Characters What do you think of your Main's Costumes?


Main Character

C1) Rarely used
C2) Love this one a lot!
C3) I use this one occasionally.
C4) I never use this outfit.
C5) I love that outfit along with Costume 2. However, I disapprove of the apron.
C6) I never use it. I disapprove of the towel.
C7) Never used.
C8) I use this outfit sometimes.
C9) I don't use this costume.
C10) Nope, I never use that outfit.
C11) The biker outfit looks cool on her. It's one of my favorites.
C12) I never use that outfit.
C13) I never use that outfit.
C14) Only used for summer.
C15) Only used for summer.
C16) Only used for Christmas.
C17) Never use it.
C22) I don't use that.
C24) Only used for winter.
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