The Music thread.


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The first music I post in this thread has to be Tina's DOA++ theme (why didn't they give the tracks names for this OST?). One essential thing that's always been missing for me as a DoA fan is a favorite music track, and after over 15 years of first playing DoA I finally found it in an obscure release of the first game in the series. Even TN seems to have fogotten about it. It's like the Khan Super Session of DoA. Why no DLC music pack yet?? D: Every Tina fan must hear this.

Also, this is a strong contender for The Greatest Music Video I Have Ever Seen (..........TGMVIHES) other than the one I posted before this one

(so much epic 80s/90s animation influence, man)
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Disclaimer: due to the current state of PC crap, my N word privilege is only to the level and limited to replacing it with the word "neighbour" so I can sing along! That being said, I m gonna slap an explicit lyrics label/sticker on this one!

And holy shit with the vocals on this one. Its out of this world!

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Apologies in advance for the shameless self-promotion - I thought I'd share a bit of my own music in case anyone was interested lol.
I do a Dark Electronic/Techno-pop sort of thing, very much influenced by synthesizer-based music of the 80's and 90's. Much of it sounds like the sort of music you might hear at a "goth-industrial" club.

This one's from my 2020 compilation album, "A Collision":

Here's the lead single from that album, my take on the subgenre of Synthwave (think "Blinding Lights"):

If music videos (and guitars) are more your thing, here's one from an 80's New Wave-influenced side project of mine that I did back in 2018. Yes, that's me singing (amateurishly) and prancing around in the aviator sunglasses and eyeliner (I wore an awful lot of black clothing back then lol):

All songs are available for streaming/purchase on Spotify, Itunes, Bandcamp, etc.