DOA6 Hair Thread


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The fact that we have all these women and none of them have a long curly or wavy hair is criminal

I want this as an Alt for Tina

and these for Helena



Also a straight long hair don't look good on or fit Christie imo


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Those would look DOPE, as for Christie hmm. It's a hit and a bit of a miss I see what you're saying. I just think they didn't really style it too well, they cant really figure out what to do with it. If done well I think she'd look mighty fine!

I think something sleek like this would be ideal for christie, it'd fit her down to a T! Smooth, sleek and sexy!View attachment 27634
Yeah something like that would be gorgeous!<3 ear tucks I think are absolutely sexy when it's done with center parted hair or with straight bangs, I hate it with parted left or right bangs tho >.>


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ok a certain picture on here gave me a malware warning xD

(removed quote because that also still gave the malware warning xD)

I hope Phase 4 gets a really unique hairstyle, that would be cool. Like, different colour, different length yadayada.

I just pray there's still more stuff to be revealed yeah
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hold up i been sleepin on this thread, i'm lapping all of this shit up right now come fucking through!!!!
Exactly, you can never go wrong with a middle parting and hair tucked behind ears! I'm not particularly too fond of side partings either, but if it's done right, shit can look *smacks lips together* tasty! lmaoo

Sorry! I pulled that pic from Twitter, not sure why a malware issue popped up for you, apologies o_O

@Leclair going in with the edits as usual, I C U! :cool:
i snappdt with those Edits! INCHES


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Poor Guys :( All about the Girls . Only 2 Costumes and i see nothing new . No Haircuts ect . PP . I just hope they listenend and we see some new Stuff on EVO coming.
So bored about the Girls right now .

I love DOA for the Guys,too and they really do not much for them as it seemed that after 5 it will finally change in DOA 6 but they are going a bad way with them :(
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