Characters What do you think of your Main's Costumes?

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RRPA Milana X
I'm so limited on colors I would be willing to buy more just to see something different. Green, red, blue, purple... and that's it.
Same. Although my avatar is strawberry, i often go with grape or apple (especially trolling players when Desert Wasteland shows up via random in ranked or I have stage pick in lobbies! "I can barely see her! Stay in the shade!" )

How many different colors though? I mean, she is naked, ya know? Wonder what she'd be like if they did dress her. If Kasumi had a nude "mod ..." make a clothing one for :alpha152:


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C1 - Blue Coat
A great creation from Team Ninja. I really like it : it's flowy, totally suits her fighting style and her personality.
C2 - Blue Catsuit
Helena's most famous costume, but with low textures. I still like it though.
C3 - White Blouse
Another great creation from Team Ninja. I like the details on the back.
C4 - Red Coat
A recolor. I wish it were even more burgundy. A turquoise recolor would have been good too.
C5 - Chinese Dress
That chinese dress was better in DOA2U. Here it looks rubbery.
C6 - DOATEC Sheriff
As odd as it seems, I like it. She just needs a baton on her hips. She looks badass. It suits her.
C7 - Opera Jacket
My favourite costume in the serie. The lace on her cleavage could be more detailed.
C8 - Lei Fang's Dress
Another swap. It suits her, but I feel bad for Lei Fang. Her DOAD silver dress should replace it.
C9 - Tina's Leotard
Here again, it suits her. I don't know what to think about it...
C10/C11 - White/Black Rabbit
It's funny but not necessary. Every girl should have had their own animal..
C12 - Rusty Nail
My favourite swimsuit. It's classy and sexy.
C13 - Rob Roy
Interesting choice. Looks more like some lingerie, but I like it because it fits her bow.
C14/15 - Santa/Cheerleader Costume
Even though it's not very original, everything fits Helena.
C16 - Bronx Bikini
Not a bad choice, but her most boring swimsuit in the collection. Looks vintage.
C17 - Godfather
She's like a slutty mermaid. I only use it against special opponents.
C18 - Pop Idol
She reminds me of Lady Gaga. Could have been more detailed..
C19 - French Professor
Nice choice, it's just perfect for her.
C20 - White Tennis
A bit boring. The movement of the dress is nice when she does her Power Launcher though.
C21 - Succubus
An audacious choice, but I like it. It fits her for some reason. I love the details.
C22 - Greek Dress
Best DLC ever. The dress could be more flowy but.. finally!
C23 - Orange Sarong
Interesting choice. Could be more flowy. Not sure about the color...
C24 - Gym/Nurse Costume
A bit boring, but... oh well..
C25 - Black Towel
I like the slippers... No really, this costume is very glitchy.. Eww..

The default costumes Helena should have in DOA6.

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Well, let's join in the fun.

C1: The iconic Momiji outfit, mixing traditional DOA ninja garb with the colors of the traditional miko. Balances sex appeal with combat practicality, but nothing too special, either. 8/10.
C2: Ascetic White, her costume from NG: Dragon Sword minus the mask. Easily her most conservative outfit. Pairs up nicely with Ryu's C2. The armor's a nice touch, too. 6.5/10.
C3: Hidden Black Flower, her playable default from Razor's Edge. Obviously stole design cues from the Legendary Black Falcon. Not bad, but feels inferior to the LBF and Kasumi's C3. Still, hits a fetish or two of mine. 7/10.
C4: NGS2+ Miko dress... er, 'dress'. A bit too slutty for my tastes, but it has grown on me a bit. 6/10.
C5: Stolen bikini from Hitomi. At least it's not floss. Colors match well, works with glasses. 6/10.
C6: Pop idol costume. I really wish her and Mila had traded spots between Team A and Team O. Still, she looks nice and it works with glasses. 7/10.
C7: Schoolgirl outfit. Completely unremarkable. 5/10.
C8: Tennis uniform. Better than C7, at least. Glasses make it better. 5.5/10.
C9: WO3 Sanzang costume. It looks pretty, but I think either Shang Xiang, Yueying, or Zhenji would have been better. 6/10.
C10: Mummiji. My least favorite of the Hallowe'en set, and my least favorite costume of hers. 2/10.
C11: Casual costume. I like it a lot. It balances cute, sexy and casual, and works so well with glasses. 8/10.
C12: Santa dress. Nothing fancy, nothing great. At least it's all in her colors. Glasses make it a 6/10.
C13: Razor's Edge "Hot Police" outfit. Such a weirdly effective costume. Again, glasses just make it better. 9/10.
C14: White one-piece swimsuit. My preferred swimsuit. Glasses optional. 6.5/10.
C15: Yaiba bikini. Tacky, silly, not really good at all. 4/10.
C16: Cheerleader uniform. Actually, not too bad. The concept at least works with her double-jump shenanigans. 6.5/10.
C17: Bloomers fetish wear. Not impressed. Would rather have bike shorts. 5/10.
C18: Nurse outfit. Works if you remember she has some healing abilities in NG, and her win poses compliment the 'kind nurse' look. Glasses are a must. 6.5/10.
C19: ... what the hell? Still better than C10. 4/10.
C20: 'The morning after'. Much as I'd rather she got actual PJs or a sleeping kimono... I don't hate it. Maybe it's the winpose smiles. Or the stretching taunt that make it better. Okay, I actually like it. 6/10.

Most used in battle: C13, C11, C3.

Please note that there are always sunglasses. ALWAYS.

C1: The Ein classic. It just doesn't get better. 10/10.
C2: The Gi. I wish he had hand wraps, but not bad at all. 8/10.
C3: Red leather pants. Ein's worst costume, IMO. 5/10.
C4: Devil Ein. I get that TN was likely aiming to have him be the devil to Hayate and Hitomi's angels, but it's also a rather obvious jab at Tekken. Whatever, Ein actually rocks the look. 7/10.
C5: Casual costume. Further proof that Ein is the real fanservice guy of DOA. Still, it could be worse. 8/10.
C6: Deathfist Santa, out to punch out the naughty kids. At least it came in black. 6.5/10.

Most used in battle: C1, C2, C5.

C1: The Legendary Black Falcon, version 3. Still the emblem of stoic badassery this franchise deserves. 9/10.
C2: The classic ninja garb. Not horrible, but it lacks the flair that Hayabusa has in the current generation (i.e. Not Super Ninja-y enough). 6.5/10.
C3: Jou Hayabusa's armor. Not bad, but if it's going to be in the game, I'd rather it was on Jou himself. 7/10.
C4: The Dragon Muscle/NGB-clone suit. This is such a guilty pleasure of mine. It hearkens back to my childhood days of watching Power Rangers. Should be 8/10, but 9/10.
C5: Training dummy costume. So bland. Worst costume IMO. 3/10.
C6: Spirit of the Fighter. I got a real kick out of this at the start, but it's faded into the pools of mediocrity. 7/10.
C7: Epigonos. Again, got a kick out of it on release, but I like the C4 so much more. 6.5/10.
C8: MMA shorts. Tied with Rig's for best of the Fighter set, but feels weird with the mask. 5/10.
C9: Santa the Christmas Ninja. Again, I love this costume too much for what it is. 7.5/10.
C10: Mummybusa. I saw this coming from a mile away, and I still use it when screwing around with my casual-gaming friends. Still better than Momiji's. 5/10.
C11: The Legacy outfit. The only maskless outfit in DOA5U. Definitely worth the hype and the up-res. 9/10.
C12: The Yaiba DLC. C1 with zombies. 'Nuff said. 6/10.

Most used in battle: C1, C4, C11.

Marie Rose
C1: The dress. Solid, but not C4. 8/10.
C2: The blue... *consults the wiki* battlesuit. Proof that TN's costume dept. is on acid. 6/10.
C3: C2 in monochrome. Must be good acid. 6/10.
C4: C1 with a collar and shawl. It's amazing how a little tweak makes a costume so much better. 10/10.
C5: School uniform. The punkish look works for her. Best of her debut set. 9/10.
C6: Santa dress. Eh. 5/10.
C7: Nurse uniform. Eh. 5/10.
C8: Bloomers. Eh. Suits her more than 90% of the other girls. 5/10.
C9: Cheerleader. Not bad. The pompoms are a nice addition. 7/10.
C10: Bloomers with jacket. Not great, but it beats C8. 6/10.
C11: Overalls. Best of the overalls set. Not bad overall (hyuk hyuk hyuk). 7/10.
C12: Nightgown. Again, best of the set. Good costume in general. 8/10.

Most used in battle: C4, C5.


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I have MANY Main characters, but I'll give my opinion on my 3 best Characters' costumes.

C1) American bra with damaged jeans. I don't really care for it, but I like it. I hardly ever use it, though. 4/10
C2) Casual wear. Without the hat, I love it! 7/10
C3) Wrestling outfit. Her best in-game costume by far. I find myself using this one even though I have most of her DLC costumes as well. 10/10
C4) Kind of casual red outfit, I guess.. I really like this costume as well, it looks amazing, and I use it a lot. Red is also one of my favorite colors. 10/10
C5) Wrestling costume V2. Just like C3, I love this costume. I love the colors in this one as well. 10/10
C6) Kind of casual V2, lol. Just like C4, I love it. Blue is my favorite color, and the silver-ish color looks great too. 10/10
C7) American-themed one-piece swimsuit. I love this swimsuit. I spent quite some time to unlock it in Ultimate. 10/10
C8) Old DOA2 costume. Another great one, I love this! 10/10
C9) DOATECH costume. It's OK, but far from one of my "favorites". 6/10
C10) Another Wrestling outfit, but far from as good-looking as C3 and C5. Still like it. 4/10
C11) Slutty office worker.. ? I don't like this. It's that simple. 0/10
C12) Black kitty costume. I like this a lot, actually. Still not my favorite. 9/10
C13) White bunny bikini costume. Don't like it, but my "random costume"-pick LOVES it! -_- 0/10
C14) Black bunny bikini costume. Hate it, but my "random costume"-pick loves this one too. 0/10
C15) Another American-themed swimsuit, two-pieced this time. I like it. 8/10
C16) Same base as C7, but with awkward colors. I like it, but not as much as I like C7. 6/10
C17) Santa-themed costume. I like it, but I feel weird using this in any other month than December. Therefore, I did not buy it. 4/10
C18) Cheerleader costume. I like the colors, and I also love pretty much all the cheerleader costumes. 9/10
C19) Snakeskin version of C7/C16. I love this swimsuit, actually. 9/10
C20) "Ultimate Sexy"-racer costume. I really, really like it. 10/10
C21) The "Pop Idol" costumes are some of my favorites, for any character. Tina's is no exception. 10/10
C22) School uniform costume. I love this one! 10/10
C23) Football uniform. I hate football, but I love this costume. 10/10
C24) OLD Halloween costume, "Little Red Riding Hood". Never bought this, because I really did not like it. 2/10
C25) Legacy costume, from DOA2. I. Love. This. Costume! 10/10
C26) White bikini with some sort of transparent silk or whatever in the back. I love this! My favorite Tina-bikini. 10/10
C27) Gym uniform with the nametag on the t-shirt. The only character I like this costume on is Marie Rose. 1/10
C28) Nurse costume. I like this, but I never bought it... I might do some day, though. 6/10
C29) Overalls. I love this, it's just that simple, really. 10/10
C30) White/blue striped towel. It's nice, but kind of... meh.. 5/10
C31) Blue maid costume. I like this a lot! 10/10
C32) Bunny DLC suit. I really like it! 10/10
C33) Halloween 2014 costume. I like this a lot, but the glasses kind of throws me off a little.. Still looks great! 9/10

C1) La Mariposa default wrestling costume. I like it, still not a favorite, though. 8/10
C2) DOA4 default La Mariposa costume. Basically the same as C1 for me. 8/10
C3) Fur coat with leather pants. I like this a lot! One of my favorite Lisa costumes. 10/10
C4) Blue version of C1, basically. I like it, way more than the original one. Like I said, blue is my favorite color. 10/10
C5) C3 without the coat. I love this one as well. Another favorite one. 10/10
C6) Scientist costume. It looks great, but not a really good costume.. 7/10
C7) This grey swimsuit looks cool, but I have not unlocked it. Screw doing Survival on Legend! I do not want to play 200 rank matches either.. I'm OK with my D- rank. 9/10
C8) Nurse costume. I like this a lot. It looks really good on Lisa. 10/10
C9) Tropical La Mariposa costume. I love this! "The Exotic Butterfly"! :p 10/10
C10) Black dress. I hardly ever use it, but it's pretty nice. Would fit someone like Helena better, though. 5/10
C11) White kitty costume. This is very cute, but not one of my favorites. 9/10
C12) White bunny costume. This costume needs to be burned, just like Tina's. 0/10
C13) Black bunny bikini. The same as C11. 0/10
C14) Orange swimsuit. This is looks really nice. 8/10
C15) C7 in orange. I like this a lot. Better than C7, in my opinion. 10/10
C16) Santa-themes costume. Another great costume that I feel awkward using if it's not September. 4/10
C17) Cheerleader costume. I like this, but I never bought it. Some characters does not fit it; Lisa is one of them. 4/10
C18) Green version of C7/C15. I'm not a huge fan of green, but it looks really good! 10/10
C19) "Ultimate Sexy"-racing costume. I don't own this, but I love it. Might buy it. 10/10
C20) "Pop Idol" costume. I love it, just like any other Pop Idol costume. 10/10
C21) School uniform. I love this! One of my favorite Lisa costumes. 10/10
C22) Volleyball uniform. I don't own it, but I really like it. The colors are amazing. 8/10
C23) OLD Halloween costume, witch. This is one of my favorites as well. It's really cool. 9/10
C24) Pink dress. I love this costume! 10/10
C25) Slutty swimsuit, La Mariposa style. I love this one too. It really fits her! 10/10
C26) Gym uniform with nametag. Like I said with Tina's Gym uniform costume, Marie Rose's is the only cute one. 1/10
C27) Halloween 2014 costume. I love this! Just like Tina's, the glasses throws me a little off. Other than that, it's really cool! 9/10

C1) Iconic Momiji outfit. I love it. 10/10
C2) White ninja costume. It's OK, but not really good.. 4/10
C3) Hidden Black Flower costume. This one looks really good! 10/10
C4) White/red ninja costume. This one is OK. Not the best. 7/10
C5) "Ultimate Sexy"-bikini costume. I like this a lot! 10/10
C6) Pop Idol. It looks amazing! --- Like all Pop idol costumes! XD 10/10
C7) Japanese School Girl. This one is really cute! 10/10
C8) White tennis uniform. I do not own this, because I think it's hideous. 0/10
C9) Sanzag cosplay costume. I love this so much! 10/10
C10) OLD Halloween costume; mummy. I like this a lot! 10/10
C11) Casual costume. This one is VERY cute! 10/10
C12) Once again, Santa costume. Awkward if it's not December. 4/10
C13) "Hot Police"-Legacy costume. I like this a lot! 10/10
C14) One-piece swimsuit. I do not really like this all that much... 6/10
C15) Yaiba swimsuit. I love it! 10/10
C16) Cheerleader costume. I like this, but I do not own it. 7/10
C17) Once again; Marie Rose's Gym costume is the only cute one. 1/10
C18) White nurse costume. I do not really like this too much.. I do not own it. 3/10
C19) White overalls. I love this so much! 10/10
C20) White shirt. I like this, actually. Not detailed, but it's cute. 9/10
C21) Red maid costume. I like it. It's a really good costume for Momiji. 9/10
C22) Red bunny suit. I like this, but I did not buy it.. 8/10
C23) Halloween 2014 costume. The best Momiji costume. I love this! 10/10
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Ok ok Ayane.

For someone who plays DOA a lot.. I only bought a few DLC for DOA5 Vanilla... and all of it was unlockable in Ultimate... (cries)
I'll finish this list later... busy lol I'll include DLC even though I've not got any.
LAST EDIT: I am not doing any more of these oh god ayane y u have so many outfits

Costume 1: Black main outfit thingy 9/10 pretty cool
Costume 2: DOA 4 main outfit, but something I can't put my finger on 8.5/10
Costume 3: AWESOME RIBBON DRESS THINGY 10/10 nuff said
Costume 4: Winter wear with belt skirt OKAY WHAT? I LIKE WEARING THIS ONLINE WHEN I GO ON THE ENDS OF THE EARTH STAGE BUT... I don't really like the costume 6/10
Costume 5: Recolour of costume 3... it's ok but I prefer costume 3's colour and I barely use this 7/10
Costume 6: Costume 4 without jacket. This actually looks better without the jacket but I barely use it 7/10
Costume 7: Training dummy outfit, I really like this one I don't know why 8/10
Costume 8: Ninja Gaiden 3 Razor's Edge outfit, 9/10 I really like this one again but it could have been 10 with some small improvements
Costume 9: Ninja Gaiden 2 Sigma armor outfit thingy, 10/10 one of my favourites for Ayane.
Costumes 10 and 11 bunny bikinis: ... no comment... 20/10... LOL JK like 4/10
Costume 12 school outfit: I use this all the time 9/10
Costume 13: Overalls... 6/10 could've been nice with a shirt underneath like Kasumi's
Costume 14 gym thingy: WHERE'S UR TROOSERS M8 6/10
Costume 15 army bikini: ... no comment 4/10
Costume 16 ariel swimsuit: Way better tbh 6/10
Costume 17: SANTA OUTFIT YAAY: Nice but it would be way better in black or purple 8/10
Costume 18: Cheerleader outfit: meh, 6/10
costume 19: LUBIN BIKINI...ehhhhhh 5/10
costume 20: School swimsuit uhhhhhh 4/10
Costume 21: Idol outfit, it suits her a lot 9/10
Costume 22: Costume 12 with jacket it looks better but pointless as another costume 5/10.
Costume 23: That costume from DOA ++ and Dimensions but it's kinda ruined now 3/10
Costume 24: Dynasty Warriors cosplay, surprsingly good 7/10
25: FAIRY COSTUME YAAAAAY pretty fitting 9/10
26: Steampunk outfit, I don't know why it's hated so much, i like it 9/10
27: weird black one piece bikini: Ehhh.... no 2/10
28: Fouth costume from DOA 4: LOVE IT 10/10
29: Nurse outfit....why? 2/10
30 (holy jesus she has so many costumes): pink overalls with white ski cap... meh 4/10
31: towel... 1/10 lol
32: maid outfit... why does this suit her lol 8/10
33 BUNNY OUTFIT: It kind of suits her 7/10

0/10 lol
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C10) Mummy - 1/10
His worst costume. I won't even get started...
C10 - Mummy: WTF were they thinking when they made this? (spoiler: they wasn't) 0/10
If... if you need me I'll be right here... know... the corner...
...all alone....

Ahem. I play male characters, so this list will be short.

C1: Boring. Makes him look too much like a modern Triple A military shooter hero. 1/5
C2: Still boring, but I at least like the look of it in the colors and texture. 2/5
C3: Not bad, but not good, either. It's a casual outfit. I like the bandages on him, though. 3/5
C4: The sleeves and cap make this one looks more unique. I'd like it better if it were in black. 4/5
C5: The scuba outfit is kinda needed for him by now. It fits with the aesthetic of the game. My personal favorite is the DOA1 version. 3/5
C6: Iconic outfit number two. It kinda feels cheap to have his only new uniform be a recolor, but it's an iconic recolor, so I let it pass. 4/5 Would Use
C7: WHY WAS THIS NOT IN THE GAME TO BEGIN WITH?! It's his trademark outfit, and the one we all remember. 10/5 Would Use
C8: While I get that sexualizing the men is good, too, I kinda feel this one is dull. I like that it shows off the chest scar, but I don't like it's low-res. 2/5
C9: CTRL-C CTRLV 1/5 Would Not Buy
C10: Well, it makes sense. Really, I'd only be buying this one since it'd be cheaper to get the full pack. 3/5
C11: I would've preferred a gargoyle. This just looks silly. 0/5
C12: An awesome Russian Mafia suit. I imagine this is what he wears when he needs to go incognito. 5/5 Would Use
C13: It really belonged more to Rig. I mean, I like it in motion, but it's still weird. 2/5

C1: What can I say? It's iconic. It's been in nearly every game he's been in, so it's Leon. 4/5
C2: I love this outfit. It's been one of my personal favorites. 5/5 Would Use
C3: Another good outfit. It's like when he's alone in his apartment. 5/5 Would Use
C4: I wish they had taken the time to more clearly differentiate between them. 2/5
C5: Iconic, and I like it a lot. 4/5 Would Use
C6: Another great outfit. He seems to collect those. It's even better with shades. 5/5 Would Use
C7: CTRL-C CTRL-V Eyedrop Black Fill. 0/5 Would Not Buy
C8: I wish they had tried that astronaut one, but this is more Halloweenish, so it fits. I like how it's a Mountain Man style as opposed to the traditional fantasy version Brad has. 3/5
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Not a main but I love to play as Ayane for funsies.
C1-Noctournal Butterfly: Personally not a fan of this costume or it's caped Ninja Gaiden version too much generic black leather ninja garbs. 3/10
C2-Hajin Mon Garb: Classic purple shozoku from DOA2U and DOA4 complete with Genra's Mask or a mask of the same kind, personal favourite of the main on disc vanilla costumes. 9/10
C3-Signiture Butterfly Dress: Ayane's signiture dress I like the original but I have always preferred the white recolour 6/10
C4-Black/brown hoodie: This was my fave ayane costume ever for a while I love the beanie and personally prefer this version with the hoodie than without it. 8/10
C5-White Butterfly Dress: Love it xD reasons why in C3 description. 8/10
C6-C4 w/o hoodie: personally prefer it with the hoodie but I do like the beanie still. 5/10
C7-DOA1 Training Dummy: the original, and I believe Ayane is the only one who can rock this look. 5/10
C8-Infiltrator: bg fan of the infiltrator, cool, sexy and awesome looking. 9/10
C9-Blossom of Miyama: the original garb used in Ninja Gaiden and its remakes Black/Sigma(+), I love it now as much as I did when I first saw her in it when I played NG1 shame about the hood. 9/10
C10/11-Bunny bikini: ugh not even worth unlocking 1/10
C12-Summer School uniform: Classic but not really my thing, 4/10
C13-Denim Overalls/no shirt: neat throwback costume to DOA2U but not the best DLC she's ever got but definitely not the worst. 5/10
C14-Gym uniform: I used to like this costume with Kasumi and Hitomi's but then everyone else felt left out and started using it too... 4/10
C15-Camo Swimsuit: not the best swimsuit she has but a nice tomboy-ish look and rarely conservative for what it is. 6/10
C16-"Hotties" swimsuit: the colour is a bit of an eyesore but I actually like the tank top :oops: 7/10
C17-Santa dress: nothing special 4/10
C18-Cheerleader *see above* 4/10
C19- "paradise" swimsuit: cute, sexy and purple ;) one of my fave swimsuits I admit. 7/10
C20-School swimsuit one piece: not my thing 2/10
C21-Pop Idol: my personal fave of Team A ;) 7/10
C22-Winter School Uniform: same as the other uniform but with a blazer jacket... somehow I like it better 6/10
C23-DOA2U throwback: a fave of mine from 2U, shame Aya-chan's bust is too big for the zipper. 8/10
C24-WO3U Wang Yuanji: Blonde Ayane!! nuff said xD 8/10
C25-Halloween class '13: not a fan of the fairy/pixie dress 3/10
C26-Casual Steampunk: highlights her boobs but Hitomi's is far superior. 2/10
C27-Tropical Sexy: sexy lace one piece with optional serongue. w/o serongue 8/10 w/ 4/10
C28-DOA4 hoodie: I like the DOA5 version of this alot better. 7/10
C29-Nurse: not a fan at all. 1/10
C30-Overalls, I liked it but the weird ankle fur thing ruins it IMO 4/10
C31-Bath Towel: reknowned for its NG3:RE fame I find it funny to use this 8/10
C32-Maid: Not as good as MR's but I like it quite a bit: 7/10
C33-Playboy Bunny: hot stuff!! lol 7/10
C34-Halloween Class '14: Succubus, the costume most Ayane fans have been waiting for and Awesmic lol I actually like it slutty it may be but its also a cool design. 9/10
geez... Ayane has so god damn many costumes


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C1: Lmao, I actually don't like this costume that much. It's a mess. 6/10
C2: I find it a little difficult to like this, because the blazer doesn't look right. 4/10
C3: I like this to be honest. Strappy shoes are cute, but the entire costume is dull. 8/10
C4: A nice outfit to wear when I want to throw nobodies across the stage. Yes. 10/10
C5: I don't own this lmao
C6: When I'm feelin a little thexthy, I like to pick this one. Tru THOTWEAR. 9/10
C7: This is great for when you wanna teach children not to hold when you're dragging them by their crusty roots. 10/10
C8: I like this with the helmet and glasses. 7/10
C9: I don't like this I don't own it.
C10: The best costume in the entire game. CEO coming through to steal your man and then sell him back to you at a higher price xo. 10/10
C11: I don't have this. I don't want it.
C12: Ok, this is cute and yes @ her butt cheeks. 8/10
C13: No thank u
C14: I don't know why I got this????? 2/10
C15: No thank u
C16: This is cute I want it, but I'm still mad they chose this when she had better ones to choose from.

C1: Traditional and cute henny kween 8/10
C2: Tacky
C3: Thank u 9/10
C4: Hot 8/10
C5: Cold 8/10
C6: Tacky, but a cute tacky. 8/10
C7: Angelic tacky. 7/10
C8: Same 8/10
C9: Thank u god 10/10
C10: I hate that I like this so much. 7/10
C11: no thank u merry christmas
C12: *twirls baton* no
C13: no
C14: Nursetengu yes. This is my 2nd favorite costume. 9/10
C15: No thnx
C16: Ok, I also want this, but her titties look weird in this so idk


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:helena:Helena-sama. I really like her new look the thing that I am missing is her iconic decorative bows that matches her outfits

C1: Blue coat. - 8/10

C2: Iconic Catsuit. I prefer the DOA3 version. If they are going to add this in DOA6, I hope there's an option to add her cloak in DOA4 (canon ending) - 7/10

C3: White blouse. -10/10

C4: Red coat C1 variation. - 8/10

C5: Off-white Chinese dress - 8/10

C6: DOATEC uniform. General Helena Douglas - 8/10

C7: Iconic red opera jacket. - 10/10

C8: White party dress/ :leifang:'s black dress. It looks good on Helena - 6/10

C9: White leather leotard with jacket/:tina:'s outfit. - 7/10

C10: White Rabbit - 4/10

C11: Black Rabbit. - 4/10

C12: Rusty Nail. A white variation would be nice, since Pearl White is her favourite colour.- 7/10

C13: Rob Roy - 6/10

C14: Santa dress. - 7/10

C15: Cheerleader - 7/10

C16: Bronx bikini - 3/10

C17: Godfather. Don't judge me but it's my favourite swimsuit for her lol, I wish they could add a sarong to it - 10/10

C18: Idol Outfit. - 4/10

C19: French style-school uniform.- 7/10

C20: White tennis uniform.Wish they could give her a sleeveless a la Maria Sharapova style tennis outfit- 5/10

C21: Succubus outfit. Am I the only one who thinks she's a perfect succubus? lol - 10/10

C22: White Opera Goddess. - 10/10

C23: Orange bandeau bikini and sarong. Sorry but I prefer the Bourbonella/Balalaika from DOAX2 - 1/10

C24: Japanese Gym/PE Uniform. - 2/10

C25: Nurse. Pfft. I would like to see her a nurse administrator who wears a white blazer under it is a corporate outfit/dress/skirt - 0/10

C26: A black towel. Really!? Really!? REALLY!? a black fecking towel. I think it would be better if she's wearing a white unbuttoned shirt or a nighties gown or something. - 0/10

C27: Maid Outfit: Ughhhh a maid outfit for her ladyship. I never imagined Helena wearing a maid fetish outfit. 1/10

C28: Vampire Empress: Kokoro's Halloween Outfit Entry. Actually it looks good on Helena. BUT I still prefer if the outfit that she's wearing was originally made for her. Where is the bloody fangs? The crown vanishes when you turn around the camera. - 7/10

Wish list
>DOA2/DOA3 White opera dress with blue trim and gold linings.
>Reina's outfit
>Arabian Dancer/Princess
>Casual Outfit
>If possible her Opera dress
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Since I've started learning Nyotengu, I suppose I should give my two cents on her costumes.
C1: The black kimono. It's hard not to like this. 9/10.
C2: This has the best color scheme of her leotard costumes, and I hope this one stays with her in the future. 10/10.
C3: The catsuit. It's a mixed bag, IMO. While I enjoy the utter fanservice this costume invokes, if it's with that mask I can't stand fighting in it. With mask, 3/10. Without mask, 8.5/10.
C4 and C5: Color alts of C1. Both are still good, but nothing that looks better than C1. 8/10.
C6, C7, and C8: Color alts of C2. Also good, but all feel inferior to C2. Cute shout-out to Darkstalkers with 6 and 8, though. 7/10.
C9: C3 in red. AGAIN, okay but inferior to the original. With mask, 1/10. Without mask, 6/10.
C10: Bloomers. Eh. 5/10.
C11: Santa dress. She actually looks pretty good in this one. Wish it came in black, though. 7/10.
C12: Cheerleader. I still have a bizarre love for these costumes, and Nyo getting a baton with hers is a nice touch. 7/10.
C13: The towel. I am totally okay with this. 6.5/10.
C14: Nurse's uniform. She looks really damn good in this. 7.5/10.
C15: Bunny suit. What the bunny DLC from 5 should have been. Really nice. 8/10.
C16: Queen of Hearts. *reduced to gibbering pile of meat on the floor* 10/10.

Anyways, some of my mains got new stuff, so I'll do an expansion pack for them.
C21: The maid. Not the best in the pack, but it's not bad. 7/10.
C22: Bunny suit. Kinda upset she got a leotard and not a skirt or shorts. Still nicer than fuzzy bikinis. 7/10.
C23: Kitsune contest winner. Clipping issues be damned, this costume is WONDERFUL! 10/10.

C7: Pirate costume. Again, WONDERFUL! A definite step up from last year (a costume I still like). 8/10.

C13: Oni contest creation. Better than the mummy by a long shot. 7/10.

C13: Maid costume. Not bad, but not my favorite of the set (that goes to Helena). Too much pink. 6.5/10.
C14: Bunny costume. Actually pretty nice, but Momiji'd wear a red one better. 7/10.
C15: Witch contest creation. Not quite WONDERFUL, but still pretty good for the wicked little servant. 8/10.


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I like a lot of Mila's costume's.
The costume's that I do like the most are:
C1: Mila's default. I nice and practical approach to MMA.

C2: This fits her tomboyish nature perfectly.

C4: Another practical application for MMA fighting tournaments... and for DOA.

C5: Based on what she wears to work as a waitress.

C7: Pretty nice costume.

C8: I LOVE this costume. My 5th most favorite costume. This is supposed to be based on Tina's first costume's all the way back from the original DOA. This is a very good throwback. The fact that Mila gets along with Tina is icing on the cake.

C9: I like this costume a lot. This would be probably be something she'd wear at a fancier restaurant if she were to work there.

C10: This costume is based on Bass' costume (C1). Mila is a fan of Bass, which is also quite fitting. Very well done.

C17: This is my 3rd favorite costume.

C18: This is my 4th favorite costume.

C21: My 1st favorite costume. Mila likes to play football (soccer)? Because, I sure as hell do!

C24: My 2nd favorite costume. She looks very nice in this.
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My opinion on Christie's outfits

c1 - Love this but I wish you could zip it up 8/10
c2 - business suits are great and Christie rocks it 10/10
c3 - Classic and looks like her c1 - 8/10
c4 - my favourite outfit for her 10/10
c5 - same as c4 - 10/10
c6 - not worth the effort - 1/10
c7 - not my favorite but it suits her - 6/10
c8 - I actually really like this outfit mainly because of her ending in doa4 - 8/10
c9 - outfits like this always confuse me because they are super glued to their boobs. - 5/10
c10 - nothing special. - 2/10
c11- this was a stupid preorder bonus and it still is - 1/10
c12 - same as c11 - 1/10
c13 - c16 - really bland - 1/10
c17 - Honestly surprised it wasn't something more revealing - 4/10
c18 - Christie was one of the unlucky ones who didn't get the ones Tina and Lisa have from this pack. - 3/10
c19 - This pack sucked for everyone besides Ayane and Kasumi - 3/10
c20 - She reminds me of Sue from glee in this outfit. 5/10
c21 - TN showing how desperate they are to shove in underboob. 1/10
c22 - Last Halloween was good to Christie... which is MUCH more than I can say for this year. - 8/10
c23- This outfit is great even if it doesn't suit her that much. 10/10
c24- Its okay but others got better. 5/10
c25 - She isn't in school and she isn't Japanese so why did she get a Japanese gym outfit? 1/10
c26 - I guess she could be assassinating someone in a hospital but its still dumb - 2/10
c27 - This outfit is awful and the fact it took the place of the Egyptian outfit makes it even worse. - 0/10


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Not enough trenchcoat.

And while the wolf is impressive looking for a costume it just is not good. The gladiator outfit was better than that and is an old non-Halloween themed costume which should have been included as a default outfit anyway.

I could have sworn I posted something in this thread ages ago.


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Not enough trenchcoat.

And while the wolf is impressive looking for a costume it just is not good. The gladiator outfit was better than that and is an old non-Halloween themed costume which should have been included as a default outfit anyway.

I could have sworn I posted something in this thread ages ago.
Bout the same.

I actually would like that flannel mountain outfit as a regular non werewolf costume though. Make him look like a logger with the button up, work boots and pants.

Also I hate to say it, but I'm warming up to mummy mila....I hate the stripper style torso but I love the trailing bandages as I fight.


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I usually find myself using either Lisa or Tina to play. I like pretty much all of Tina's costumes but the one i use the most is her cowboy one and the silver one form DOA2. As for Lisa... well, i don't think Team Ninja really gives a fuck about her... she could have some better ones... I like her white wrestling outfit though :)


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Ill do one for my mains shortly. It will take some time because there are a lot of outfits and I actually main 4 people so.. Ill get back to you on this XD (Itll be so many costumes im sure you guys wont read it XD)


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Ryu Hayabusa
I'm quite satisfied with both Hayabusa's and Hayate's costumes as a whole. I got the legacy costume for Ryu and I use most of Hayate's costumes (more often C2 and C3)
C1 - Good old Legendary Black Falcon. Solid costume, though I prefer C6 and C11 over it. 8/10
C2 - Ninja Gaiden NES costume. I have never used this tbh, though it's not bad. 6.5/10
C3 - White C1. Same opinion as C1. 7.5/10
C4 - "Dragon Muscle" costume. This is a cool costume and I used this interchangeably with C1 and C3 in vanilla DOA5. I never really use it now though. 8/10
C5 - Training dummy. Kind of cool, shows hair, good color scheme, though nothing special. 7.5/10
C6 - "Spirit of the Fighter" costume. I adore this costume. I used this one so much before I got the Legacy DLC costume. I like that it shows Ryu's hair and the mask partially covering his face looks cool. 9.5/10
C7 - Fiend costume. Good costume, pretty fearsome. I never use it though. 7/10
C8 - Fighter pack costume. I used this costume on occasion just because it was one of the few that showed Ryu's hair at the time (blame DOA3 for the hair obsession lol; gotta love that ponytail) and it was just solid overall. It has became obsolete with the legacy costume. 8/10
C9 - Santa. I don't have this and I don't want this, but it isn't bad. 6/10
C10 - Mummy. Boo. 4/10
C11 - THE COSTUME 10/1
C12 - Yaiba costume. Very mediocre and unnecessary. 3/10
C13 - Oni Halloween costume. Pretty good, though I wish the crow was selected instead. 7/10
C14 - Preorder costume for Last Round. Weapons! Very cool twist on the C1. I kind of hope that this becomes available later on since I won't be preordering. 9/10

C1 - Default silver and black ninja armor. Good costume. 8.5/10
C2 - Classic white costume. As good as ever. 9/10
C3 - Red costume with bow. Probably my favorite costume with the bow added to the DOA3 classic. The mask also makes Hayate look cool. 10/10
C4 - Shiden's default DOAD. Good. 8/10
C5 - Training dummy. I like the color scheme and the faceguard/mask thingy, but I don't really use this. 7/10
C6 - Black jumpsuit with mask and white scarf. Another one of my favorites along with C2 and C3. 9/10
C7 - Fighter pack costume. Meh. 5/10
C8 - C2 topless. I actually like this costume a lot for some reason, but I don't have it. 9/10
C9 - Santa. Mediocre. 5/10
C10 - Angel. Alright costume, but I don't have it or any of Hayate's DLC. 7/10
C11 - Blue kimono. Very unique costume that stands out in Hayate's wardrobe, though I don't think I'd use it much if I had it. 8/10
C12 - Oni. I like it a bit better than Busa's. Pretty cool design. 8/10
C13 - DLC. Love it! 9.5/10
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C1 - Gothic Lolita. 8/10
C2 - Eh!?! What is this... 3/10
C3 - White C2. 2/30
C4 - Better than C1. 10/10
C5 - School Uniform. 9/10
C6 - Santa outfit.... 6/10
C7 - Nurse. 7/10
C8 - Gym uniform... 4/10
C9 - Cheerleader. 7/10 for the pom-poms
C10 - C8 with a jacket.... 5/10
C11 - Overalls. 8/10
C13 - Pink maid uniform. 9/10
C14 - No comment. 2/10
C15 - Witch. I don't really like this costume. 6/10
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