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  1. Lorenzo Buti

    Costume The Kisugi Sisters from Cat’s Eye in Dead or Alive 5

    Presenting the Kisugi Sisters also known as Cat’s Eye in their Dead or Alive Style!!! We’ve got Kasumi as Hitomi Kisugi, Ayane as Ai Kisugi, and Momiji as Rui Kisugi!! Mod created by segadordlinks
  2. Lorenzo Buti

    Costume Helena Douglas as Cindy/Dr. Z from Golgo 13: The Professional

    Here is this interesting Dead or Alive 5 Mod for Helena Douglas cosplaying as Cindy AKA Dr. Z from the early 80s anime film, Golgo 13 The Professional. Originally this mod was created for me by funnybunny666 which unfortunately could not get the bottom separate part of the dress to move. So for...
  3. K

    Dead or Alive 6 ALL "Deluxe" Costumes Showcase Video

    A short video showing all the costumes from the "Deluxe" set. A video for the wedding costumes will be uploaded very soon too. Who do you think got the best costume out of the 25 characters? Comment below :).

    DOA6 detailed weight classes

    In DOA, different characters have different Weight Classes. A juggle combo might work on a lighter character, but not on a heavier one. The list goes from heaviest to lightest, tested with the same launcher. long number = height in centimeters short number = advantage in frames DOA6 WEIGHT...
  5. zoo

    Favorite DOA stuff, create a chart

    Thought it'd be fun to get to know everyone in a cool way so I made this chart thing, feel free to fill it out in the replies some ppl's main is also their fav so change whatever if desired Here's mine:
  6. zoo

    Most realistic base roster?

    From interviews suggesting some popular and guest fighters will not return and what people on this site are saying.. assuming they're staying in the 25 range this is what I came up with. To not make this thread pointless feel free to come up with a strictly 25 character roster At the...

    Dead or Alive 6: Make Ein Great again

    For all the fighters who have Ein as their main, this is my take on what needs to change to make him better in the next installment. Not looking at the new engine features, just his old and rusty command list. :confused: Thanks
  8. Outcastkid

    DOA3 DOA 3.1

    Hello! Can anyone help me find out how I can acquire DOA 3.1 anywhere? I really want to play it along with the costume mods.
  9. HitomiLeifang

    Dead or Alive CG animated series/movies

    Anyone thought about a Dead Or Alive CG animated series/movies? Recently King of Fighters are doing a series whereas Tekken did movie. DOA must be behind when it comes to animated series and I feel like they need to do so in order to milk their franchise and increase the popularity of the...
  10. HitomiLeifang

    If Hitomi and Leifang were to fight in DOAD during DOA3

    I dunno if this is just me but if this were to turn out to be an actual fight in this scene. Who would win? Would you agree that Lei Fang would fight Hitomi because she got in the way in front of her and Jann Lee in their first encounter? Plus Ein would fight Jann Lee during that time so...
  11. Argentus

    DLC Costumes

    ATTENTION: Do not double-post in this thread! It will result in an immediate ban with increasing length for each subsequent offense. ----------------------------------------------------------- For whenever they reveal the rest or more beyond that. Guessing this will be locked as well, but...
  12. HitomiLeifang

    Who is better? Hitomi or Leifang

    Who is a better fighter? Hitomi or Leifang?
  13. VirtuaKazama

    DOA Festival 2016: The History of DOA (1996-2016)

    The 2016 Dead or Alive Festival is approaching soon! And what way to celebrate the event by having a retrospective of the DOA series? Since 1996, Dead or Alive has hit the arcade scene in Japan under the Sega Model 2 system. As the series evolved over time, we managed to see great things...

    DOA5LR DOA5LR (1.06) Ayane - COMBO VIDEO

    11635 This video is meant to shed some light on what Ayane is capable of in ver. 1.06. It goes over B&B setups, Critical Burst setups, Power launcher combos (indoors and outdoors), as well as environmental combos. All the combos displayed in the video CANNOT be stagger escaped, which means that...
  15. VirtuaKazama

    A Recap of DOA Festival 2015

    The Dead or Alive Festival 2016 is almost approaching soon, and we are looking forward to see the next qualifying player that will be going to NEC17 in December. Best part about it is that this year is the 20th Anniversary of the DOA series, so there has to be something special planned for DOA5...
  16. Mr Armageddon X

    Ultimate Fighters Megamix X

    So I've been thinking of this for a while, since there are so many crossovers and collaborations these days, what if all video game companies came together to produce a fighting game, done in the same style as the VS Capcom games (3 on 3 tag, super meters and Hyper Combos, fast pace, but not...
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