dead or alive 5

  1. Lorenzo Buti

    Costume The Kisugi Sisters from Cat’s Eye in Dead or Alive 5

    Presenting the Kisugi Sisters also known as Cat’s Eye in their Dead or Alive Style!!! We’ve got Kasumi as Hitomi Kisugi, Ayane as Ai Kisugi, and Momiji as Rui Kisugi!! Mod created by segadordlinks
  2. Lorenzo Buti

    Costume Helena Douglas as Cindy/Dr. Z from Golgo 13: The Professional

    Here is this interesting Dead or Alive 5 Mod for Helena Douglas cosplaying as Cindy AKA Dr. Z from the early 80s anime film, Golgo 13 The Professional. Originally this mod was created for me by funnybunny666 which unfortunately could not get the bottom separate part of the dress to move. So for...
  3. IvynLing

    Costume Showstopper Bass

    Hello, it's Ivynling again, sorry for bothering you guys. I just wanna show my first mod: Showtopper Bass. I was going to make a Kevin Nash Cosplay, but I decided to make this one instead, it's just a basic re-texture (but dealing with alpha channel and normal map was a pain in the a** tho.), I...
  4. deathofaninja

    DOA5LR BBoy Dragon Defeats the Competition at Summer Jam XII

    13413 The Dead or Alive 5: Last Round tournament at Summer Jam was a complete event with a surprise IRL stream from @Dragon Ninja, incredible matches from everyone in attendance, and a big win for @Bboy Dragon. @Ichiron47 came close to winning SJ, and successfully reset the Grand Final, but...
  5. deathofaninja

    Community Rikuto's EVO 2018 Experience

    @Rikuto and the rest of the community put on some of the best fights we've ever seen in DOA history that not only told a six year story in the making, but showed us passion and dedication that alone defines Team NINJA's reasoning for putting more emphasis on gameplay. This incredibly detailed...
  6. deathofaninja

    News First DOA6 Tournament August 4th at EVO 18

    August 3rd-4th will be historical days for the Dead or Alive community as we officially see the franchise return to EVO, but Team NINJA is also going to launch the first DOA6 tournament (which I speculated correctly in my last post) that will likely be considered mini because of the small...
  7. Kinnikuman3

    Mila's english voice actresses

    Hi there nice to meet you all, Big Mila fan here and a Fan of DoA for sometime. I have been trying to find out who her English voice actresses but I have found nothing, so does anyone know who it is? Or is it one Life's Little Mysteries, any help would be great. again nice to meat you all, and...
  8. deathofaninja

    Community My... My... Another Summer Jam Approaches!

    Summer Jam was one of the kick-starters of DOA5's offline tournament scene, and this year the DOA community plans to put their skills to the test again in 2018 while also proving to Team NINJA that we are ready and passionate for Dead or Alive 6. Big E Gaming has been so good to our community...
  9. deathofaninja

    Battle Royal Top 8 Live Stream and Moments from Pools

    Top 8 will be streamed via Bifuteki at 1 pm est Sunday Top 8 - Killy, Bladez, Jager, Rojikku, GHP Guy, Kwiggle, Sonic Fox and Matt Ponton These highlights are from yesterday's pools. The annual Summer event is just getting started, but already we have a wide array of moments that capture great...
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