News Dead or Alive 6 Officially Announced

A lot of us expected to wait additional years for Dead or Alive 6, but today a surprise trailer dropped that is not just some stupid logo tease, but shows actual gameplay! Team NINJA continues to bring out the smoothest graphics and best animation in the world! With DOA5 ending its official lifespan at a partnered EVO event, this could be one of the best years of all time for our community.

Team NINJA's trailer starts off with swords, and serious production quality to let us know how good this is going to be and then the trailer goes into RAMPAGE mode with Hayabusa's "Fatal Rush" Combo activated with the new Special button (H+P+K). You see in this one minute trailer that they are not going to cheap out on the animation. Every punch thrown looks likes it's connecting and you see far less clipping than any Team NINJA game yet. This game is designed to be a masterpiece on DAY 1.

They also appear to be rethinking the wheel with how characters receive environmental damage. The Street level has a crowd watching the fight and they will push the characters back in the fight if they get too close to the wall; like a wrestling lumberjack match. We also see an XRAY type mechanic (could just be Zack's PB) where characters are punched square in the face. How do you guys like the new moves so far? Or how about Kasumi staring off in the distance at the end? That seemed suspicious!

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