DOA6 Story general

As if it hasn't been implied enough: NiCO is a villain, and this is confirmed by Shimbori.

She's not being forced to do it, she's doing it because she wants to.:eek::nico::thumbs up:
Had a feeling but that's great news, so that's our 3rd female villain and on the same edge as Christie in which she's doing it of her own volition.
And it further rounds out the villain troupe people thought Nyotengu was going to take a spot beforehand.

Good. We need more actual villains besides Christie. Lisa drove me nuts with her, frankly, confusing motivations.
You and me both. Lisa never made any real damn sense and it feels like not only did Hayashi and Shimbori have no clue on where Lisa fits, but neither did Itagaki.
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