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As if it hasn't been implied enough: NiCO is a villain, and this is confirmed by Shimbori.

She's not being forced to do it, she's doing it because she wants to.:eek::nico::thumbs up:
Had a feeling but that's great news, so that's our 3rd female villain and on the same edge as Christie in which she's doing it of her own volition.
And it further rounds out the villain troupe people thought Nyotengu was going to take a spot beforehand.

Good. We need more actual villains besides Christie. Lisa drove me nuts with her, frankly, confusing motivations.
You and me both. Lisa never made any real damn sense and it feels like not only did Hayashi and Shimbori have no clue on where Lisa fits, but neither did Itagaki.


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I finished the story so I'm just gonna leave my thoughts about it in the spoilers. Please don't read if you haven't finished it xD

The story was so bad... All the battles felt forced and predictable and cutscenes left alot of unanswered questions and plot holes untouched.

:alpha152:- Was that Alpha in the tube or phase?

:ayane:- I felt like the reveal of Honoka being her sister and the build up to it were annoying and anticlimactic, she also doesn't do much during the story at all and that bothered me.

:bass:- Was very forgettable, the only memorable thing he did was fight Brad Wong over ogling his daughter making them drinks which was super out of place and made zero sense.

:bayman:-Same situation, his story presence was forgettable and he doesn't do much besides stop Christie from shooting Marie Rose and knocking her out to carry her off.

:bradwong:-Not special at all. Having drinks with Nyotengu was his biggest moment.

:christie:-Her battles seemed meh but at least she didn't lose all her fights. A lack of a battle with Helena was disappointing and her back to back fights with Nico seemed forced and redundant. She doesn't do anything special.

:diego:-Its great he could enter the tournament without worrying about his ill mother but if it was that easy, then why even make it part of his storyline? It just seemed stupid they threw that away. Also his battle with Jann and how it seemed like they both couldn't come to a victory was cringe too, it's like they didn't want Diego to beat Jann but didn't want Diego to look like a weak link so it wouldn't split the player base...

:eliot:-Had alot of hype for him due to learning Gen Fu's style but once again he doesn't do much in his story besides a few antics and seeming to develop a friendly rivalry with Hitomi. I found him cute on how he was trying to act like a grown man and such but he lost relevance once Hitomi beat him at the tournament.

:hayate:-Was meh, he kept having that Epsilon beam thing triggered on him and it became old after like the 3rd time. He had a nice story redemption by actually being able to hold his own and beat and take down Raidou at the end.

:helena:- Doesn't live up to the hype, she has a big story presence but it lacks impact. The scene with Kokoro was super cringe when she screamed for her not to leave and the ending where she realizes her mother could be revived but she's horrified by that did impact me, but the cliffhanger angle left me wanting more. It was not properly addressed.

:hitomi:- She wasn't all that, she wins 2nd again like always and basically acts like she does in DOA5.

:honoka:- The story focused on her so it was nice to see her interact with the others and she was pretty amusing although she was grating at times. I kinda felt like her story ended on a dark note since she was kidnapped and unconscious when her ordeal finished up.

:jannlee:- His story was initially boring when he kept trying to fight Rig who wasn't even himself in DOA6 but his battle with Leifang and Diego was alright although it lacked impact.

:kasumi:- Sad to say, but Kasumi was pretty irrelevant in the story, she doesn't do much and nothing really new was added for her, even the meeting Phase 4 scene was pretty empty since its apparent in DOA6 that Phase isn't so much a single person more or so than one of many clones which is pretty eerie, it makes it seem like Phase doesn't even exist. The story ending where she teleports away while reminiscing was pretty sad and short, and I'm glad we finally saw that the scene was definitely not aerial gardens. Looking back at the reveal from months ago and comparing it to the ending of the story, it kinda makes me sad that the story ended in this way.

:kokoro:- Doesn't do much, she finally learns that Helena is her sister but she still feels non existent and fights Nico and Helena and Zack for trivial reasons. After that it's as almost like she just disappears.

:lisa:-Glad to see her back but I felt like they could have touched upon her recovery a bit more, Tina calling it "rehab" was lackluster. Her Nico rivalry as well as her helping Helena also could have went deeper and darker but they dropped the ball, I don't even recall her wearing her wrestling attire tbh.

:leifang:- Her story was typical, she gets beat by Jann ultimately, I feel like the story bio she had on the official site where it says she may be developing feelings for him was forgotten since its not really explored much. Her scene with Nyo was awful and didnt fit but im glad TN let her beat Jann at least one time in the beginning.

:marierose:- She was pretty cringe in the story, always getting annoyed at Ayane and never seeming to shut up xD. Even the scene where she all of a sudden cries for Honoka was kinda eh, she didn't really contribute much but in happy Helena did at least reassure her she did her mission well, it seemed like that was planned for Helena to get closer to Nico I believe.

:mila:-It seemed like working at the diner and Bass were her major plot points the whole time, everything else was forgettable.

:cyborg:- The prototypes of him were overdone and I wasn't pleased with him being the final boss although his battle mechanic where he causes the screen to darken did add a darker element to that battle I liked. His character does seem wasted tho since as I thought, he's ultimately killed.

:rig:-He confused me, he's apparently a clone or some thing created but its never really touched upon. One moment he acts normal but later in the story he acts so strange, it's almost like he's a completely new character. I'm guessing since he's apparently not truly human they had to change him a bit so he could act more erratically.

:hayabusa:-Doesn't really do much besides defeat Nyo and help here and there, hes at least however more tolerable and stays in his lane, and he does have a nice ass too...

:tina:- Her storyline where she she forms a sponsored DOA wrestling team I feel was predictable but at least it probably explains the wrestling DLC. Also it's funny that she learned that she's too young to actually be governor xD

:zack:-Was somewhat entertaining, he's involved in quite a few scenes but I feel they forgot to truly make him more serious, but he does behave alot more maturely which I thought was cool.

:phase4:-Her character felt empty, mainly because the story shows that there's not one true phase 4 more or so than multiple entities of the clone which seemed darkly eerie to me. It was disappointing she didn't have a truly genuine meeting with Kasumi where they could have spoke or actually interacted in some shape or form, it seems like Kasumi didn't even get rid of every single one either besides the ones Ryu and Hayate slain.

:nico:- Her scenes were alright, but I still was hoping for more of a story. We know her mom is gone but I wanted to actually find out if Donovan was really her father like I suspected or if her father was truly dead. Her ending scene with Helena was somewhat sad but the petty bitch slaps and comical anger ruined the darker tone of the scene for me.

:nyotengu:- She felt thrown in, like she didn't really have a purpose, her battle with Leifang was unneeded and her battle with Ryu didn't seem as conclusive or serious as the hype for it would have suggested.

Non spoiler wise I give the story a 4.8/10, it touched and revealed some good interesting points but failed to actually have satisfying conclusions and really give what the trailers suggested would be a solid story. It overall felt really rushed and low budget, almost like how the Tekken 7 story was. It was Also repetitive on how they fought in the same stages multiple times but I did like the slight different variations and slight musical changes.
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No I watched the whole story already tho on YT xD
:eek: Why would you spoil yourself like that? Granted, I'm playing Far cry new dawn this week and knew about the fates of some characters before I started playing but I avoided watching any videos that showed most of the story so I could experience it myself.

The most of the DOA6 story I've watched so far are just the opening cutscenes.


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Same! I'm paying for the game so I don't want anything spoiled ahead of time. IMO Shack News is desperate, but people were told not to post the story ahead of time, but I guess they either have special privileges or they just didn't listen. Of course it doesn't help that Team NINJA doesn't know what they are doing from a marketing perspective... they probably think it's "more eyes on the game."


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Same! I'm paying for the game so I don't want anything spoiled ahead of time. IMO Shack News is desperate, but people were told not to post the story ahead of time, but I guess they either have special privileges or they just didn't listen. Of course it doesn't help that Team NINJA doesn't know what they are doing from a marketing perspective.
They’re not supposed to have it up now since if you look deep enough in the comments, there’s one from MASTER telling them to delete the video loool
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