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most likely from frozen HD video footage ... its not the game uploader (no logos)
I did the same for my old tutorials .. got some nice pics .. might as well share a few when I get the chance since the series is done. :)
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How are you guys getting such high quality pics? Is it from the uploader in game?
I have a capture card (Elgato Game Capture HD). I just take the picture in-game, then look at it in the in-game photo viewer, record a short (4 sec or so) video and take a screenshot.

Speaking of which, my uploads have been looking like crap recently though they look fine on my machine. I have to wonder if Youtube is using some sort of new compression 'cause HD don't look like HD no more.
I make high resolution screen shots and currently have over a thousand shots in my gallery. I posted a link to my gallery a few weeks back in the casual thread but this seems like a little more appropriate place so I will post it again. This is the link to the gallery.

They are all stored on SkyDrive for easily perusing and downloading. Just remember if you do want to see the full resolution of any picture you do have to download it or press the view original button.

I will post a few of my favorites here as examples of my work.


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Wow, that Helena one is really stunning! Do you think you could try and take a similar picture except with her hair in a ponytail and her red variation of her C1 (her C4)?
I actually did (with her ponytail) but then didn't save it, because up close the ponytail hair textures look really bad. I do not know, why Team Ninja did that. Eliot's default hair looks horrible up close too. Though fortunately not his new wig. XD

I love the lighting in the desert stage! Here's some more pics:

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