News First DOA6 Tournament August 4th at EVO 18

August 3rd-4th will be historical days for the Dead or Alive community as we officially see the franchise return to EVO, but Team NINJA is also going to launch the first DOA6 tournament (which I speculated correctly in my last post) that will likely be considered mini because of the small character list announced so far. You can register for this event at Team NINJA's booth. If you are going to be home for the excitement you can watch this blockbuster premier at Team NINJA's Dead or Alive Twitch Channel.

No one predicted all of this madness, but here we are over a month into DOA6's startup and the registration for the DOA5 tournament has closed with 159 entrants. Despite the short notice, there will be International players like Teru Rock and JC Akira, who have worked hard to get this event. It'll probably be a long weekend for some with this Pacific Time schedule.

Not all of the details have been released on Team NINJA's official site, but we have no idea if they are bringing in extra characters to the mini tournament build, if they did it would be a major announcement and surprise to The Showdown. Who would you like to see announced next? Will your favorite character already be available for the tournament?

With a lot of hype, controversy and buildup, it seems a great deal of things will come to light at EVO this weekend... with big players getting a hold of the game and the possibility of more news. Hope to see you there, this one is definitely going to be worth the wait!
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Good luck to the participants! Hope y'all can give us the viewers some good time :D

As for EVO itself, I'm really hoping Team Ninja gives some more info about DOA6, whether is more character/stage reveals, the introduction of the newcomers or just more details about modes/progress in the game. I'll take whatever it is, I just need a new dose of DOA6 info, please TN!!!
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