System the "Free Step Cancel" bug info gathering

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DOA5 has an obscure game-breaking glitch which lets you completely negate the recovery of many moves. I have gathered all the footage scattered around the internet I could find here.

According to @Mr. Wah, Team Ninja is aware of the bug, but even they don't exactly know how it works:
Ah, Shimbori told me something about this glitch awhile ago but said they weren't 100% sure how it happens. It has to do with the Free Step system as best they can figure, and I couldn't tell if he knew it as a specific to Ayane, any character, or any move. They called it a "Free Step Cancel". "Some moves can be canceled by use of free-step." is what he told me back in the day. But I was never able to reproduce it.

This is some good footage of the bug, with inputs history and move details, recorded by @Gurimmjaw

This one by hiyamame is also very good. One of the twitter comments says:
It doesn't seem like it's because it's cancelled after you put it in the queue. This is an H-push before putting it in, but it is believed that the behavior of the H press is suspicious because it looks like it is turning into an H, while turning it around.

Alucardo's comment:
well I don't know apparently I've canceled 8k+h with 8kkk but I don' know how ah ah
1:17:44 -

Nestor's comment:
its a glitch only insofar as its starting up too fast but when you free cancel after 2H+K (on hit block or whiff) you're crouching so, you can activate WRK with a simple press of K, no directional inputs needed. on hit it's a nice little frame trap, 2H+K will somewhat reliably give you enough + frames to land WRK against even an 11 frame mid if the opponent tries to strike at disadvantage
2:36 -

@Rath_Aus' comment:
(BT) H66 > 8h+kkkk

@DestructionBomb's comment:
Move details said the move was 2 (1) 6 and advantage at +255 lol.

Recorded by @AlexXsWx:
ROON says he was trying to do 2h+k p.
official steam version 1.10C

@iHajinShinobi seems to be the most consistent at it.
I just did the same thing in DOA5 Plus as well.

Dear lab monsters, let's catch this bug once and for all.
If anyone succeeds to reproduce it on PC with a keyboard using the proper key recording program, JUST ONCE, in theory we should be able to do it forever consistently 100% of the times, to study it better. I didn't even manage pull it off once myself, but it has been confirmed working on PC.
These are the recording tools I would recommend for such task, I tested these myself, just pick one:
X-Macro Recorder v2.1 (from
1) F7 to start recording
2) do the bug with a keyboard
3) F7 to stop
4) click the ">>AHK" button to export the file, share it here

Pulover's Macro Creator
1) Ctrl+R
2) F9 to record
3) do the bug
4) F9 to stop recording
5) File -> Export to AHK -> Export and share the script here
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