? Is that too much to ask ?
Don't think I didn't hear that shade thrown at Rachel last night, Matt Ponton and Destruction Bomb. You can't improve on perfection. Very arguable claims too.
After a while of SC struggle, I think I found my temporarily main in Seong Mi-Na. Unless I do better with someone else & until Hwang comes through. 1st female main since Sarah in VF and possibly 1st non-rushdown character main (Might be wrong). Gonna be fun.
when are we getting korean queen kim taeyeon for DOA6? is it because she's almost 30? is she too much of a HAG for team ninja? i c.
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