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Nice work, as usual. I noticed that one of the changes previously listed for Brad is gone now though.

Was that just mistakenly omitted, or was that change actually reverted back to 3.1.? Also, the .bin and .mot files for the Tengu edit aren't in the package anymore.
I reverted it back. Personally it's not a move I use very much, but if you'd like to see it back, I'd rather import his DOA4 PP2K than speeding the animation up.

Found some errors that I'll have to fix, I'll add Tengu's files back in when they're done.

Discovered that Kasumi's 9K grants frame advantage for some reason. Not sure what's causing that. Also noticed that interrupting Christie at specific times during her 3_K/4K2K will treat it as if you hit her while she was in the air. Pretty sure I copied the properties directly from DOA4, not sure if this also happens in that game.

But yeah, if anyone encounters anything strange with the imported animations just let me know.

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Did some play tests with some locals. Feel JL is still too good with his 66K variants. Should be no more advantage than -3. Right now it's set to 0. Having the move from his 10F jab and 11F mid makes it too abusive sadly.

Also wonder if there's a way we can remove jumping by replacing the 9 command animation...

Some suggestions for Leon:
66PPP should be GB or +2 on guard, not -14
If we can, can we bring in his DOA4 animation for 66K and 66_K
If we can, can we make his 6PPK, P6PPK animation/command to be his 6K knee
Possible to bring some of his DOA4 ground throw animations or combo throws would be nice too.
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Leon's changes should be doable, except maybe the throws, which can get really complicated to work with. I'll try and get it done when I have some time.

TRI Mike, if you don't have an Xbox I believe the Xbox emulator, Cxbx Reloaded, can run the mod, although with some graphical rendering errors.


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Here's a test version of some Leon changes:
- 66PPP is now a guard break (around +4 from what I can tell).
- 66K changed to be similar to his DOA5 66K. Uses a previously unused forward kick animation (a leftover from DOA1?), 25 damage, -12 on block. Stuns on normal hit and knocks down on counter-hit. He gets pushed kind of far back, though, so I don't know if it's as useful as the DOA5 version.
- P6PK changed from his F+K kick to his 6K knee. I'm not sure I like this one so much, though, because it makes his juggle damage shoot through the roof, which I don't think was intended. (Can do 3P, P6PK, F+P after basically all his launchers).
- Left 6PPK alone for now. I can change it to 6K as well, but then he'd just have to mid enders to the string instead of the low/mid mixup he has now. That seemed worse to me, but if it's what you want it's easy to change: Go to address 00002EE9 and change "FF 00" to "F8 00".

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