1.20 Requires PS4 Players to Pay Tickets Each Time a Hair Color Change Is Done

UPDATE 3/6/2020: Team NINJA tweeted an official apology to the fighters and stated that they were working on a better alternative to distribute hair colors. So players are encouraged to not purchase anymore colors until the issue has been rectified. The big hope is that players are able to use their perpetual pile of in-game currency to purchase & swap hair colors.

UPDATE 3/1/2020: While we wait for an official response from Koei Tecmo the mainstream press has started dismantling the "bizarre" business practices of the company. YouTuber, YongYea and Kotaku have also recently joined the fight against Koei Tecmo for their poor treatment to dedicated players.

UPDATE 2/25/2020: We here at Free Step Dodge have received word from a Team NINJA representative that the present functionality of requiring the player to purchase a hair color even if previously purchased is by design. At this time, if you would like to share your feedback to Team NINJA and KOEI TECMO, you have a few options available to you. It would be great if feedback was given by everyone and in any form of content about this situation if capable. Forms of content include but are not limited to Articles, Video, Images, Posts, or Streams. Always tag the company and game's official accounts and use big text in each of the posting. Also here are the Customer Support links as well:

NA Customer support https://koeitecmoamerica.com/support
EU Costumer Support https://koeitecmo.info/inquiry/kte
ASIA Customer Support http://www.gamecity.com.tw/html/support/index.html

For those planning on doing this, sooner is always better than later.

UPDATE 2/24/2020: The PlayStation 4 version of the game currently forces players to repurchase any previously purchased colors, and it requires you to spend Player Points to set the hair color to the character's original hair color. Team NINJA has not yet responded officially to questions. Please do not purchase alternate colors at the moment as we await confirmation from Team NINJA that this is designed functionality. This article will be updated as further news comes in.

A few weeks ago Team NINJA supplied us with their biggest free update for Dead or Alive 6 yet, and now that 1.20 has released we can see that Team NINJA is using this update to focus on cosmetics and new collaborative DLCs from the Atelier Ryza & Gust franchises plus hair color changing functionality exclusively to PS4. 1.20 which released the 25th of February. Judging by one of Team NINJA's recent Tweets, there will be some bug fixes, but real game changes are being reserved for another month. Like always this story will evolve over time with more information and news!

The added hair colors initially ignited some hype from the DOA community, but they are not releasing without an intense controversy that we haven't seen in the Dead or Alive community for years. If you jump through a few hoops to mod hair color changes on PC you can comfortably change your character's hair color to any hue imaginable. From Team NINJA, this feature is set to launch exclusively to PS4 for the exchange of 'Premium Tickets.' We reached out to Team NINJA for confirmation on exclusivity to this feature and they've responded to reinstate that hair color swapping will not be coming to the XBOX ONE or Steam platforms.

With all of this being said, it shouldn't come off as too much of a surprise as they introduced hair color changes with Dead or Alive 5 and Lisa's silver hair is also currently available in Dead or Alive 6. Pricing has been revealed to be one (1) Premium Ticket for each color and due to the fact you must reset the hair color, it creates a huge monetized obstacle for all of DOAs dedicated players.

The Gust & Ryza collaborative outfits look classy & tasteful compared to the consistent bikinis, and new titles have been added in an event that is similar to DOA6s Dumbbell Collaboration last year. While this is not the update gameplay purists are looking for, you can expect more big changes around the release of the Venus Vacation character next month.
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I wonder how they will find something that will conceal :
- those who didn't buy the colors and protested to get a free/cheaper hair system
- those who bought them shamefully and said "let me use my money you whiners"

How to keep both the "rebels" and the "mugs" together now ? Are they going to refund these players who used their parents' salary ? Cannot wait to see some of them regret their compulsive purchases.
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I doubt they’ll make hair colors free and give ticket refunds. They’d be warning people not to use the feature and trying to get a hotfix through Sony validation by now.
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DOA whales during the hair controversy: "How dare KT charge me $1.99 for coloring my hair!"
KT: "Okay, we saw your complaints. Now be good little whales and shills by buying Tamaki. We already know you're going to buy her and give us money anyway."
DOA whales after KT response: "I can't wait for Tamaki to be released! I wonder what fighting styles she has??? :D "
I don't know whether you're joking or not, but this is already happening now, which is discouraging.

for KT, DOA6 is a game as service.

good news because KT think or pretend to think that only westerner complain against it, so DOA6 still alive and get support
As known, KT has ultimately done nothing in the wake of everyone being angry. We will have a followup post to this scandal later. Until then please read our latest article pertaining to the business report @HHH816 tagged in this post.

We have a more analytical version of this story on the home page:

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