1. VS_Tanatos

    Lovesickk♥'s DOA 6 Online Tournament (Steam Gift Card Prizes)

    "Hello, I am hosting another Tournament on Sunday July 14th at 6:00 Central This is a America's based tournament, make sure your internet is good and little to no lag. You must join the discord, so that i can get in touch with you and so you keep up on annocements. Finals will be streamed on...
  2. Raansu

    Monthly local Orlando, FL 7/27/19
  3. kirokito

    DOA6 AquaBatteTourney Casual: DOA6 PC #1 SIGN UP IN POST!

    AquaBattleTourney Casual: DOA6 PC #1 EAST COAST ( you don't have to be in the East coast to play but that is just where I am located, I can guarantee there will be more west coast players then east coast.) STARTS: June 8th: 7PM EST PLEASE FEEL FREE TO ASK ME ANY QUESTIONS ! SIGN UP HERE...
  4. TRI Mike

    DOA6 First Dead or Alive 6 tournament in Madrid, Spain

    Just wanted to share this in case anyone else in Madrid is playing DOA6 and is interested in showing up to a local tournament. You can register in this link. Entry fee is 5 euros and there will be prizes apparently.
  5. VirtuaKazama

    DOA5LR FSD|Rikuto Wins EVO 2018!

    Another DOA tournament in the books, ladies and gentlemen! Holy crap, what an event that was! In case you didn't catch Top 8-Top 4 for DOA5 Last Round, you missed out on a lot of great matches. These competitors reminded us why we play this game and they did a damn good job at it. But in the...
  6. VirtuaKazama

    DOA6 Day 1 Roundup of DOA6 at EVO 2018! + More!

    Oh my goodness, DOA community... Day 1 of EVO 2018 was insane with a lot of DOA6 action! @ZakkuRye, one of the most well-known players in the DOA community has been busy with uploading a lot of DOA6 videos from this event! If you missed out on Day 1, here are some videos that will catch you up...
  7. Berzerk!

    DOA5LR #BAM10 - Battle Arena Melbourne 10 - Australia's biggest FGC (and doa) tournament

    Battle Arena Melbourne 10, BAM10, is next week! DOA5LR will once again have a main card tournament. It is a "Gold" Status tournament with a Trophy and $250 pot bonus from the event. This is the biggest DOA event in Australia! Come join and make it one to remember. We've had many awesome finals...
  8. PacGodMajor

    Online Tourney??

    If anyone knows about any online tourneys or scheduled casuals go ahead and drop that info off here in the thread!?!?! Much appreciated
  9. Berzerk!

    DOA5LR Sydney, Australia: Ozhadou Nationals OHN15 DOA5LR Side Tournament

    Ozhadou Nationals 15 is coming on September 15-17 and there will be a DOA5LR side tournament Register here: And then sign up to Bracket: OHN Social DOA starts at 5pm Saturday 16th! DOA will...
  10. xGh0ul

    DOA5LR The Establishment 2017

    Presented By: Wavedash Republic, The Gaming Palace, Havenshine Gaming May 27, 2017 12pm - 10pm Phenix Sportsmen's Club 715 Main Street, West Warwick, Rhode Island 02893 Come out and join the Rhode Island gaming community in our largest event to date! Vendors We are taking reservations for...
  11. VirtuaKazama

    DOA Festival 2016: The History of DOA (1996-2016)

    The 2016 Dead or Alive Festival is approaching soon! And what way to celebrate the event by having a retrospective of the DOA series? Since 1996, Dead or Alive has hit the arcade scene in Japan under the Sega Model 2 system. As the series evolved over time, we managed to see great things...
  12. VirtuaKazama

    A Recap of DOA Festival 2015

    The Dead or Alive Festival 2016 is almost approaching soon, and we are looking forward to see the next qualifying player that will be going to NEC17 in December. Best part about it is that this year is the 20th Anniversary of the DOA series, so there has to be something special planned for DOA5...

    10-0 matchups VS Marie and Honoka

    Marie Rose and Honoka are 100% free to Brad Wong... in Dojo. Allow me to show you why ^This specific video is better seen at 60FPS. This is also why YouTube "detected my video may be shaky" and wants to stabilize it LMAO
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