Characters What do you think of your Main's Costumes?


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I know it is supposed to be "main's" in the title, you can thank stupid autocorrect for that...

For example

C1) I'm okay with it. I like how the shorts are full length. Never really use this one though

C2) to me, her Iconic outfit, though I wish I could toggle the button up and keys on and off. Otherwise, love it!

C3) um...I prefer c6 which is the same outfit minus the sweater. So I wish this and c6 were the same outfit but with the sweater and towel as toggles

C4) just a pallete swap of c1, should a been a toggle instead of a separate slot.

C5). Same deal. Same outfit as c2 but minus the button up and plus an apron. Shoulda just been toggle options on c2.

C6) my main outfit. Wish the pants were her jeans but otherwise I toggle the towel off and love it to death.

C7). I want to like this but I can't stand the visor and daisy dukes. Mostly the visor. Why can't I toggle that off?!

C8). Tinas old outfit. Cool but I never really use it as I feel the skintight leggings don't suit Mila that well.

C9). Hitomi copy paste. unneeded.

C10). bass outfit that I requested at launch. Putting aside disappointment at lack of shades and bandana, Thanks Team Ninja!

C11-12) I would be more tolerant of these if they were actual one piece outfits like a traditional playboy bunny outfit, but as bikinis, they suck.

C13-14) copy paste bikinis. Unneeded.

C15) Santa outfit. Not bad as most dlc but I didn't rebuy when I switched to ps3

C16) cheerleader outfit. Green was an odd color choice but I like that its sleeveless. Never use it due to skirt though.

C17). Only swimsuit she has that actually suits her. Even though its a copy paste, its actually kinda sporty, so I like it.

C18) racer outfit. Like the top, hate the shorts, think she should a gotten Lisa's full jumpsuit with the scarf instead, only zipped further up

C19) I like the overall flannel pattern and I like the top, but skirts don't look right on Mila, so I pass on this one.

C20). The only skirted outfit I use, because I like how rough and tumble it looks with the loose tie, unbuttoned shirt and rolled up sleeves. Looks like a schoolyard scrap. Even if she's too old for a schoolgirl outfit lol

C21). Again with the visor! If it weren't for that, this could have been my other main outfit, I absolutely love it in Mila but since I can never toggle off that stupid visor I almost never use it. Nothing skimpy, nothing generically cute, just a full uniform that looks like something she would wear.

C22). Totally random. Though I actually like the top and love the gloves and stockings. Again wish I could toggle off the headgear so she didn't look like a parade float. Also wish the skirt didn't look like a poofy diaper.

C23). Very cute outfit....but doesn't really suit her. Seems like something Kasumi or Hitomi should have instead. Her c2 is a better casual outfit for mila.

C24). Love the hoodie wish I could get it on her c6. Absolutely despise the slanky skimpy string bikini because that is Lisa or tinas deparment, and just looks really awkward on the otherwise pretty conservative Mila.

C25) I want to hate this but I cant. On the one hand I hate generic copy paste fetishwear. On the other hand, this is one of my fetishes lol. More specifically, just T-shirt and panties is hot as hell and this is close enough. Plus Milas stance with this outfit really accentuates her ass. Plus its kinda sporty so it still suits her.

C26). Copy paste. Unneeded and doesn't even fit her.

C27). As a redneck myself I kinda like this but I wish she had a shirt on underneath. I also wish that they were full jeans instead of being cut off in to Daisy dukes again.

So I wind up hating the visor, inappropriately "sexy" outfits, and shorty shorts for mila. The for because there is no justifiable reason I shouldn't be able to toggle it off like any other hat, the latter because they don't suit her.

What about your mains?


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I really like all of Momiji's default costumes ^^! I haven't bought any of her dlc apart from the legacy outfit, which is really cool too hehe
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Helena Douglas
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Apart from a few defaults and throwbacks, there isn't really much things that I find likable in Helena's wardrobe. It's even harder to find outfits that are likable since the lace bow is black by default and that billowy fabrics back then became stiff.

I use her C3 most of the time. The intricate details of the blouse won me over + bell bottom trousers is a major plus points for me.


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I am also a Mila main and I like her outfits a lot. Best costumes for a female character in the game imo. Her costumes, aside from some dlc costumes, fit her personality and are actually practical for her fighting style. I'm just going to list my favorite costumes for her and such.

C2) like Argentus said its just iconic for her
C4) I don't know what it is but I like this one over her C1, just stands out more I guess
C5) This one for me is also pretty iconic for her, I'm not much of fan towards the apron though
C6) There's just something about it that makes me love this one... I can't put my finger on it.
C10) My main non-DLC outfit. This Bass costume makes her look like a biker, just like Bass, and I think biker chicks are cute... Also the bandana on her arm and her glasses just sell this outfit for me.
C17) Like Argentus said this swimsuit actually fits her personality and is pretty fitting towards her
C19) One of my favorite DLC costumes. She looks good with a skirt in this one imo. But... why did TN make it partially green?
C20) This has to suit her character the most, it just says Mila to me despite her being above school age.
C21) TN made a good choice giving her a rugby outfit(It is a rugby otfit right?). Its something she could actually wear.
C24) The hoodie is awesome and I actually like the bikini here...
Lastly... C27) Like C6 I have no idea what it is but something just draws me to the costume. I just like it.
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David Gregg

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I'm okay with Eliot's outfits he has a nice variety. Specifically, my favorites are his soccer uniform, casual outfit (finally grew on me) and his Mr. Smee getup.


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Mai Shiranui

C1) Gorgeous. I always choose this one because is really fitting with her. I always see Rachel as what she is, a demon slyer in the universe of NG series, and her black latex costume is really great for this character. What I like the most is that she looks like a dominatrix but at the same time she looks really aggressive and powerful, like some kind of amazon or gladiator. She needs more fighting outfits like this one. Or at least a color variation could be cool. Red, for example, or golden...

C2) Never a fan of it. She pretends to look like a business woman, I guess, but to me looks more like a secretary. This suit needs to be more elegant, sophisticated and skirt is too long (looks like a grandmother skirt xD). It should be shorter or use suit trousers, like Elle Driver, for example. An eye patch could be great :D

C3) A nurse? Seriously? Pff. Awful, never selected this one. As DLC costume pack for all girls is ok, but as third costume for Rachel is pretty lame.

C4) Well, I don't dislike this costume. Is quite "rachel style" if she dresses in a casual/urban style. But maybe is too underground for her. It looks too Poison from SF to me. I think it could be better. And I don't like earrings of this costume.

C5) I don't care about swimsuits. I don't have this costume, I won't and I simply ignore it.

C6) I think is quite funny the concept of "Pop idol costumes" and Rachel's one remembers me Madonna. Is quite ok, but not really fitting for Rachel. Fore her I would prefer Helena's one. Less fabric, more leather.

C7) That thing about school girls and teachers is pretty lame, but I have to say that if you remove that white coat, her red dress is really nice. She looks really good in this costume and if you add glasses she looks cool. I like it.

C8) I don't care about this costume. I don't like sports and I think Rachel looks ridiculous dressed as a football player. I don't have this costume and I won't.

C9) One of the greatest outfits of Rachel. Is really great see her as half-demon since is what she is. Maybe the outfit is too much revealing, but it remembers me Witchblade and I think is super cool for her. Probably my second favorite costume for her.

C10) Good casual clothing. She looks fine in this dress. I think it fits well with Rachel if she has to dress as a common person. However not sure about garters, maybe without could be better.

C11) Rachel dressed as Santa Claus is stupid. I don't care about this costume, for me never existed.

C12) Another swimsuit. While snake/cocodrile scales look cool on Rachel, I don't care about stupid beach stuff for a fighting game. I don't have it and I won't.

C13) Rachel Cheerleader? Seriously? Stupid, insulting, ridiculous.

C14) Japanese school girls gym uniform. More trash, more outfits to ignore. It never existed to me.

Conclusion: Yes. Rachel needs more fighting outfits, and her alternative default outfits are a bit disappointing to me. Looking Kasumi, Momiji or Ayane fighting costumes I was expecting more for Rachel. That's the reason I decided to participate in first costume contest. Hope to see something new really cool for her soon (my design, or maybe some other, but please something more "demon slyer" is needed!)
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My opinions on Zack's wardrobe.

1) C1- Its his standard traditional Muay Thai outfit. Its okay 9/10
2)C2- Another good costume. 8/10 I wish it was all black though..
3)C3- Stupid. 0/10
4)C4- Extra stupid. 0/10
5)C5- Nice casual costume. It should have had a color option and remove the logo and put a Z. 9/10
6) C6- Classic teletubby. 9/10
7)C7- Gold teletubby. 10/10
8)C8- Okay 6/10
9)C9- Shit. 0/10 why didnt they make him an elf?
10)C10- Overall nice costume. 8/10
11)Voodoo priest. Nice costume but would've preferred ShadowMan instead. 8/10

Overall Zack has a verrrry bad selection. He needs his badassness to come back or I swear I'm dropping this game. Its a guarandamntee.
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C1 - The best costume Ein has, period! looks great with and without the shades.
C2 - Karate Gi, I actually don't like that it doesn't have the bandage wraps from DOA2/DOA3 anymore and that's actually a turnoff to me thus I rarely ever use it.
C3 - Ein's prisoner escapee costume nothing to really say, although Iconic and been in every single game Ein has appeared in I vastly prefer the DOA2H version with the gloves.
C4 - Ein's Halloween costume, just absolutely awfully, worst costume he has to date.
C5 - The only other costume I frequently use alongside his C1, I prefer it with the shades.
C6 - Dumb black oversised Santa Suit, fun to use at christmas time but since I don't play my Xbox version anymore I like to pretend I don't own it.
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Rie Wiggles


C1- I'm too used to his DOA4 C1. I wish they used that.
C2- I have it for cosplay. It's pretty badass.
C3- Screw recolors.
C4- Why didn't they add it to C2 and just made the coat removable?
C5- "I wear your Granddad's Clothes! I look incredible!"
C6- I hate the cat hoodie.
C7- Fighting with class.
C8- Why isn't he shirtless?
C9- Santa suits suck.
C10- Okay. I guess.
C11- Smee!
C12- My favorite.


C1- No Opinion
C2- No Opinion
C3- I like it.
C4- One of my favorites.
C5- Another favorite.
C6- Recolors... Again.
C7- My favorite.
C8- It's cute. Don't like the tights.
C9- I like it.
C10 & 11... Screw 'em.
C12- Could have just made it 4 and jacket removable.
C13- Screw them.
C14- I liked that one in DOAX2.
C15- Favorite Bikini no. 2.
C16- Screw the santa suits.
C17- Screw the cheerleader sets.
C18- I didn't like it in DOAX2.
C19- Hate it.
C20- A favorite.
C21- One of my favorites from DOA4.
C22- Okay.
C23- My favorite Halloween costume.
C24- Favorite Casual.
C25- Favorite bikini.
C26- Screw the nurse uniforms.
C27- There needs to be a shirt under.


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C1 - DOAD outfit. Better than his DOA4 default, but my least used outfit.
C2 - Overall, I like the outfit, but I don't use it often either.
C3 - A recolor of his C1, so I rarely use it as well.
C4 - Basically his C2 without the jacket and hat, but my favorite costume to use.
C5 - I like to use this outfit from time to time.
C6 - One of my other favorites, mainly because I like the hoodie and the way Eliot's hair looks.
C7 - It's not a bad costume, I just don't use it.
C8 - Unless I'm choosing Zack Island as a stage, I rarely use this outfit as well.
C9 - Too oversized, but that was the point of the DLC right?
C10 - Love the soccer uniform.
C11 - Not a fan of the pirate costume, but it's great for trolling.
C12 - I really liked this costume the moment I saw it; very fashionable and it fits Eliot.


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Ryu Hayabusa
I like Hayabusa's C1 (Legendary Black Falcon) and C4 (Dragon Muscle Suit/Doppelganger Fiend). I don't really care for the other ones.
I use his Legacy costume sometimes, but only because it's "Legacy". I don't really like how it looks, lol. :rolleyes:

For my secondaries: I like Rig's C1, C3, C7, C9 and -especially- his Casual one, C11.
I like Bayman's C3, C6 and C7.
And I like Jann Lee's C3 the best, but I'm fine with almost all of his.


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Ryu Hayabusa
HERESY!!! The Throwback is best Hayabusa costume ever designed lol
Lol I like Hayabusa a lot better in the costumes where he has his face covered, and I'm still not a fan of the rest of the costume. :p

Lol I was expecting something like that from you X'D. I just looove his C1 and C4 and no costume in the game comes close to those.


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Jann Lee

C1- Amazing costume and one of my favorites in the game
C2- My favorite costume in the game. It just matches Jann Lee perfectly.
C3- Meh. Just boring imo.
C4. Same as C1 since it a palette swap.
C5- Costume based off Bruce's most iconic outifts. I do like but it but would not prefer using this over C2 or C1.
C6- Same as C5
C7- I like the chinese outfit a lot and one I like to use at times when I don't feel like using the others.
C8- Yeah....never using this
C9- Santa Outfit? No thanks though it is funny fighting in lol.
C10- The ultimate troll costume. What is there not to like about this one? lol.
C11- Jann Lee's legacy costume and my top 3 favorites next to C2 and C1.

Overall I like most of Jann Lee's costumes except for C3, C8, and C9.

Oh and out of Ryu Hayabusa's costumes C2 is my favorite one.
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Gen Fu

C1 - Sucks
C2 - Sucks
C3 - 10/10 "it's okay"
C4 - This is his best outfit.
C5 - This is his worst outfit.
C6 - "Wash eyes with soap" tier.
C7 - Gen Fu has presents for you and they all involve a boot in the ass. Mediocre.
C8 - Sucks
C9 - Old man swag.


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C1) Akira's signature outfit. I like it, but not as much as his other costumes.
C2) I love this outfit. Its like his old VF2/VF3 outfit and the red bandanna looks great on him.
C3) Another favorite of mine.
C4) This outfit is EPIC. It just fits him so well. Red is a nice color for Akira and I can see many other Akira players agree this is one of his best outfits.
C5) Half-naked Akira…, its all right.
C6) I can't see myself ever using this costume unless its december.
C7) YESSSSSSSSSS!!!!! YES! YES! The samurai outfit. Definitely my favorite costume in the game, though I don't use it that often. This outfit + ORA ORA ORA win pose is an awesome combination.
C8) This outfit makes Akira look like a Sushi-chef. It seems a bit unfitting for him, though I like the cutting board on his back.
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