Team NINJA is Planning to Reboot Dead or Alive and NINJA Gaiden

Some breaking news has been released today during Team NINJA's keynote at the South Korea G-Star conference by Fumihiko Yasuda that Dead or Alive and NINJA Gaiden reboots will be the future of the company after the release of Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty & Rise of Ronin. The final image presented in the breaking story has been translated by key individuals in our community including @WAZAAAAA and @Matt Ponton respectively:


Team NINJA's Future - Reboot of Popular Series - Images of NINJA Gaiden & Dead or Alive

There is a lot of information in this story, and we will break all of it down here at Free Step Dodge, but this looks like extremely positive evidence of a future and now is probably not the time to leave the DOA community if you were planning to jump the fence. We've been covering Team NINJA's Fumihiko Yasuda all year and he checks all of the boxes of a proper president: he's been honest, he's developed legendary games, he's focused on the present and the future.

We don't know all of the details yet, but everyone interested should be inclined to give Yasuda a chance after (in all due respect) the marketing blunder that Yohei Shimbori was vacuumed into as Team NINJA director and producer for Dead or Alive 6. Shimbori was put into a position where he could not excel with DOA6 and was unfortunately retired because of it not to dampen the rest of his career which was a legendary run on his part.

If we find out in ANYWAY that these translations are inaccurate, we will remove them, but as of now they have been double checked, fact checked, site checked and approved for this story release. Also, it's important to consider that the term 'reboot' can mean a wide array of different things, some elements that could have negative impact and some elements that could have positive impact and we ask that you consider that when discussing the future of the games. Seeing as how Yasuda has been as transparent as he can be to a global audience; this is a good indicator of things to come.
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This is about it, I already lost hope in Dead or Alive 6 after a whole fiasco of missing modes, recycled DLCs, Leon and Ein are missing, and a short lived DOA Championship. If they're going to reboot Dead or Alive, I would rather want them to do a playable recap story mode with cutscenes taken from Dead or Alive Ultimate, Dead or Alive 3, and Dead or Alive 4. With the gameplay being absolutely similar to Dead or Alive 5.
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Probably the best news possible. After 6, it deserves to rot. Sorry casual simps, you'll have to learn how to Google now for your pixel tatas. :cool:
"Yes it is in works, and I do not know who is this b*tch who leaked it but firstly we need to promote our chinese nioh and our homemade sekiro, so you have to wait until early-mid 2024"
Probably the best news possible. After 6, it deserves to rot. Sorry casual simps, you'll have to learn how to Google now for your pixel tatas. :cool:
Or even better than using Google to get "pixel tatas", which is non other than DMM Games most popular game that is lasting a good 5 Years & more to come is DOAXVV.

yup, it's koinuma p said games that need a lot of dlc will stay in japan only
Which is a good home for the DOA franchise.
So I guess was right to be skeptical in the beginning after all, but I had finally come around once I realized those slides with the word "reboot" weren't made by the news outlet but were apparently from Team Ninja themselves (or maybe KT?). I didn't expect them to screw up their own info (whoever made the slides on KT/TN's part got Yasuda wrong? lol), but in hindsight, I really should have still continued to be skeptical... lmao. This isn't helping with their image of having become screwups... at least when it comes to NG and DOA.

Also, I'm reminded why I had Lopedo blocked for years, lol.

@Kasumi-Phase-X he has a point though... with googling you'd get stuff that goes way further than VV (including as far as "please erase my memories and burn my eyes" far). C'mon, anyone would probably be right to assume that most VV fans wish the game went way, way further than it does. Like, "Sexy Beach" far.
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I'm not gonna say DOA is dead, but now we're back to "the next game could be absolutely anything" and is probably further off than we thought. Oh, and I guess those comments about looking at outsourcing again still count.

How much weight does Yasuda's words of support and desire/hopes for the series matter next to KT's silence, tho? He wants to do something, but how long before KT feels ok to greenlight another DOA or NG project? They really look like they've got their hands full for the next few years.
Lol grap3 and I told you guys this never meant a reboot.

What I found surprising is Ronin has been in 7 years in development. Mistranslation?
Lol grap3 and I told you guys this never meant a reboot.

What I found surprising is Ronin has been in 7 years in development. Mistranslation?

Ronin is said to be like open world game like Grand theft auto or red dead..i'm not surprise with that amount of years of development
Wow This sucks, but I guess will have to see what happens. Aslong was they don’t pull the plug online component in 6 we good for now.
They won't and I'm not sure if they can. If it ever gets unplugged that would be Sony/MS/Steam's doing. DOA6 on PC relies on Steam's P2P matchmaking and lobbies API, so all the traffic is going thru Valve's network and their backend servers. Not sure if there is a maintenance cost KT has to pay, but my understanding was Valve takes a cut of the sales which goes into paying for their servers.
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I wasn't expecting much but I'm glad to know that I'm now safe from my stupid bet where I'd become a H*tomi main if DOA7 gets announced by her birthday next year
We are also all safe from ever having to see what Hitomi looks like in a newer graphics engine in the near future.
The fact that Yasuda took the time to say something about this tells me that, at the very least, Team Ninja sees that there is clear demand for a new DOA. The persistent demand isn't something that can be ignored at this point - I think even the greater machine of Koei Tecmo knows this.