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Welcome to This Week at FSD, a new highlight story each week that will be dedicated to the activities of the community and Team NINJA news. For those that would like to catch up with everything going on at once, see this as your Sunday paper. This week, FSD dissects the Gamescom build, community contributions and some news pertaining to Summer Jam XII this weekend.

Offline Tournament News

Despite low attendance this year, and no planned stream for Summer Jam XII, the tournament will still be taking place this Saturday for Dead or Alive 5: Last Round. @XcaliburBladeZ will be there to defend his title, and other big talents like @Jager, @BBoyDragon and @Gruff757 plan to take it away from him. @NoctTengu has also been moving up in the brackets with a technically sound Nyo-Tengu that came quite close to defeating @Kwiggle in pools last year. Hopefully a tournament fighter or attendee will be able to record some footage for DOA5s offline tournament history.

Team NINJA's last official tournament may have been EVO, but Dead or Alive 5 will continue to live as long as the offline players decide to keep it that way. There is excitement for the next installment, but the fact that DOA5 continues to bring in dedicated players speaks volume not just for the game, but demonstrates the importance of having more than just hype to keep a video game alive. DOA5 will be making another appearance at NEC 19 and FSD will keep you updated on NEC as more news and announcements come in for the event.

Not everyone made it to EVO because of shorter than usual notice, but it was also the most successful tournament to date because community passion came through at the event. Team NINJA put on an awesome show, the matches showcased a high level of skill, despite even making it to Las Vegas on time for some fighters being a sincere challenge. Rikuto did a great job of breaking his experience down during his FreeStepDodge Interview. This is a lengthy but engaging interview, so set aside some time to listen.

Dead or Alive 6 News

There were a lot of different interviews that came out of Gamescom this year from: Famitsu, IGN, 4Gamer and more. After winning a wide assortment of awards at E3 in North America, Team NINJA continues by winning more in Europe from DualShockers including: Best Fighting and Best Competitive game for their work on Dead or Alive 6. With TGS next month, and more news likely, one would not be wrong to expect that global success to continue.

These interviews give bits of new information and whet our appetites for more as players begin to see some of their questions disappear. From a less mechanical standpoint there will be a blood toggle for those who may not want to see it. Another bit that may be of interest to players is that classic costumes will indeed return! Classic Kasumi and Leifang outfits have been shown!

Team NINJA has also shown us a build that includes Leifang, Hitomi, General Changes, and a new stage, Forbidden Fortune. These changes were organized well in our system discussion for DOA6 by @just_me. You can also find some Jann Lee changes in a short clip analyzed by @crapoZK. FSD breaks down Forbidden Fortune in our reveal story, and this pirate ship is likely to be a favorite as it utilizes some of the most fun parts of DOAs environment game and even tells a story in the process as the ship breaks apart and falls down a ravine into a cavern.

The Famitsu interview also details that DOA6 will be playable for the first time in Japan at the Tokyo Game Show in September. Shimbori also plans to show an updated version of the game at this event. Team NINJA's modus operandi for reveals so far seems to be to show some new mechanics and game progress along with a few characters, so we'll see if that continues here. He also announces in the IGN interview that not even half of the character roster has been revealed, which would mean there are more than 20 characters planned for DOA6.

Community Contributions

Talent comes in many different forms, and there are pieces of artwork posted in the community art thread that not only look next level incredible, but are reflective to the timeline of the DOA6 design process. The Diego vs Rig set by @axouel2009 represents the raw intensity of what Team NINJA's new game is all about. @Battlecat396 has fun celebrating the new reveal with a cute art piece that shows off the spunk of Team Cabbage!

The current DOA6 build is early in development, but it doesn't mean that long-time players will not have a watching eye on it every step of the way. If there is something a fighter does not understand now is the time to express those concerns even if some mechanics like the meter and break blow are here to stay. Brute's opinion piece is well written, and it's an honest collection of observations for almost everything currently announced.

Flashback Match - Rikuto vs Teru Rock NECXVII

@Rikuto and @Teru Rock now have a history of extremely intense fights, and the fluidity and exchanges these two have paint a picture of DOAs complexity for anyone watching. You can see just how good they are, and that they understand each other despite how little experience they had playing one another offline. Their battle continued at this year's EVO Showdown where they show us again how important and magical International fights have become.
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