A couple of months ago prior to DOA6's release, Team Ninja announced that Mai Shiranui and another guest character from The King of Fighters series would be joining the roster. It was later to be revealed that K' Team's own Ice Doll, Kula Diamond, would be the latest guest character joining the fray alongside with Mai in the latest DLC trailer for DOA6.

Mai needs no introduction. She retains most of her signature moves that were featured in DOA5 Last Round, along with additional new moves taken from KOF14 such as her Climax Super Special Move, Shiranui-Ryuu Ougi Kunoichi. Kula brings the uniqueness to the roster with her ice-based attacks that can freeze her opponents during combos, making it the first in the series to utilize ice elements in DOA.

Version 1.06 patch is the latest patch that coincides with the latest DLC release. There are several changes that were made to the game aside from the usual character changes and bug fixes for certain stages. For instance, Lobby Matches now have a Rematch menu after the end of each match, and the random stage selection has been improved to ensure that players wouldn't play on the same stage more than once.

In addition to the release of Mai & Kula release, Team Ninja provided more information for the Arcade release of DOA6 earlier today on Twitter. Here's what we learned so far about the upcoming Location Tests:
  • The Location Test will be taking place in three different locations in Tokyo on 6/19 (Originally on 6/18, but was delayed due to issues).
  • The game will be run under SEGA All.Net P-ras MULTI Version 3.
  • It will be based on the 1.06 update from the console version.
  • Gamepad support (Unknown if it's possible to map button layout)
  • Network Matches
  • Save data from the console version will be carried over to the game via aIMe. (Needs proper translation)
The second part of the tweet provided the following that will not appear in the test:
  • Mai and Kula will not be playable in this build
  • Player Data
  • In-Game Currency
The fifth and final DLC of the first Season Pass is now available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC alongside with the Version 1.06 update. You can also purchase The King of Fighters Mashup Set separately for $30, containing the characters and debut costumes, alongside with their own options for Story and Quest modes.

Team Ninja knew how to render ice back in DOA2U. They somehow forget that when they introduced an ice based character.

Kula is unfinished compared to Mai
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