News DOA6 Officially Announced for CEO 2019

CEO has confirmed that Dead or Alive 6 will be a part of their main tournament lineup this June in Daytona, Florida. It's recommended to register sooner than later to avoid late fees for the event. You can also contact CEO if you are a local looking to help out at the tournament.

This will be the first time that DOA has appeared at CEO, which is one the largest tournaments in the world, that grows in attendance each and every year. DOA players will have to adjust to fighting their matches in a wrestling ring, and competitors that make it to the finals will get their own entrance with music. When you combine the intensity and the pageantry of CEO with DOA6 and its community, how could you deny that this could be the best showing DOA has ever had?

Xcalibur BladeZ has already confirmed to FSD that he will be competing at the event with an emphatic "hell yeah" months before the registration deadline. He can play as most characters on a professional level, but it will be interesting to see what his next moves are with DOA6. He's already packing an effective Diego as made evident by the beta, and Eliot's additional 'Bear Stance' will give one of his best characters a plethora of effective new options.

FSD also reached out to the founder and CEO of CEO, Alex Jebailey to ask what inspired him to bring DOA6 to this huge event:

I wanted to give the new game a chance, and see if the community will come out and support it! If they show up, it helps everyone and shows the FGC. If not, I can say that I tried. I'm a big fan of DOA, and have played every game in the series.

Jebailey is not only proving Team NINJA's case of making a stronger esport title out of DOA, but he's also challenging the community to make it out to the big one and to take advantage of the opportunity that's been provided. He also asks that locals contact him if they are interested in volunteering with this tournament; a production that can not be done with just competitors alone.

Each main game has a champion with a championship belt, and if the game continues to show up at the event, the champion will put their title on the line. The title is currently vacant for DOA6 as the game has yet to release, so it will be up for grabs by anyone that shows up to fight. You can check out the general rules now, but additional information and rules for CEO will be added after the game officially releases on March 1st.

We provide you the sources and an official discussion for CEO in the forum, but also feel free to explore the official website. The website for CEO is beautifully crafted, and it's easy to navigate and register. We hope for a great turn out at this event, and if anyone has further questions on how to attend please ask away and look forward to upcoming information pertaining to CEO!
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Well this is exciting news. I'll think about going as it may be hard as a lot of the hotels are book up already. It's great to see Jebaliey step up to the plate.
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Yeah this is great news to hear! I still have the image of KBrad coming down as Stone Cold and opening a can of whoop-ass on someone with a Stunner haha. Glad to see Jebailey take a lead and give DOA6 a fair chance. Seeing big promoters do this can only help DOA6's chances at EVO '19's main stage too. Would be the perfect place for someone like Matt Ponton to cosplay as Bass.
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Chicago is far from Florida, but I am playing three of the main games on that roster. DOA, SC6, and Brawlhalla. So, I am tempted to go.
Ya....I have severe anxiety. I'm not even sure how I would handle being in that situation. Though I doubt I'll place so I probably don't have to worry about it.
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