Thoughts on DOA6 logo


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hey I just joined,
don't see this anywhere so how do you all feel about the doa 6 logo?
looks cool but was kinda hoping for a new color or something more different from 5.
like purple, purple is nice



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The 6 looking like an upside down e will probably annoy for until DoA7 comes out lol.
Pretty sure that’s a hint at the story and Project Epsilon. Hayate also had Phase-4’s trail effect in the trailer when fighting Hayabusa. And yknow, why else would these two be fighting canonically?

Maybe Ayane’s clone will be the boss in 7 and they could make that logo purple for the op.


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The logo is alright, it's not very detailed but it's not extra either. It's like other games logos where its simple yet iconic, it doesn't need all those extra bells and whistles
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