1. deathofaninja

    Official DOA6 Costume Thread

    13726 Let's use a dedicated thread as a reference for costumes announced for DOA6, and also as a discussion of costumes and favorite outfits. So far we have base game costumes, 'Digital Deluxe' costumes, and specific pre-order DLC. Team NINJA has shown outfits in reveal trailers and has shared...
  2. HitomiLeifang

    DOA6 new outfits

    I am curious, for DOA6, would you like to see some characters having new outfits at all? I mean for me, I want Hitomi to go back to her DOAD version because I think it looks better on her than the DOA5 version since it stands out more and makes her sexier and badass. As for Leifang, I want her...
  3. G

    Help: costumes locked when play with different user

    I have this problem, when I play the game with my previous user (which I used to buy the game and costumes) everything works well but the costumes are locked when I play with a different user. This is a problem that only I have with this game, others games with the new user can play or use...
  4. C

    Where are all the ... costumes?!

    Where are all the ... costumes? Please fill in the blanks with: fantasy warrior babes gladiatrix...
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