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    Team NINJA Social Media Updates for DOA6

    wheres the crying emoji... thats nasty

    Team NINJA Social Media Updates for DOA6

    Based on discussions on discord and details from TN there is separate Mai, Kula, and each of their costumes as DLC. No sign of them splitting up other costume sets outside of xbox.

    The Marie-Rose Combo & Strategy Thread!

    Well I looked through and changed some grammatical errors. Thanks for the encouragement I think I will do more but need to think about it. One thing I need to explore is force techs.

    The Marie-Rose Combo & Strategy Thread!

    For what few people need it at this point here's my Marie Rose combo guide, I go over getting damage out of juggles, follow ups to advanced holds, and analyze some of the things Liner Back was doing in tournament.

    "How was my fighting, wanna go again?" The Dead or Alive 6 Hitomi thread!

    For what its worth we saw her strengths and weaknesses at winter brawl yesterday. Master commented several times that you should be aggressive with her when someone was trying to block and space.

    "Alright! Let's get started!" Official Lisa/La Mariposa DOA6 Thread

    I cant do the spinning finisher (from kwiggles stream). It seems to be a run air throw, basically just a different animation than the other 2. it isn't fast enough to even throw for me. It may be that its a different build. Edit: I'm sorta getting it now the trick seems to be you press h after...

    DOA6 Jager Wins first DOA6 Major at Winter Brawl: 3D Edition

    Really good news IMO. I only watch this stuff online but I am always happy for more DOA and to see Hoodless, Rikuto, or whoever else shows up.

    How would you rate the roster at the moment?

    Here's what I would have been impressed by, new female dark skinned from India, not the "yoga" type of thing but like a swat team member or counterterrorist with a few Indian dance moves thrown in.

    How would you rate the roster at the moment?

    Honestly I think fighting games should have like 4 new characters at launch. I understand why whats done was done but I don't even think Raido, Eliot, or phase 4 look appealing. There could be more characters eventually to satisfy me though, look at DBFZ, seemed like it would be cheesy cast...

    Most realistic base roster?

    Well i was definitely wrong on the roster and even the direction of the game. There's that squid thing, now dinosaurs, I think you fall on a water slide somewhere... wow this is shaping up to be a a really mindblowing and distinct game (the visuals I mean). I want to see if Rikuto streams to see...

    So theres a 4chan (I know) rumor. Thoughts?

    A lot of video game leaks are real in the sense that they are from an email or conversation inside the company somewhere. But in interviews on DOA6 he keeps saying he doesn't know the full release roster etc. They definitely change plans a lot, for example based on fan feedback. Point is any...

    Based on interview heres my guess for who else is returning

    I don't think think Ninja Gaiden guest chars (Momiji etc) will be at launch or early release because I don't think the story will involve them. I don't think it will involve Marie Rose either, and she doesn't fit the initial marketing of the game as "serious". The only reason I think Honoka...

    Based on interview heres my guess for who else is returning

    I think it's the opposite, they made it clear that "Xtreme" has it's own characters, tone, and target audience. DOA6 is going in a different direction. (not that I'm saying they won't add them, they still have to market it to a broad audience).

    Based on interview heres my guess for who else is returning

    you're right it does not say 10 is half. I don't think the number of new vs returning is confirmed.
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