Koei Tecmo Dropped the Ball Hard with Recent DLC

It's time for the Dead or Alive community to bear arms against Koei-Tecmo for the absurd implementation of leasing hair colors through exchange of REAL money through the currency of 'Premium Tickets' exclusively on the PlayStation 4 console. As it stands thousands of people have expressed their disdain for the hair renting feature and with very little care or concern from Koei Tecmo games. Today we have received an extremely deceitful ticket response to a customer from Koei Tecmo games and it appears that KT gives not one damn about the feedback they have received.

If you decide to continue reading this story. You will be disturbed. You will see Koei Tecmo for who they really are. Hell you might even cry.

For this particular situation DO NOT blame Team NINJA or Master. With the proof we have now this is definitely the doing of the big wigs at Koei Tecmo games, and their response was to undermine the customer's intelligence and play stupid with the situation assuming their fans will eventually shut up and take it like they always do. They even gave the customer a DEAD-LINE for how much longer they could complain about the ticket situation before this player's feedback would be completely shut down. Since this issue has yet to be reported to the mainstream press Koei Tecmo is actually bullying & deceiving the people that support this game and seeing them only as a number and not one of their fighters.


Koei Tecmo also admits in this disgusting response that the feature was never a bug, and that they intended to keep it this way despite the fan OUTBURST on social media. Despite EVERY OTHER FIGHTING GAME HAVING THIS OPTION FOR FREE. Unless we continue to raise our voices they are going to plow fans over. Please players for the sake of this community, for the sake of keeping it alive we implore you to submit a ticket to Koei Tecmo expressing your anger for this money draining feature.

As many players have mentioned you can implement hair colors into the PC version for free after jumping through a few loop holes, and in the face of that it wouldn't surprise players if Koei Tecmo put a stop to PC modders so that they can protect the moral integrity of their scam - the problem for them there is the modders I've talked to don't think Koei Tecmo is smart enough to find a way to stop it.

If you explore the comments section of this Tweet you will quickly see that not one single person is into this idea or wants to pay for the coloring options, but some in general are actually willing to pay one dollar (or ticket) per color which would still give Team NINJA an outrageous 16 dollars per player if we were just allowed to keep each color across the board for all characters.

This feature is so tacked on so, so immoral and wrong that even players that normally defend DOA at every turn are going nuts. We must sound off on these issues before the imbecile big wigs at Koei-Tecmo continues to rip us all off for everything we are worth. I've never seen Matt Ponton, the creator of FSD, this furious and he has been supporting Dead or Alive longer than any of us.

This is not fair... this is not right and the only way we can defeat this from getting MUCH worse in the future is rally as a community to take these big wig con artists out at Koei Tecmo once and for all. Remember how PS4 players were required to download Season Passes in the beginning and couldn't individually download? This reason was to bamboozle the biggest player pool for the launch of the game, and the releasing hair colors first on PS4 is proof of that.

Do not support this color scheme scam unless you want a completely fucked game in the future where all DOA is is the SIMS or MAPLE STORY or an MMO.
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Sigh, what took you so long? X.x
Anywho, there must be some way for KT to listen to us fans without using middle men. If you guys have any ideas, I m all ears. We can point fingers at each other but that would lead us nowhere. We should put our minds together to come up with a solution. Otherwise, its an infinite dust loop of poor decisions from KT. There wont be anyone attracted to play the game either.
With over $118 million in profit forcasted for the 2019 fiscal year, you'd think KT could spare some change for DOA's proper development (you know, the mechanics, the roster, the stages, the overall optimization of the game on console), but KT doesn't give a shit about this game's success; just make it as cheap as possible, as barebones as possible and milk dry the wankers that buy their dog shit overpriced DLC and if it works, great, if not, fuck it.

I could swallow even the leasing of hair colors if they'd show they put real effort and financial resources into this game to have a quality product. But them neglecting all the important aspects while trying to squeeze in every way possible more money from the players, well KT can fuck right off.
You guys know the Laughing Spanish Man meme, right? Can anyone who's good at editing make a video with Koei Tecmo and DOA6? You know, where some KT big wig is laughing his ass off at how they are robbing loyal DOA fans blind?

The man starts laughing like a mad man at 4:38.
and I oop-

At this point KT is saying, we did it, we don't care, eventually yall will shut up and be okay with it.

Whats the communities response? Yall gonna keep playing DOA6 acting like this is okay?
I think people voicing their criticism is the way to go but I don't think the way most are going at it by literally being vile with their retorts and stuff at them is the way to do it tbh, there's a way to keep it professional that I think will work. I think not buying the colors and not supporting it should hopefully make them 360 and fix their business practices xD
If this is our chance to get rid of these uncreative overpriced Season Passes and to request meaningful enhancements, then let's do it together. Let's keep up with the bad publicity (do it in your own language as well and stay polite please).
@deathofaninja Like what Gill Hustle and me mentioned on the FB. Hopefully more than just hair colors though, lots of stuff has to get changed. I'd like to think the whole hair color thing situation to be the stepping stone to getting the game on it's improvements. Otherwise people would go quiet again and only rise up if it's something that" fits them" rather than what the game really needs. Your post is professional enough so it was good.

I already see people (mostly the competitors) adding to their messages regarding it's sidestep, jesus christ. If more people do this, DOA community being real fighters right now instead of succumbing to KT's embrace. Loving the support you guys. Make it happen and will definitely try to spread the game at Next Level in NY.
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Koei Tecmo legitimately sucks and has come to nickle and dime everyone of their fan bases...so this comes as 0 surprise...but interesting this the one that broke the camel's back
I sent a long twitter thread to Jim Sterling that explains the whole situation. Make sure to point out the aspects that appeal to who you’re talking to. This matter, which concerns dlc practices, is perfect for people like Jim, so keep at it. It may just be tilting at windmills, but KT deserves every call out. Maybe we’ll at least keep some people from falling into the whale trap.
Mainstream journalists are beginning to shine light on Koei Tecmo's corrupt business practices. Good job community. We are finally starting to create some impact on this subtle scandal targeted at a small passionate community that generously supports the game.