DOA6 Team NINJA Continues Arcade Support

Recently, Team Ninja made an announcement that Dead or Alive 6 will be getting an arcade release next year in Japan!

While details are scarce about the release date, it is currently known that the game will be running under SEGA All.Net P-Ras MULTI Version 3 for digital distribution. However, it might be using the current hardware, SEGA Nu. for development.

The Dead or Alive series has a long history with SEGA since its debut back in 1996. The first DOA game was the first and only third-party game to run under SEGA Model 2. DOA1 was ported to the Sega Saturn one year later and like other games that came from Model 2 such as Virtua Fighter 2 and Fighting Vipers, it relied on bitmap scaling since the Saturn was underpowered. The Saturn version of the first game was later ported to the Xbox as part of DOA Ultimate in 2004.

In 1999, DOA2 was released for the arcades under Sega NAOMI, with an updated version (DOA2 Millennium), was released shortly after. It was later ported to the Sega Dreamcast in 2000, alongside with DOA2 Limited Edition which would be the basis for DOA2 Hardcore for the PS2.

After the release of DOA5 Ultimate for the consoles, it received an arcade port four months later after its release, marking the first time in 13 years that a DOA game was released for the arcades. Running under Sega RingEdge 2, it used SEGA All.Net P-Ras MULTI Version 2. The arcade version introduced three brand new characters: Marie-Rose, Phase-4, and Nyotengu, while they were later ported to the console versions via DLC. When DOA5 Last Round was released for consoles, it added Raidou, Honoka, Samurai Warriors' Naotora Ii, and Fatal Fury/KOF's Mai Shiranui to the roster in the arcades.

It's great to see the DOA series return back to arcades once again, especially with the success of DOA5UA in Japan and Team Ninja's continued support towards the competitive scene and casual players alike. Here's to future DOA6A tournaments in Japan, alongside with other special events that we will see.
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Glad to see SEGA working with Team Ninja again. Having a DOA6 Arcade release is a very smart move for increasing the Japanese scene's engagement with DOA6.
Not only that but it means more revenue and money for TN, and this strongly confirms additional content and stages as well too since back when 5U had an arcade edition announced, Marie Rose and the Lorelei stage were shown along with her DLC costumes. ^.^
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I remember the day that DOA5U had an Arcade release after 13 years since DOA2 Arcade release since rest were consoles exclusives (mainly on Xbox systems before DOA Paradise for PSP), saw an original petite lolita character named Mary Rose (before officially called Marie Rose). Since DOA5 had did an arcade release, its no surprise that DOA6 is getting an arcade release.


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Yeah, the 13 year absence of a DOA arcade release hurt DOA's engagement with the competitive Japanese FGC along with DOA being exclusive to Xbox consoles for about 11 years. The Japanese & Xbox don't get along too well compared to any Sony or Nintendo systems.
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