News Version 1.19 Introduces Ground Game Changes & Character Tweaks

With a plethora of balance adjustments, ground game changes & character tweaks, Version 1.19 is easily Team NINJA's biggest update for Dead or Alive 6 yet as made evident by the tantalizing patch notes. The trend of releasing 'Revival' outfit packs continues with the 'Chinese Dresses' from Dead or Alive 5. The DOA community has taken firm passes on most recent updates to the game, but version 1.19 has fighters back in the lab looking for all of the new character possibilities before the exciting release of the new Dead or Alive Xtreme: Venus Vacation character.

Version 1.19 doesn't just make big game changes, but also fixes a slew of mistakes and bugs including: displayed values to moves, missing moves & mistakes from the command list, Christie's posture animation during defeat, incorrect half-hit display in Skill Info, Combo Challenge issues, character specific AI problems and Phase 4's 'Cyber Costume' lighting during stance changes. They also made several changes to the Danger Zone system to account for more damage & adjust bizarre follow up attacks. Team NINJA also made some fixes to "the gravity" of character models to reduce some animation issues.

Team NINJA is encouraging players to utilize hard knock backs with changes made to the ground game in version 1.19. Tech rolls are possible until the end of the hit reaction." The added ground attack hit box is a welcome change as it illustrates the need for more move creativity and more individuality to a player's move set, and this is now more apparent than ever for DOA6 with 1.19. A great example of this would be Darkslay's Oki setups, tech & value breakdowns.

You can also view some Kasumi Force-Techs and Setups from community contributor, @KasumiLover! Other adjustments to the game meta have been put into place with High Counter damage changes & select level adjustments. Almost all of the characters were tweaked in some way with version 1.19, and some characters such as Christie were nerfed pretty hard as mentioned in the patch notes. Veteran Christie player, @Awesmic showcases changes made to Christie while also highlighting some positives.

It seems that 1.19 has the DOA6 player-base busy, and with a new character on the way, hopefully we can expect some more impressive game changes and maybe even some additional moves to our favorite characters and new arenas to fight in. What did you think of version 1.19 and what have you found for your character? Sound off in the comments and expect additional character content for this story as time goes on and players continue to dissect the new update!

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Wasn't one of my favorite sets in DoA5 but congrats to those who wanted it. I'm more interested to see what the balance and soft changes and bring. Crossing my fingers that they're still updating intro/win poses and/or adding a free costume like before.

Also I'm guessing these costumes were supposed to be in time for the Lunar New Year
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I wonder what balance adjustments they'll add? Besides the obvious wanting the ground game to change or at least be modified to closer rep the DOA5 one I want Kasumi to have these changes:

-Make 3H+K high crush like it was before DOA5. Nico has a handful of high crushes, Honoka has 2 OHs and Christie has her crushes. Kasumi only has 214P but that's a jumping high and her 33P is only a high crush for a specific time

-Make K3K safer since it doesn't do much but make her +10. No point being -16 on block for something that generally small

-Give her a 4P+K attack, maybe as the ender from 66PP, 6PP, P+KP, 9KP, or maybe reassign her 44P and change that input into her 4P+K.

-Make 2KK safe on block or -5 since neither hits track and are both duckable.

-Make 9PK track or change to a mid kick.

-Make her close hit elbow enders have a GB property so that way it has a more visual impact. Even if it's -6, I feel a GB could make the opponent react different rather than try to throw you or block since its already their turn to strike in that case

Other than that I still think Kasumi fine but I can see them making characters like Marie stronger. Someone I follow mutually on twitter wants her to be able to go into rondo from her BTed 4K but I don't think that'll happen since that would mean they'd have to make her punch and kick follow up unsafer in that case since you'd could just cheese your opponent out of their turn since you're only at -3 to -5 and can just rondo from BT 4K from a loop and that could make it difficult for slower characters to do anything besides try to crush because of fear that their high and mid punch strikes will be parried.

When you look at the math part of frame data, it does really make you realize why they do make small adjustments like that


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They're actually adjusting the ground game? also holy shit at the Honoka balances lol


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That is a lot of changes. This is the update the twitter account should have tried to hype up. Don't forget about the input lag TN!!!
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