why crouching in DOA feels terrible


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Crouching in DOA "takes time".
How long does it take is shown in the skill info page 3 under the switch frame section, which usually varies between 4F (very slow) to 1F (instantaneous). Based on how little we know about this bogus value, it might as well be decided by magical incantations.

So here's a list of reasons crouching is flawed and should be reworked:

1. https://gfycat.com/ifr/leanmaleinganue During a Standing-to-Crouching transition you're very vulnerable. Crouching under highs is a slow, unpredictable nightmare. When blocking with 41 or 52H the expected scenarios would be: avoid the high by crouching or at least block it... one should never get hit HIGH while blocking LOW in a 3D fighter wtf

2. https://gfycat.com/ifr/sphericalscarcehermitcrab Low blocking with 2H and 2 is inconsistent for some reason

3. https://gfycat.com/ifr/parchedsamecoqui The developers added a crouch assist mechanic to speed up crouching when highs are detected, but it's also flawed. The faster crouching only triggers when the opponent does High Strikes (2F crouch), but the developers FORGOT to also apply it to High Throws and High Offensive Holds (4F crouch)! 2F crouching is still bad because it's not 1F by the way.

4. https://www.freestepdodge.com/threads/exploiting-delayed-7pt-on-block.8695/ The "unholdable/idle frame glitch" aggravates the issue by creating abusable situations that you can't crouch.

5. https://www.freestepdodge.com/threads/the-return-of-rapid-step.5576/post-403948 The switch frame rules have a temporary change during round start. Blessed characters who are able to go back-turned during that phase can move away really fast. This is known as Rapid Step (4141 input).

Keep in mind that encountering these crouching related issues is extremely common, and that they have plagued many DOA's before DOA6. It's a bit unclear whether these behaviors are working as intended, because they've never been documented anywhere in tutorials or guides. My guess is that it's just spaghetti code all over the place.
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Forgot to add #5 which also appears to be related to the switch frame.
I tested that in DOA5LR (mod available in my "DOA5LR toolbox" CT named "PX_BattlePhase") by forcing a permanent "get ready..." situation in training mode.

mashing 4141 while BT during normal fight phase: 1/4 switch frames
mashing 4141 while BT during round start phase: 1/2/3/4 switch frames

here be dragons
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Tekken crouch transition was made a 1f transition since people complained in Tag2 that the inherit lag and screen lag caused people to not react in time in arcades when going under high followups.
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They didn't forget. They specifically said in the patch note they added the "feature" that it wouldn't apply to standing throws. :-/
are you sure about that
I took a quick look at the DOA5/DOA5U patch changelog history and found this from 1.03 (crazy patch btw)

Tripled crouching speed against high attacks.
Changed standing/crouching switch frame during normal status, when guarding, etc. from 5⇒3F.
However, you can guard against at low attack in 1F, and crouch against a high attack in 2F.

It uses the word "attacks" here not "strikes"
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