The Dead Or Alive Meme & Gif Thread


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Marie Rose: Muahahaha, my SSA is the ultimate. Go ahead, abare as you will! I will not lower gameplay standards to yo-

-Anime gasp-

Marie Rose: N-nani!?

Opponent: You fell into my trap. You are out of meter Marie JoJo. My immense mash of strings that do not track will continue to track for as long I continue to tap the buttons regardless of the rules! - next you'll say, "My sidestep attack costs meter!?"

Marie Rose: My sidestep attack costs meter!? (anime gasp!)

Opponent: Ah yes Marie JoJo, 1.05 update of even more bad ideas will take priority over the old update of bad ideas. Prepare yourself for I too will lower my IQ!

Marie Rose: W-What can I do? I can call TN JoJo for their help, but will they pick up the message in time before the match ends? time is running out and it's only 12 seconds in the clock! it's not enough time and my back is to the wall. I have to think of something fast before it's too late!


- Marie Rose's Bizarre Adventures: SSA Tendency
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