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Bass is back again and he seems to play similar to how he played in DOA5, but due to changes to the system he need to opt for a slightly different and more fast paced play style. No, he gained no speed buffs which were needed to counter his horrible match-ups, but with new tools, he has ways of getting around those obstacles, which means you still need to play while planning ahead.

Similar to the previous general discussion thread, I'll be regularly updating this thread with new links and updates and cool stuff.

Useful Tools
These are a collection of what could be considered useful for Bass and could be incorporated in your game.

  • :P::+::K: (Hell Stab) (:high:)
Still 12-frames and still stuns on hit. -8 on block. Fastest high and main high poke. If you're used to playing DOA2-3 Bass, you might find this move less useful as it doesn't launch on CH or HCH and doesn't extend juggles in solo mode. You should use this all the time to interrupt. Useful when you want to trade with jabs or quick high which you can outdo in terms of damage to win trades.

This move does actually re-juggle in Tag Mode, which leads to unique combos.

  • :P::P::K: (:high::high::high:)/:P::P::P:(:high::high::mid:)/:P::P::2::P:(:high::high::low:)
13i. Basic jab-jab into mixups. The :K: is the same as standing :K:, which is a GB (+2) which makes it pretty good. The :P: is also a GB (same as :6::6::P:), but interruptible. The :2::P: ender is the same as :1::P: which allows you to go into your while-rising mixups.

:P::P: itself is Bass' primary normal hit and counter hit natural combo when not facing a back-turned opponent and is not plus on hit, but it has very good recovery and can be used for tick throw setups and critical stun extensions.

  • :P::K::P:(:high::mid::mid:)/:P::K::K:(:high::mid::high:)
:P::K: is the new Magnum in Bass' arsenal. The :P::K: kick in unholdable on normal hit and is also a counter-hit natural combo with +5 on hit. The kick in this string has the same properties as the :3::K:, so you can get a sit-down stun on crouching opponents. The sit-down stun can be extended with another dash (or crouch dash) :3::K:, which means there are new combo opportunities for Bass now. It's an annoying poke string, so people will hate you for constantly throwing this out and the second hit is unholdable on anything but Hi-counter hit.

What makes :P::K: so good is that it's a tracking string and the second hit is mid and causes sit-down stun on crouching opponents will be the bane of characters with special sidestep moves like Christie, Bayman, Mila, Rachel, etc. who can be caught in crouching position and end up in a sit-down stun.

The :P: ender in the :P::K::P: string can be interrupted before the last hit, but it has amazing recovery even on SS and it's only -2 on block. Thanks to it's very good recovery, it's hard to punish this move outside of defensive holds as sidestepping this move late means that you can't punish it easily. It's a fairly telegraphed move, so expect people to hold you on reaction.

The :K: ender is -4 on block as it's the same as :9::K:, meaning it's safe and unlike the :P: ender, it cannot be interrupted on block. And unlike the :P:, it can be comboed into from :P::K: on both normal hit and CH/HCH.

Keep in mind that both string enders are linear, so you can still get punished by sidesteps.

  • :1::P::P:(:low::mid:)/:1::P::P::+::K:(:low::high:)
Tracking 22i low (-16) with great potential for mix-ups. One of his best lows and high-crush moves, next to :2::P:. First hit is critical and has high and mid follow-ups. Try to mix this up with the second :P: and TFBB and other throws/OHs.

The :P: follow-up now has a 2-frame hold window, which might make it harder to hold, but it also means that the hold will always be hi-counter and more rewarding for the defending player if they react. This is still a buff for Bass as you can just throw out :1::P::P: with proper conditioning.

The :P::+::K:, the high followup is still the same, but is something that may still have very limited use outside of certain mix-ups. You can actually combo into this from :1::P: if the first hits as a half-hit and doesn't cause a trip stun. Overall, not very useful at all and you will never use this.​

  • :2::P::P: (:low::high:)
i17 with the second ender being -8 on block. The first hit crushes highs and the second puts opponent into critical stun. A very essential string to incorporate into your game as it can be game changer on counter or high-counter and it can also lead to other types of setups such as TFBB or WR :4::P::+::K:, both of which are WR moves. With enough conditioning, you can do mix-ups which you opponent may not expect. This first punch is -5 on normal hit and your follow-up is -8 on block, but is never punished and the string is wholly uninterruptible if you don't delay it too much, unless you crush it by reacting to it, which is hard to do and might never happen, unless it's against a very experienced player.

If you're looking for a move that can change the tide with a good counter-hit, this is it and it's one of your essential high-crush moves for this character.​

  • Moves Guard-Break and Guard-Crush Properties
These are the tools that play a big part in Bass' game as you really need the frame advantage from some of these strikes to gains some momentum. These also help with conditioning your opponent and setting frame traps, so learning what to do after a GB/Guard Crush is important.
Some of these also simply cause GB because of their long recovery like running :P:.

Here's a quick list:

Standing :K: on it's own is +2
:P::P::K: (+2)
Any string that ends with the Power Gong :6::6::P: (-3~-4)
Charged up :7::P::[[P]]: (+10)
:7::P::P::+::K: (+10)
Third hit of :4::P::P::P: (+6-7)
:4::6::P: (0 to +1)
:4::6::[[P]]: (+18)
Second hit of :3::3::P::P: (+5~+7)
:236::P: (+4)
:214::P: (+3)
Running :P: (-3 to -16, depending on hit depth)
:2::P::+::K: :pause: :P::+::K: (-2 to +7. Range-dependent and has loads of active frames)
:7::[p+k]: (+16 only when you have less than 50% health)
:3_::P::+::K::P: (old)/ WR :P::+::K::P: (new) (Only the first hit, which is -5, but leads directly to a BT mix-up)
:1::P::+::K: (+6~+11)
:1::[[P]]::+::[[K]]: (+24~+30)
:6::P::+::K::P: (+1)
BT :P::+::K: (+1~+2)
:6::6::P::+::K: (0~+3)
:236::P::+::K:/:4::4::P::+::K: (1.04) (+8)
:41236::P::+::K: (+6)
:6::6::K: (+3)
:h::+::K: (+2 to +3)
:6::h::+::K: (-4~0)
:4::h::+::K: (+3)
:4::[[H]]::+::[[K]]: (+8)
:2::h::+::K: (+1, but only on deep hit).

  • :4::P::P::P: (:mid::mid::mid:)/:4::P::P::P::+::K: (:mid::mid::high:)
Tracking natural combo on normal hit with slightly better range than normal :P::P:. Third :P: GBs (+6) and tracks. Long delay between all hits. The first two punches can act as juggle extenders for light and medium weight characters, especially against the wall for max damage combos.

Mixing the string up with either the :P: ender which causes GB and the :P::+::K: ender which causes deep stun is a good idea, even though the :P::+::K: is unsafe (-8).

:4::P::P::P::+::K: is a full stun combo on CH/HCH which leads to max stun threshold, though holdable. This can potentially lead to a CB.​

  • :6::P: (:mid:)
A great tracking mid poke. 15i and safe on block (-4). On CH and HCH, it gives you a gut stun (note: not a crumple gut stun). Good move if used in conjunction with :3::K: as they are both 15i, with :6::P: having tracking properties (more on :3::K: below). One major weakness of the poke however is the range, which is rather short, but if the opponent does decide to press a button, you'll beat it out thanks to the size of hurtboxes in case you out-prioritize them.​

  • :6::P::P: (:mid::mid:)/:6::P::K: (:mid::high:)
:6::P::P: are both tracking safe mids, with the second punch being a GB (-4), meaning that it would be safe to throw out both :6::P: and the follow-up.

:6::P::K: replaces the old DOA3 :9_::P::K: with the re-launch nerfed and there is more recovery on the kick than normal :8::K:, which make the kick very unsafe on block (-17). However, if the kick connects on its own, you'd get a higher launch. It's a good 'instant' launcher that is not a NC but it's hard to see, especially on CH/HCH, though experienced players would probably just go for the high hold, which is where you can bait holds or go for your mid followup. You can condition someone so that they start pressing buttons after :6::P: and so then you can launch them with the kick or use it in situations like in Bass' option select. On CH launch, you can usually get a :6::K::P: followup, which leads into the blender/vortex, except on super heavies.

  • :3::P: (:mid:)
Since DOA5, :3::P: stuns on normal hit and causes a lift stun, which cannot be held out of immediately or staggered quickly, making it a decent poke with acceptable speed (18i). This move is applicable in juggles where it has very good relaunching properties with good followup options thanks to the recovery. It also covers a good distance and doesn't cause wall splats, making it Bass' primary juggle extender.

This is probably the only remnant of the old Bass combo tools in pre-DOA4 days like :P::+::K: and :236::P:. :4::P::P: is still there, but it doesn't have the best recovery and doesn't cover ground as much as :3::P:, which can potentially lead to whiffed attacks and air throws. It also doesn't work on all weigh classes as efficiently, unlike :3::P: which can work on every character in most combos, especially in super-launcher and Power Launcher combos.

  • :6::6::P: (:mid:)
22i (-5). Ah, good ol' Fist of Justice. No longer guarantees any pick-up, but it's still a good safe circular mid that would force opponents to think twice before stepping you). You can still get pick ups if your opponent delays their roll or does a wake up kick, but that's still pretty risky for both players. Usually, you're safer going for a ground :2::K: and condition them to roll away and having to deal with your other options.​

  • :4::4::P: (NEW) (:mid:)
23i (-9). A new tracking mid punch that causes either a limbo stun or a crumple gut stun on CH or HCH depending on your stance, which is pretty damn good and something which Bass has been missing since DOA3 and really needed. It's unsafe, but the reward for getting a CH with this move makes up for it and even on normal stun it can lead to a standing :P::+::K: or :3::K:, that is if the opponent doesn't stagger escape. There are some setups for it which I'll be going through in the next post, but generally you'd do this after a pick-up from hard knockdown (specially the FDFA ones) or after BT OH.

I swear it looks like a Mishima :f+2.

  • :3::K: (:mid:)
15i mid kick (-6 ~ -7). Hoo boy, people really hate this move when they're put in hard situations. Great mid-range poke. It causes sit-down stun on crouching opponents which can be followed up with :3::3::P: or :7::K:. Can be used after :9::P::P: or sit-down after :P::K: to extend with another sit-down stun for a guaranteed launcher (:3::3::P:).​

  • :2::K: (:low:)
In version 1.04, this has become safe on hit (0 on hit) and it helps with his mix-up game in stun or on CH/HCH due to the slip stuns which allows for mix-up between :3::K: and :4::4::P: or :3::3::P:.

Sit-down stun or Limbo/crumple gut stun? Your choice.

This is also his fastest low (16i), though it doesn't crush highs, so it will come in handy in situations when you have to interrupt mix-ups like Brad's.

  • :6::6::K: (:mid:)
A good kick that has Clean Hit properties and +3 on block, so it's safe to use and has good speed (18i) and range too. This can also be his While Running :K: move. Leaves you in back-turned position, so it can be fatal on whiff or SS as it's linear.​

  • :6::K::P: (:mid::mid:)/:6::K::K: (:mid::low:)
14i mid kick (-10) making it his fastest mid. Your best juggle-ender and in some cases, your only juggle-ender.

The :P: ender (:8::P:) only causes a hard knockdown if the first hit connects or if the punch hits on CH/HCH. The :K: ender causes critical stun unlike normal :1::K:, but he can be interrupted on block in-between the two kicks.

:6::K: itself on hit has a three way mixup: link into :P::+::K: in case the opponent doesn't slow escape (99% of the time, people won't do that on the first hit), go straight into the :P: ender or just go for the :K: followup. With enough conditioning, you can even catch an opponent holding and punish.

:6::K::P: usually guarantees a ground pick-up in most cases on standing opponents only and only when they're close (though you can buffer in a dash to make sure you get the pickup), so it's better than juggle enders like :6::P::P: when you consider that you need to have your opponent close to you if you want to pressure them.

This is the central part of his new option-select/blender in 5U where ending a juggle with this string. Your two outcomes are:
a) Opponent doesn't tech the ground slam and ends up being picked up by Bass (+13) or
b) Opponent techs, Bass whiffs the throw, but is still at frame advantage (usually +6~+11).
Integrate this into your game and maintain the pressure with your blender.

  • :9::P::P: (:high::mid:), :9_::P::K: (:high::high:), :9::P::K::P: (:high::mid::mid:) & :9::P::K::2::P: (:high::mid::low:)
First hit puts your opponent into critical, forcing them to guess. From them on you have a three-way mixup. Generally, these strings are mostly used in combos, like :9::P::K::P: after most wall bounces or :9::P::K::h: in some air combos.

On hit or in stun, the second :P: from the :9::P::P: string causes a sit-down stun with good recovery and it can guarantee a :3::K:.

Sadly, the use of :9::P::K::P: is entirely optional or redundant now in juggles outside of wall-bounce/splat juggles as it no longer guarantees any ground pickup. :9::P::K: can cause enough hit-stun so that it can actually be linked into standing :P::+::K:. Other than that, I got nothing.

:9_::P::K: is a decent for when you want a safe and short string, but can be crushed and both hits are high.

  • :3::3::P::P: (:mid::mid:)
16i (-12) is one of his best launchers due to the speed and range it covers and it even has some high crush properties, even though it's only a few frames and compared to his his other crushes, it isn't that effective. Use this. It's great. Only down-side is that it's linear and unsafe on its own, but the second :P: follow-up is another mid that GBs (+5) and it can also cause a sit-down stun on NH, but you just need to hit-confirm so that you don't prematurely end your juggle opportunity in case you do get to launch your opponent.

This string can also combo if the first hit connects, but you'd normally not use that outside some corner situations, against the wall or on Heavies.

On walls, the second knock-down can grant a pick-up, but it's frame specific, so try it out in practice mode. Probably the only thing which guarantees a pickup from a juggle in 5U, which makes it really good.​

  • :7::K: (:mid:) & :8::K: (:high:)
Both 17i. Your other launchers after :3::3::P:, with :7::K: being the mid knee launcher which is unsafe (-14) and :8::K: being his high launcher (-17, but not punishable by anything slower than 8-frames).

Juggles and air-grabs from :8::K: are range dependent due to the active frames, though :6::K::P: has a huge hit box now, so just roll with that if you're unsure. Since :8::K: also has such good recovery, you can simply stun an opponent, launch and land something more damaging like :3::P: > :6::K::P:,
though you might even avoid that because it doesn't guarantee pickups unlike DOA5 and :6::K::P: can be a better option since it gives you your primary option-select.

The great thing about :7::K: is that it doesn't wall splat (finally), so Bass has a good launcher against walls. It also launches higher than :3::3::P: as you can reliably get a normal air-grab from a normal launch.

:8::K: has a lower launch height on normal hit in DOA5U, but it's still a good relaunch tool and launches high in stun or Counter/Hi-Counter hit.

  • :1::K::P: (:low::mid:)
Something you'd probably use on critical stun or if you feel like playing poker with your health bar in the neutral game, delay it. One interesting thing to note is that :1::K: on CH or HCH in water or other slippery surfaces can lead to a guaranteed follow-up or :3::K: sit-down stun no matter what, which can elevate it to being a very good move on water. This also works with :6::K::K:, but only if the second kick connects on CH/HCH.

Another advantage of this move is the :P: follow up which causes a lift stun on hit, making it a good follow up in stun, CB setup or even as a good risky thing to do because people still don't realize that :1::K::P: cannot be interrupted on block.​

  • :6::P::+::K::P: (:high::high:) /:6::P::+::K::K: (:high::mid:) (NEW Addition)
A good full-circular move that puts Bass in back-turned position. One major weakness of this was that if you performed this on block, most characters could do whatever to you easily as it was so unsafe and it only had a high string-ender.

In 5U, it's been buffed by having a mid string-ender with the new :6::P::+::K::K: which can also be incorporated into Power Launcher combos. This helped with the issue he had with :6::P::+::K: on block which was too unsafe and it will also help with conditioning opponents who try to duck after :6::P::+::K: This essentially buffed some of his BT mixups. More on his BT strategies later.

:6::P::+::K::K: may look familiar because it's another incarnation of DOA3 :6::P::K:. The difference is that it's a built in string mix-up with :6::P::+::K::P:, BT :4::K:, BT throw and the new BT low OH. Probably doesn't have any use in combos, outside of Power Launcher combos. One new thing to note is that the trass kick is a mid-kick now, meaning that it was changed to fit into his usual low-mid mix-ups and in some cases doesn't launch super high anymore, like wall-bounce resets (thanks, Shimbori >:C ).

I made a write up while looking more into these strings.​

  • :3::P::+::K::pause::h::+::P: (:mid::high:) (NEW APPLICATION)
Your 20i CB (-6) with a grab follow-up. Its unique property is that it's the only unholdable CB with a grab follow-up in the game and it's safe on block. Puts the opponent into critical stun on hit. However, it's not safe after a hold, since the attack has some recovery which he can be struck during that period.

In 5U it has been buffed by having the grab transition into an air-throw. This makes it useful in juggles and allows for more options for Bass. Not very good in terms of oki as the grab throws the opponent away, but unlike :41236::h::+::P: airthrow which throws the opponent too far away, you can still use your mid to long range pokes on wake up.​

  • :1::P::+::K: (:mid:)
A rather average charge move that has been slightly buffed in 5U, by having the max charge toned down. Starts from 20 and max charge is at 60 now. Still crushes highs. It needs to be fully charged for you to get that +24 on guard and puts your opponent into inescapable stagger, otherwise you'll only get +6 (which is still good). After wall-splat, it guarantees a :9::P::K::P: on all characters for max-damage.

It's still pretty slow, but the buff might help a bit.

Still very useful against characters that have high running moves that are either GBs or unblockable.​

  • :3_::P::+::K::P: (old input)/ WR :4::P::+::K::P: (new input as of 1.04) (:high::mid::mid:)
This is a slow move, but it crushes highs, covers some distance, GBs (0 on block in 1.04), puts you in BT position and it also puts an opponent into a lift stun on hit. This could be an interesting move to use for conditioning someone for when you go into BT both on hit and on GB.

This also plays a role in his BT game, especially after hit, which puts your opponent in a mix-up situation. Again, more on that later.

The follow-up for this move is the same as :4::P::+::K: which can cause a double-hit on the wall and knocks back, but it has a longer startup in 1.04, possibly due to the changes to the BT throw being switched back to an OH in ver. 1.05.​

  • :214::P: (:mid:)
This one has been slightly buffed too. This is a rather slow, but good tracking mid which also GBs (+3) and it also has very good range.

There has been some changes made to the launch properties of this move. In 5U, you can get a bound on normal hit, which can be followed-up by moves like :6::6::K: or :6::K::P: (You can also use :9::P::K::2::P:/:P: for more damage but it has less favorable oki). On CH and HCH, you can still get your air-throw or preferred follow-up of choice similar to DOA5.

This is also one of his BEST launchers at maximum stun threshold or after CB on open ground (if PB/PL is not available) for all weight classes as it universally launches high enough for an air-grab or :9::P::K::P:/:3::P:>:6::K:P: and it causes the most damage (with the exception of the Power Launcher, but that's a special case).​

  • :6::h::+::K: (:mid:)
It's -4 on guard and causes GB, which means that it won't hurt if you throw it out from a distance or if you know you're going to interrupt your opponent during an attack. It also has pretty good range at mid-range. You can get a quick ground pick-up if you are close enough (usually, it's quite consistent in terms of range).

Decent tool against wake-up kick due to its low-crush properties. It does crush lows, but not during the first few start-up frames, so keep that in mind. If timed perfectly, it can even beat mid wake-up kicks. You can even buffer a TFBB after this due to the fact that you recovery crouching and that counts as a WR situation, but you'd rarely get that opportunity as most people would press buttons after blocking this.​

  • :h::+::K: (:mid:)
20i (+2). A good keep-away move and causes KD on hit. Very safe due to the GB (+2) is faster than :6::h::+::K:, has good close to mid range and can crush lows instantly. Another good move against wake-up kicks. It's major disadvantages are however the short range and the recovery on whiff.

In some situations you can actually crush mids like mid wakeup kicks due to the fact that you recover while you're laying down but this can actually be fatal on whiff due to the long recovery.​

  • :6::6::P::+::K: (:mid:)
19i. Good for closing the gaps and safe (0~+3 on block). You can also jump over get-up kicks with this in some hard-knockdown situations and it's also good for a quick position change after said knockdown.

People are slowly falling into the habit of teching this move, which means that you'd end up getting more frame advantage from them teching than you'd get if you manage to get a ground pick-up. The tool tip lies btw.

You can buffer a TFBB out of this move since you're in crouching state during recovery, but it's probably not something you'd want to do unless you've conditioned someone to block afterwards, which is difficult if you don't do it at the proper range and don't constantly beat an opponent with a quick poke like :6::K: afterwards. Once you condition them to stop pressing buttons or even better, hold, then you can take liberties and use all your throws.​

  • :3::3::P::+::K: (:mid:)
Bass' Power Launcher. A fairly good PL with decent range, though it doesn't have any crush properties. This opens some new avenues for Bass after CB! and you can get above average damage with your CB combos and one thing that Bass does well in is dealing loads of damage as he has good relaunch tools and can take full advantage of this after a PL.

  • :41236::P::+::K: (DOA1 :6::6::P:) (:mid:)
21i new guard crush move (+6) which can crush high at certain frames and has very good range. While it doesn't crush highs immediately, it can still be used in certain situations where you think a jab happy opponent would try to jab you out of something. This applies to situations where you are anywhere from -2 to +10 or more frame advantage as the move doesn't crush highs immediately, but the crush window is long.

One issue with this move is that it's always +1 on hit no matter what, so that may become an issue where you are playing against fast characters and you may need more frame advantage. Though, personally, the positives in this case outweigh the negatives.

Here is a write up I did after a bit more experimenting.​

  • Running :P: (:mid:)
Hail-Mary. Rather risky move even though it has a long active window, has good range and can crush most lows. Its major downside is the variable safety especially when done up close (-15), so try and mix it up with running :K:, which is safe (though, technically, it's good practice to not do running moves at neutral game and just try to gradually get close). There are ways to make it safe, but due to its many active frames, it becomes difficult figuring out when is the right time to press the button to get a safe -3 or -4 so that you don't end up getting low-thrown.​

  • Back-turned :4::K: (:mid:)
This is one of those kicks that has the best of both worlds. 15i, causes sit-down stun on CH and crouching opponents and now it tracks too, making it one of Bass' best tools in his Back-turned mix-up game. It can guarantee a launcher, but only if they don't do the fastest stagger escape. Try to actually mix this move up with other tools, like BT :P::K: or the BT throw.​

  • Back-turned :7::K: (:mid:)
This is one of those move that has a very specific usefulness and it does what it does well. With the new addition of :6::P::+::K::K:, you can also make use of this in PL combos. Usually in PL combos, you'd probably want to dash underneath the opponent and just use BT :7::K: instead of :6::P::+::K::K:.

Being a throw-based character, these tools are pretty much your bread and butter because they can do more damage than combos and your throw punish game can win matches thanks to your awesome throws and their high damage.
  • :h::+::P: (:high:)
Your basic 4i throw. Unlike the old Falcon Arrow, which put your opponent in the face-down-feet-away position, this one lays them down in a face-up-feet-toward position instead. It looks pretty cool too. It's more of a conditioning tool rather than a punishing tool, but in some cases, you really have to use it as a punish and for a normal throw it actually deals great damage.​

  • :6::h::+::P: (:high:)
6i, 50 DMG. Your head-butt and one of your best friends. Awesome throw and leaves your opponent in standing position and leave you with +10 to spare. Bounces the opponent back when done against fences/electric ropes and has a wall version that gives you a reset at the wall and that is great for pressure.

This is one of the major momentum shift tools for Bass and sometimes it may even end up winning you rounds and matches and the psychological effect of doing more than one of these in a row is really important because you are forcing the opponent to make a mistake instead of standing still, because by the second headbutt, they've already taken 100 damage, which is a 1/3 of a lifebar.

The throw on back turned opponents leaves them closer to you than the normal version, which is also very good for pressure.​

  • :2::h::+::P: on grounded opponent (:high:)
Very important part of your game as you can condition your opponent simply by attempting to go for the throw, which would force your opponent to do things that would benefit you, such as teching and give you loads of frame advantage or recklessly go for wake-up options that would leave them vulnerable.

Getting a pickup throw after a hard knockdown pretty much puts you in the driving seat and you have momentum to condition the opponent and try to force them to make mistakes or condition them to do what you want them to do.​

  • :4::h::+::P: (:high:)
8i and 72 DMG. Does very good damage and has a wall version (for when you back is to the wall) that also does very good damage overall. Recommended throw for punishing holds on reactions due to its speed and it's great damage.​

  • :236::h::+::P: :pause: :h::+::P: (:high:)
8i. A good chain-throw. It's short and does close to the same amount of damage as the TFBB. While it's the same speed as :4::h::+::P:, you'd probably go for this if you want to deal more damage with a quick chain throw that does above average damage. In Ultimate, you can only get a ground slam with the second part, so you can get to finish the whole chain throw.​

  • :214::h::+::P: :pause: :2::h::+::P: :pause: :8::h::+::P:/:214::h::+::P::pause::6::+::h::+::P: (:high:)
11i and a more damaging chain-throw. :214::h::+::P: :pause: :6::h::+::P: (Kitchen Sink > Push Away) is a very valuable asset to your arsenal as it guarantees :6::K::P: (or :6::K: on an opponent who's good at stagger escaping and holding at the same time) which may guarantee a back-turned ground pick-up or other opportunities.​

  • :236::P: :pause: :h::+::P: (:high:)
New Hit-throw for Bass. Pretty cool move. 20i and +4 on block. Can be done when opponent is in critical stun (but not at the end of the threshold or after Critical Bursts).

One important thing to note is that this transitions into the Grizzly chain-throw series on back-turned opponents. On water, you can actually end up getting the fully charged version of the chain throw, which does the most damage. Has a few very nasty setups in 5U, like after :4::4::P: after a BT :h::+::P: (that is if the opponent doesn't stagger escape).​

  • :41236::[[H+P]]: /:pause:/ :23698::h::+::P: /:pause:/ :8::2::h::+::P: (:high:)
Ah, Bass' own super launcher OH. Probably the only character in the game with such a tool, but there are some important things to note about this, especially in 5U if you don't want to be severely punished for using it.

There are different ranges on different charges. The normal 18i versions with no charge has good range (but still shorter than :6::6::h::+::P:), but if you start charging it, your range is going to be shortened quite considerably and from 28i onwards, it's going to stay the same until you reach max charge. At 37i, you get into long range territory and even if the tooltip gives you a +2.00m range, it's an error, because Bass actually step forward, which adds to the range and makes it his longest reaching OH. The range has been really buffed in Ultimate, which one of the good buffs, but the trade was the range reduction on the half-charge, which is very noticeable. The half-charge can sometimes whiff in your face which is very dangerous, but since most people tend to press buttons usually and the 28i half-charge is very had to see, you may end up with a 100+ damage OH on someone if you catch em.

The launching version should be quite obvious. You launch someone into the air and unless you've been living under a rock back in the DOA5 days, then you probably know the combo opportunities you can get, but one thing is very crucial to the combos you do from this launcher is that 99% of your combos start with :P::h: (jab guard cancel). This lets you maximize your damage in combos, no matter what character you're against.​

  • :63214::h::+::P: :pause: :f360::h::+::P: :pause: :f360::h::+::P: (:high:)
11i new inescapable chain throw. This and the Kitchen Sink are your two primary 12 frame punishers. The chain throw consists of three parts:

1) Wasteland: First part of the chain-throw where Bass puts an opponent into a fireman's carry and proceeds to slam them to the side he's facing. This finish gives no oki other than having to deal with wakeups kicks. No point in going for this unless there are ground floors involved.

2) Attitude Adjustment: This is a fireman's carry takeover and Bass' slams the opponent down behind him. This has been slightly nerfed in damage, but it still grants good oki. You can buffer a quick dash and perform back-turned pickup on an opponent after this option and it's guaranteed. Probably the preferred option on normal throw.

3) F5: The final part is the most damaging option, so it's the most preferred option on hi-counter throw. This part leave Bass facing the same direction unlike the AA which throws the opponent behind him.​

  • TFBB or :2_::6::4::h::+::P: (:high:)
i11 from While Standing state. The second most damaging throw in the game (first being Alpha's :236::236::h::+::P:) and does a huge chunk on hi-counter. This is Bass' most damaging throw option which grants no good oki, but it's still not horrible.

While not actually usable as a throw punish without the use of just frame magic or a programmable sticks (unless you do it's against very unsafe moves like 7Ks), this throw has many uses in the neutral game and thankfully has loads of short cuts thanks to the buffer system filling in all the gaps for you. Here's a list of the shortcuts discovered so far:

:6::41236::h::+::P: (King's GS)
:63214: (delay) :6::h::+::P: (Potemkin Buster)
:6::4::3::h::+::P: (one of the faster shortcuts since you're already buffering the last part)
:3::3: :6::4::h::+::P: (this is the normal way of doing this throw, but it also covers the
most distance out of all the other options)
:6::6::P::+::K::pause::6::4::h::+::P: (Recovers in crouching state; counts as WR)
:6::h::+::K::pause::6::4::h::+::P: (Same as above)
:2::P::pause::6::4::h::+::P: (Same as above)
:1::P::pause::6::4::h::+::P: (Possibly the oldest trick in the book since DOA2)

Some of these shortcuts are pure fluffs while others will come in handy all the time.​

The post-wall TFBB set-ups from DOA3 are gone, but it's still worth doing against a wall simply for the damage. Has a ceiling version for more damage and the damage is terrifying on HCT.​

Fun Fact: This is a Super Running Crucifix Power Bomb with some anime mixed in. According to some people, this is called a 'Thunder Fire Bass Bomb', which sounds stupid, so let's not use that.

But don't take my work for it; here is what Jesus Christ himself, Mr. Wah says:

"I've always called it 'The Freaking Bass Bomb', some might use a more expletive word in place, depends on my mood and the audience really."

Oh yeah, just like the BFG9000.​

  • Running :h::+::P: (:high:)
A running i10 throw. Good for throwing out if you know the opponent won't retaliate or might try to hold, since their only two options are mid-punch and mid-kick or SS. Certain characters like Hayate and Christie or Bayman can ignore this, but a well-placed :1::P:/:6::P:/:4::P: or a low OH would make them think twice, that is if they don't initiate it first.​

  • :h::+::P: air-grab
A fairly simple grab and rather forgiving in terms of height requirement. Try to perform this when there's a wall next to Bass.

Since this throw is stance dependent, you need to know that Bass will throw the opponent the direction opposite to his leading foot in a stance. For example, if he has his left foot forward, he going to throw the opponent to his right side and if it's his right foot forward, then he'll throw them to the left side.​

  • :41236::h::+::P: :pause: :h::+::P: chain air-grab
The old Gator Slam -> Broken Toy chain air-throw from DOA3. The height requirements for this is thankfully less ridiculous now from DOA4, but you need to keep in mind that this tool works best with environments and that you can throw an opponent to your front and back. You also need to be a little closer than the normal air-throw to connect. This is usually the preferred finish for most of Bass' max-damage juggles.

Gives rather horrible oki on open ground, which is its only downside in my opinion.

  • BT :h::+::P: standing OH (:high:)
11 frame (10i) OH which guarantees combos and set-ups. Kept getting switched into a throw and back into OH, but as of ver 1.05, it'll hopefully stay as an OH. Shifts position and gives you 21 frames of advantage on counter and high-counter throw and +15 on normal throw, giving you loads of highly damaging or advantageous setups guaranteed. Oh CT/HCT, it guarantees :9::P::P: which can lead to a sit-down stun.

Doing this after :6::6::K: on block would actually make this a 7i OH as :6::6::K: is +3 on block, making it the fastest OH in the game (well, it was the fastest standing OH in the game anyway). Performing this after a successful BT :2::h::+::P: would make this a 1-frame OH and very scary if you're on the receiving end because you are forced into a legit 50/50 situation.

A crucial part of your game. Take the most advantage you can from this move.

  • BT :2::h::+::P: low OH (:low:)
New back turned low OH that acts like a reset that gives +10 and leave Bass BT. Can lead directly into standing BT OH, turning it into a potential looping tool and forcing most characters into a 50/50 mix-up situation.

  • :2::h::+::P: & :3::3::h::+::P: (:low:)
(4i and 5i respectively) Your standard low throws. Both cause ground slam. Not much to say about these except for :3::3::h::+::P:, which does pretty good damage, especially as low hold punish, but it one frame slower than :2::h::+::P:. :3::3::h::+::P: is the most damaging normal low throw punish in the game (75 DMG), so if you're into getting more damage for your low punishment game, consider getting good at buffering the crouch dash motion.

  • :3::h::+::P: low OH
Your standard low OH. Does good damage and has decent range. Also causes ground slam. Changes position.

Moves that are good, but not great

  • :7::P::[[P]]: (:high::mid:) /:7::P::P::+::K: (:high::mid:) /:7::P::h::+::P: (:high::high:) (NEW ADDITION)
A string with a throw-transition mixup. The :7::P: has a short range, is high, but it doesn't cause a wall slam on normal hit and it has great recovery and safety (-2).

The second :P: follow-up is a chargeable mid punch that has fairly okay safety without the charge (-5), but grant +10 if fully charged (fairly slow charge though). :7::P: into mid-charge :P: on hit will lead to a full threshold crumple gut stun which can force an opponent into holding as you can potentially lead up with a CB!.

The grab transition is the bear hug grab and it can sometimes whiff completely if the opponent is still in blockstun.

The new :P::+::K: ender is a sit-down stun on hit and a +10 GB. The transition between :7::P: and :P::+::K: is fairly long and slow, but you can get a lucky hit and get yourself a free launcher.

  • :4::6::P: (:mid:)
This used to be a good move with very decent range back in DOA3 as it was faster. Without Charge, it's 0 on block, but at full charge, it's +18. However, the fact that you can see this from a mile away, doesn't make it a good GB move to use unless it's on an inexperienced opponent or on wake up. It can however guarantee a pick-up or a free :9::P::K::P: on wall-hit.​

  • :4::P::+::K: (:mid::mid:)
This move is more of a taunt rather than an actually useful move unless you use it within the Muscle Man string (WR :4::P::+::K::P:). Most people don't know that this move actually has two hits and so they might try to grab you in your back-turned state, resulting in them getting hit with the second hit and stunned, but you should just consider that as a useless trivia. But If they do get hit, then just launch them from back-turned with :7::K: or cause a sit-down stun with BT :4::K: and get a guaranteed launcher. This move is -56 on block, btw and the second hit is -12, which is still very unsafe and it's even worse because you recover BT.​

  • :2::P::+::K: :pause: :P: (:high:) / :P::+::K: (:mid:)
Everybody knows these two moves. The first part is a very slow taunt which transitions into a running unblockable move with a lot of range (I reckon it's range 12 or maybe more). You can mix this up with the :P::+::K: mid that GBs and -2 on block at close range, so it's safe and you can add more frame advantage if you do it from long range.

Still something fun to throw out every now and then. These unblockable does actually have some tracking ability and even if someone steps all the way to your back or jumps over you, Bass will turn 180 around and chase you down. However, it is still a linear mix-up and both options are holdable/can be SSed and let's not forget that this is slooooow, so you'd never really use it even in a semi-serious match.​

  • :9::K: (:high:)
I got mixed feelings about this kick. On one hand, it looks really cool, it's safe and has very good range for a mid-range attack and it has fantastic recovery, so much that if someone does a low-hold, you'd have enough time to recover and throw them, but on the other hand, it's not the best option when your opponent is in stun. Same goes for :9_::P::K:.​

  • :8::h::+::P: (:high:)
Still a slow OH (32i), but has good damage and people fall for this all the time, especially on wake-up. Is this useful? Well, it can crush lows (very badly) and it's not abysmally slow for a damaging OH, but not be best option out there.

  • :2::h::+::K: (:low:)
The problem with this move is that it's slow and only causes a GB on deep hit, otherwise, it can be very abysmally unsafe on block and not very advantageous on hit, especially if the opponent techs, which is when you're at slight disadvantage. Good thing about it is that most people forget this move exists, even Bass players. Another advantage of it is that it crushes lows similar to :h::+::K:.​

  • :236::P::+::K: (old input) / :4::4::P::+::K: (new input as of 1.04) (AKA Electric Hell Stab) (:high:)
A rather slow high tracking move, with GB property (+8) and it also has a long range (the second best thing about this move), but it's way too slow and doesn't SS any ground strikes. Though not at all impressive at first glance, this move has a very unique feature and that is its freestepping property.

This move actually side-steps jumping mid-string linear moves like Ayane's :6::6::K::K::K:, which Bass can dodge the third kick and hit Ayane afterwards during her recovery. This property makes this move more useful. Other characters like Lisa and Momiji can have their mixups completely circumvented as well, as they have a lot of mix-ups with jumping moves (yes, even Lisa's jumping OHs).

You can put your opponent against wall into a mix-up as the +8 on guard can scare an opponent into thinking you'd throw them and so end up attacking. This may also lead to frame tarps if combined with :6::h::+::P: as you can't simply crush the throw with fuzzy guarding.

It also has the unique ability to beat mid wake-up kicks after an F5, but this also has limited use in that regard as wake-up kicks can be timed differently.​

  • Back-turned :7::K: (:mid:)
There is a reason why I've listed this same move in two different categories. This is a great CH/crouching launcher, though it's very situational. If you're in back-turned and want to provoke an enemy to attack you, this is a good tool to use, especially against jumping attacks, which causes a super-launch. In tag, it can be used after a very high launch to run under and perform this on an air-borne opponent to cause a super-high relaunch. This can also be used to relaunch after wall splat from :6::6::K:, but it requires proper spacing and in Ultimate, it's actually not a very attractive option for damage because you can only get :6::K::P: in DOA5U. But if you do get a wall splat with :6::6::K:, then you might as well go for guaranteed damage and use this.

Can also be used it Power Launcher combos by dashing under the opponent.

Moves With Limited Use AKA Bad Move AKA Don't Use This

  • :4::h::+::K: (Spanish Sumo Stomp) (:mid:)
I don't even know what purpose this has other than being a very slow mid kick that doesn't even launch or bounce. The hard knock-down however guarantees a ground pick-up and it also hits grounded opponents, that is if they stay on the ground for a long sun tan, which no one does. However, no one expects the Spanish Sumo Stomp! If you're hit by this move, consider yourself owned.​

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In this post, I'd like to go through a few topics - some general and some specific - that might help people out.

Who is this Guy Called Bass/Buzz?
Big grabby danny guy. He's a high-risk momentum-based character that benefits from mistakes, especially from unsafe moves, where he can incorporate his high throw damage and frame advantage. He can put other characters in nasty guessing games, most of his strikes are safe and he can get high damage or good oki setups with a handful of hits and he can ignore damage scaling in most cases. He also has very good Guard Break moves that force an opponent to guess and commit to force them to make a mistake. This makes up for his speed issue as he's very slow.

Once the ball is in your court, a round can end very quickly and you need less number of guesses compared to the rest of the cast in order to KO an opponent.

Bass is also very simple to pick up, but the challenge comes when you have to deal with fast rushdown characters and you need to gain the momentum.This makes character and matchup knowledge a real benefit in this game for a Bass player. I recommend you play with and against multiple other characters and players with different play styles, so that you learn the matchups in more depth and also learn who your next character would be in case you'd want to try and counter-pick against a certain character.

Being lucky also helps sometimes.

How Not to Play Bass and Stay Alive
One thing you need to keep in mind is that if you go blow for blow with any other character in this game, you're will get beaten about 60-70% of the time if you don't guess right and don't know their basic frame data, you end up paying for it, so try and play smart and focus more on your quick poking and capitalizing on an opponent's mistakes by constantly throw punishing, because you'd actually end up dealing more damage in some situations with throw punish rather than playing it risky. You mostly get good oki or frame advantage from using throws that trying to strike sometimes, but usually in case of whiff punishment and keepout situations, it's a better idea to use your strikes because they hit hard and they give good frame advantage on block.

Conditioning is very important but very very hard to do if you're not experienced and not using the triangle system to your advantage, especially if you face an opponent who doesn't respect your character. But if you get to force your opponent to react to a situation the way you want them to, you can punish them heavily.

For that, you need to have strong fundamentals and be very patient. Strong fundamentals include good movement like Korean Back-Dashing and general spacing, crouch-dash cancelling, fuzzying and making the most use out of side-steps in this game and knowing when to best use these tools. Stagger escaping is also very helpful in suddenly shifting the momentum for you, but getting caught in the strike/throw mixup afterwards is easy for Bass, so keep hat in mind and try to guess right. A good guess can turn the table for you. If the opponent whiffs that throw they tried to use on your to catch you holding or blocking, you can shift the momentum to your favor because he/she will still be in recovery and you can throw them back or go for a strike.

Don't whiff. You die painful deaths if you do, especially if you end up whiffing :6::6::K:.

Stop holding out of stun without thinking; that's what they want you to do because they can't juggle you so they just rely on trying to get a hi-counter throw. I know, it's hard, but you have to stagger escape and fuzzy your fat ass to dissatisfy them. Kasumi players for example try and force you to hold so that they can do their launching throws and get a lot of damage. Sometimes when you're against an opponent who uses fast moves and short stuns to prevent a stagger escape, you need to have decent character knowledge to guess whether they're going to use a launcher or go for CB. Sometimes, an opponent can fake you out by going for a Power Blow and hit you during your hold recovery or charge up a move like Mila's :7::K: to hit you for a sit-down stun into guaranteed damage. Sometimes, it's best not to hold and observe your opponent's choice of moves when ending up in a stun situations which you can stagger out of such as fall-down/faint or gut-crumple stuns, because an opponent may be charging a move like a PB/PL or trying to react to you holding and it's pretty obvious with Bass since there's a huge visual contrast whether he's standing or crouching.

Use your Guard Break and Guard Crush moves. Bass and Leon have a lot of these. These are especially useful for Bass because he has one of the fastest GBs in the game (standing :K: 13i (+2)) and his other GBs are no joke. Keep in mind that against some characters, +2 actually means 0, because you have to factor in your own speed (fastest attack you have, :P::+::K:, is 12i), the game's input delay on strikes and sometime even the opponent's speed (like 8i jabbers like Kasumi and Christie), so being in a +2 situation should still make your :P::+::K: 10i and your :6::K: 12i. Keep in mind and you can also take advantage of that fact and act according by using SS moves or crush an incoming attack and sometimes you'd want to do that against 9i jab characters and beat em out with moves like :41236::P::+::K: or :1::P:/:2::P:.

Use your :6::K::P: blender in juggles. It's pretty much the only thing you have in juggles that won't end up backfiring on you in 5U or forcing you to deal with wake-up kicks.

It's important to know when is the best time to take advantage of max damage juggles in 5U since Bass has lost his pick-up from juggles, though the reemergence of the blender makes things more straight forward as you're still going to be at some frame advantage afterwards.

I personally find it very useful if I improve my knowledge of the game when playing Bass; knowing character frame data and match ups helps a lot in using the appropriate throw punish when the opponent does an unsafe attack. Bass is one of those characters who benefits the most from throw punish. You can also use this in your conditioning game by using neutral throw punish and then giving your opponent a surprise hi-counter blow if they try to buffer a throw tech.

If all else fails, have a top-tier character in your pocket, because it doesn't work out all the time, unless you're very persistent, which you should be with this character. There's always hope if you're in a tight spot, but you need to know your defensive options and guess right to switch momentum. Don't let an opponent deter you or condition you to do something they want. You want to do what you want not what they want you to do.

The Back-turned game
Bass is one of those characters who actually has a strong back-turned/BT game. He takes advantage of a unique mix-up that can lead to a lot of damage, most of it guaranteed. In DOA5, this mix-up was strictly a 50/50 that could be fuzzied, but now the opponent has to be careful when fuzzying, because he has a BT low OH now too and that resets into BT. His BT options were very strong. I'll go through these options starting from the ones that were most commonly used in DOA5 and then I'll move onto tools which are new in DOA5U, as it's a major improvement over his old mixup.

BT Transition moves
The sefest way to transition into BT. The frame advantage and the range on this is reason enough to make it arguably the best transition move. The downside of this is that it knocks back on hit and it's linear, meaning that if you are SSed, you can get easily punished because the recovery of this move on whiff or evade is not forgiving.

This was a very strong option in DOA5 because the +3 on the kick made the BT OH only 7i (fastest OH in the game) and that was the best option against 9i jab characters.

This is still a strong option in 5U for Bass. You're always bound to get the frame advantage, but the :6::6::K: hitbox is pretty big and you need to get a deep or a semi-deep hit so you don't want whiff the BT OHs., unless you confident enough that your other options will work

An 19i high tracking move that puts Bass in BT and has follow-ups. I'll cover the other options a bit later.

This is your least likely option you'd throw out in the neutral game unless you're whiff punishing or you're certain they're going to try and press a button or SS. It's a fairly quick way of going into BT. Using this in the neutral game where it can be blocked is risky, but you now have a mixup with followups. Keep in mind that his follow ups can be interrupted on block.

If this connect in a critical stun combo or after a counter hit, you have a mix-up with BT :4::K: which leads into a guaranteed launch or force your opponent to hold and use your BT OHs.

WR :4::P::+::K:
This move has been buffed and crushes highs, so if you're either good at buffering this (which is not hard) or want to use this after something like :1::P:, then this is a farily safe move to use. It's a bit slow, high and it's linear, but the pros balance out the cons and it's a GB (0 on block), can force your opponent into a 50/50 (even Christie and her Jak stance) and causes a lift stun on anyhit, which can also go into a mix-up with :4::K: and BT OHs on hit.

Not recommended for BT transition as it's unsafe and is more of a taunt that does damage.

BT Tools
When in BT, you have a couple of very valuable tools you need to be mindful of.

BT :h::+::P:
10i. One of the best OHs in the game and since you usually transition into it from a move that has frame advantage, it forces your opponent to commit to a decision. Very few characters can actually try and evade this move and they'd rather take a hit, but with more conditioning, you can make them regret that by doing something unexpected.

Seriously, this move is really fucking good.

When this connects, you're bound to get two different setups. On normal throw, you get +15 and can get damage up to 90, depending on how good you are buffering a TFBB motion quick (:6::4::3::h::+::P: in this case, with at least two frames for crouching). 80 if you just go for :63214::h::+::P:. For frame advantage, you can go for either :6::K::P: and immediately go for a pick up on BT opponent (+9) that nets you a new set of mixups against most of the cast or go straight for :6::h::+::P: for slightly more damage and advantage (+10), both of which I recommend depending on what you want to enforce on your opponent. You can also go for your two primary mid launchers, :3::3::P: and :7::K: and go for a combo with your psuedo-FT combos ending in :6::K::P:. :6::P::K: also applicable and is hard to both stagger escape and hold this to the point of being humanly impossible.

On Counter or Hi-Counter however, you get +21 and can take away +100 from your opponent's bar depending on environmental variables or the kind of oki you want out of that situations.

Primary options after this would be either :41236::h::+::P:, :4::4::P: or :9::P::P: > :3::K:, all of which are guaranteed and give you good damage output. Again, it all depends on environmental variables or whether your opponent can stagger escape or not. Something like :4::4::P: > :236::P: > :h::+::P: does exactly half life in water, but comes with a price tag and that is if the opponent does stagger out of it, you can't get the intended results. Also keep in mind that many players are completely ignorant about this character outside of a few people who have probably seen his every trick.

Again, it all depends on who your opponent is and what kind of environment you're in.

BT :2::h::+::P:
This is very good for resetting into BT and comes with a +10 frame advantage if it connects, which can lead into a 1-frame transition into BT standing OH, which makes it a pretty nasty setup. The opponent can crouch immediately afterwards, though, which was an attempt by the devs to help intermediate players who don't know about fuzzy guarding or don't want to commit. You're usually at a safe position to go straight for a standing OH afterward, because the transition is very unexpected for most people and they have to make a very quick life or death decision here, because resets are pretty nasty in this game. Fuzzying out of this situation is also very difficult as the transition between the two OHs is just one frame and if you actually do try to fuzzy, the Bass player can go for another reset.

Also very good at stopping characters who want to :2::P: you when you're in BT.

BT :4::K:
This kick is so good. 15i mid tracking kick that causes sit-down on CH/HCH, crouching and critical stun opponents and guarantees a launcher. That's pretty much it. If you're dealing with something too fast for BT :4::K: to counter, you can always fallback on the BT OH which will catch anything standing. For fast lows like Nyo-Tengu's :2::P:, you got the BT low OH, but in most cases, BT :4::K: should take care of it.

It's so good that it really doesn't need a lengthy explanation.

BT :P::K:
When you are uncertain and you're not sure whether an opponent is going to use a jumping move to try and beat your BT OHs, this is a safe string to fall back on as your BT jab is your fastest strike and the follow up kick can catch your opponent on Side steps and special stances and the follow-ups are both safe. The :P: can also become a 10i jab after :6::6::K: on block and the :K: is the same as :3::K: which can cause a sit-down stun. On counter hit, this string is a natural combo (2-in-1) too. How cool is that?

This and blocking are your safest options when in BT.

BT Combos and Guaranteed Damage
This is for situations after landing either BT OHs, but your standing BT OH, is the real threat here, as you can take off 1/3 of your opponent's bar from a counter/hi-counter OH.

After BT :4::K: CH/HCH or crouching opponent:
:3::3::P: > :41236::h::+::P: (L, M)
:3::3::P: > :3::P: > :h::+::P: (L)
:3::3::P: > :3::P: > :6::K::P: (L, M)
:3::3::P: > :h::+::P: (H)
:3::3::P: > :6::K::P: (H)

BT OH on normal:
Any throw, including TFBB. For TFBB, you need to buffer :6::4: and a crouchdash input of sorts for two frames. It required practice.

:3::3::P:, :7::K: and :6::P::K: are your guaranteed launchers from that position.

BT OH on Counter or Hi-Counter:
:9::P::P: > :3::K: > :3::3::P: > :41236::h::+::P: (L, M, H) is guaranteed on all characters.
:9::P::P: > :3::K: > :3::3::P: > :3::P::+::K::pause::h::+::P: (L, M) for more damage on open ground or for different positioning.

The Charged OH and the Super Launcher
The charged offensive hold, or :41236::[[H]]::+::[[P]]::pause::23698::h::+::P: is your super launcher which has a total start-up of 37i, has really good range and can change the whole tide of a round for you. The launcher also has ceiling properties and can give you further guaranteed damage.

Now, without a ceiling, in any situation in open ground, your juggle starters are :P: (preferably guard cancel afterwards) > :3::P: on all weights. Certain unique situations like when walls are involved, you'd probably do :P: into :9::P::K::h: into normal air-grab depending on where the wall is, but generally you'd stick to the :3::P: follow up after the jab. That way you're guaranteed to get +100 damage for pretty much no major input requirement.

Generally, you'd want to concentrate on categorizing combos into the Alpha, lights-meds and heavy weight combos.

When you mix this with ceilings however, you end up with some pretty nasty combos.

Usually, :9::P:(whiff):P: > :3::K: is your usual guaranteed extender. Other funky stuff like :P:(whiff):K: > :3::3_::K: works too. Both will put you at max threshold for a guaranteed :3::3::P: into whatever.

Against the wall, you can simply for :7::K: into either air throw on light and medium weight characters or the blender for heavy characters or the neutral airgrab.

Experiment and see what's good for you.

:4::4::P: setups
You'd usually want to do this after a face-down-feet-towards ground pickup as it always puts you in open stance with an opponent. That is when you can attempt this and get a limbo stun on counter-hit. You can also use this on an opponent in critical stun, because you'd either get a gut crumple stun or a limbo stun and both are pretty good, but the limbo stun is the one that's inescapable and gives you the most rewards with guaranteed launchers.

Here are some example of characters you can use your hit-throw on after the limbo stun:

Wall combos
All you need to do outside of situations like :6::h::+::K: or :6::6::K: is to just do :9::P::K::P:, because it's easy and it does a lot of damage. :6::h::+::K: and :6::6::K: are special cases and :6::6::P::+::K: gives you almost nothing except for a :P::+::K: in some cases.

Now, in situations such as after :6::h::+::K:, you get a :6::K::P: and that's it. After :6::6::K:, you can either go for BT :7::K: if you feel lucky or just a simple :P::P::K:, which should hit 99% of the time. In 5U, there's little point in going for BT :7::K: as the relaunch is not high enough and you can sometimes whiff followups anyway.
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Scramble Stage Combos
Here are some combos you can do in the Scramble stage in 5U. Since the BT :7::K: relaunch is much lower, you'll have to solely rely on :6::P::+::K::K: as it's the only move which has the relaunching capabilities to give you combos which would cause a cliffhanger event.

These combos are done with an open stance:
:6::P::+::K::K: > :3::P: > :3::P: > :3::P: > :41236::h::+::P: (122 DMG) works on lights only.
:6::P::+::K::K: > :3::P: > :3::P: > :3::P: > :6::K::P: (107 DMG) (Lights and Medium weight characters)

Below combos are :alpha: specific, which used to work on most character in DOA5, but no longer do:
:6::6::K: > BT :7::K: > :3::P: > :3::P: > :4::P::P::P: (+110 DMG)
:6::6::K: > BT :7::K: > :3::P: > :8::K: > :4::P::P::P: (Slightly more damage than the one above)

Power-Launcher Combos
Thanks to AiN for making a PL combo video for Bass. Check it out here:

IMO, the optimal combo for lights and medium weight characters would be PL > :8::K: > :3::P: > :8::K: > :41236::h::+::P:. Against wall, :3::P:x3 > :41236::h::+::P: works well too. A :3::P::+::K::h::+::P: is possible, but requires a well-timed :8::K: to gain enough height.
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And as we know, his force tech setups are gone. (correct me if I'm wrong, I tried all I could to find one after knockdown.)

No more guaranteed pickup after :9::P::K::P:,:1::P::P:, or :6::6::P:.

Its odd that :6::6::P: doesn't get pickup anymore. It actually makes it quite useless judging how slow Bass STILL is. Its a slow strike with a normal hit knockdown that gives the opponent a chance to wakeup kick?
Lol. Wow.
I'm really upset the BT standing OH is gone.
Hell I'm upset with Bass overall.

Someone give me something to be happy about with my main. ):

Dang, so none of his moves do a hard knockdown, or is the pick up completely gone?
Only confirmed pickups are:
  • after the second command in Bass's F5 (BT pickup)
  • :6::K::P:
  • :6::h::+::K:
Even so, these knockdowns no longer leave you with considerable frame advantage. Say goodbye to +28.
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BT is listed as an OH in the moves list, but it isn't :/...this is bad

very few guaranteed pick-up options, and none from juggles.

yes, 66P is now useless.

no force tech to speak of.

no speed buffs whatsoever.

44P is a useless tracking mid with no real use in combos that's -9 on block.

he at least has some new 9-10 hit combos, better throw damage, and useful additions in 6P+KK (leads to nice juggle damage), 7PP+K (causes sit down stun), a powerful new air grab (3P+K,H+P)


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he at least has some new 9-10 hit combos, better throw damage, and useful additions in 6P+KK (leads to nice juggle damage), 7PP+K (causes sit down stun), a powerful new air grab (3P+K,H+P)
What's silly about :7::P::P::+::K: is its not a mix-up from :7::P::P: . Both end in mid-punch, so good luck getting that move on a veteran. Bass's moves are so telegraphed as it is.

And I think the throw damage boost is universal. The games damage overall has went up (holds, strikes, and throws), but so has the new default health, sooo.. what was the point of damage boosting?
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Everyone say hello to the second incarnation of Ryona Bass. Abandon ship ye who is not familiar with pain.

I'm updating the OP right now with whatever I can find. I'll keep updating it since I'll be getting the game soon. Might actually find something good? Might be worth going back to DOA4 Bass tactics like using :6::K::K: for FT.

Also, yes :4::4::P: is actually a pretty awesome move when it connects. Even the crumple gut stun from that can guarantee a pickup from any direction. It's slow and unsafe, but it has some magic in it.

He essentially has the same low-mid mixup as TTT2 Heihachi with db+2 and b+2. Instead you now have :1::P: and :4::4::P:
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What's silly about :7::P::P::+::K: is its not a mix-up from :7::P::P: . Both end in mid-punch, so good luck getting that move on a veteran. Bass's moves are so telegraphed as it is.
yes that's quite true, both follow-up options to :7::P: are mid. this is where free-cancelling becomes even more important; first training foes to anticipate the mid, and then punishing/mixing up with HC throws or new strings. eventually they will guess wrong, and you can take advantage of the sit-down stun.

Hahaha, man if you guys knew how godlike that move is.
Everyone say hello to the second incarnation of Ryona Bass. Abandon ship ye who is not familiar with pain.

I'm updating the OP right now with whatever I can find. I'll keep updating it since I'll be getting the game soon. Might actually find something good? Might be worth going back to DOA4 Bass tactics like using :6::K::K: for FT.

Also, yes :4::4::P: is actually a pretty awesome move when it connects. Even the crumple gut stun from that can guarantee a pickup from any direction. It's slow and unsafe, but it has some magic in it.

He essentially has the same low-mid mixup as TTT2 Heihachi with db+2 and b+2. Instead you now have :1::P: and :4::4::P:
you two are highly skilled bass veterans, so i'll take your word on :4::4::P: being useful and try to work with it; the game is brand new and there is much to learn.

my gut tells me doa5u bass is weaker than his doa5 incarnation; his pick-up game has been gutted and the universal nerf to FT hit him especially hard. but. let's keep positive and see what we can do with his new tools...
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Guys, you gotta stop complaining about the loss of guaranteed ground throws.

Here, I made a video for you all to watch. In it you can see I use Bass' option select 2H+P off the 6KP juggles. If they don't tech then I get pickup, if they do tech i'm at advantage due to their tech and the opponent thinks that it's okay to punish with an attack.

You'll also notice my improvement in KBDing.



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Guys, you gotta stop complaining about the loss of guaranteed ground throws.

Here, I made a video for you all to watch. In it you can see I use Bass' option select 2H+P off the 6KP juggles. If they don't tech then I get pickup, if they do tech i'm at advantage due to their tech and the opponent thinks that it's okay to punish with an attack.

You'll also notice my improvement in KBDing.

[Power Shoveling]
Thank you.
I like this tech. Its essentially a win/win. You've made me very happy Sorwah. I couldn't understand the text when you explained this. Kept whiffing the :6::K::P: pickup where it leaves you negative. But now I see near the end of the juggle, the opponent should be near for this tech to work out nicely.
I did notice that if :9::P::K::P: pickup whiffs, you're at disadvantage. Won't be doing that as an ender. Ever.

Matt Ponton

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I did notice that if :9::P::K::P: pickup whiffs, you're at disadvantage. Won't be doing that as an ender. Ever.
right, that's becuase the game has them knocked down for some frames so registers you could ground throw if you're fast enough. Since 6KP and the like have a KND of 0 it doesn't think you're going for it unless it sees they're down. And if they're down long enough to not tech then they'll be picked-up instead.
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Also, just a notice, it seems they increased the range of his :41236::H+P: throw a bit.

________5 _____ 5U
:H+P: 1.99m _ 2.00m
:[H+P]: 1.95m _ 1.82m
:[[H+P]]: 1.72m _ 2.00m

The middle charge has a variance in range. In 5, it could be anywhere from 2.07m to 1.95. It seems to start at 2.06, go up a bit, and then decrease to 1.95 depending on how long you hold it, down to 1.95m if you release it just before :[[H+P]]:

Matt Ponton

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It seems they also significantly reduced the initial frames for fully charged :1::P:+:K:.
Its a lovely high crush as we know.
yes it was lowered by 20 frames. It was 40-80 and now is 40-60 give or take 2 or 3 frames.

I've been using :3::3::P::P: for a combo ender against walls. Seems to be guaranteed pickup after.
Yes it guarantees pickup, even in doa5, frame specific.
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It could just be the guys I have been facing online, but the change around from Day 1 to Day 2 was a real eye-opener for me. I've been using :3: :3: :P: :P: and if they block it, I'm constantly hitting the :41236: :H+P: afterwards. It's not much, but it reminds me a bit of 4 pre-patch.
As for the :4: :4: :P:, and seeing how you used it in the video you posted Wah when you were behind that opponent, I'm trying to adjust my play to use it. Just need a new controller or a stick, because my dash inputs don't seem to be coming out well at all.
it is not you, the buffer system seems more strict, not sure if that was intentional. Bass did get worse but most of his bad matchups those characters got worse as well so he should be in fine in most cases. I have yet to play with this much but in the short time i have i noticed Rachel seems like a force. How does everyone feel about that matchup?

speaking of Bass he has always been the very definition of a press the advantage character, get the stun keep them on the defensive till you win. Sorwah with your discovery of the pickups leaving you at advantage even if they tech this should be easier. after a whiffed pickup :6::K: is your best option for the pixies with 9F jabs for everyone else i guess :6::P:? what are your thoughts

Also is just me or did the whole DOA community get spoiled by force techs and forget how to properly throw punish, this is especially important with Bass as his :6::f+p: leaves them at negative frames and you can start your offence. most videos i see i am almost yelling at the screen "that was unsafe use your 12 frame throw" it seems as if the quality of play dropped from pre 2006 or am i just missing something. Sorwah you are old school like me so i am not talking about you, more of the new blood in the game. Guess that is why the OG's still dominate
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