Win/lose/intro quotes in Japanese?


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It sounds like his second DOA2U taunt has the same quote as his third DOA4 taunt, just re-recorded for some reason. And obviously his first DOA4 taunt is just a laugh.

  • "Jinezumi." (Shrew.)
  • "Ka~tsu!" (No real translation. Just an exclamation meant to intimidate.)
  • "Sa, maire~!" (Now, here I go!)
  • "Ka~tsu!" (No real translation. Just an exclamation meant to intimidate.)


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Alright, here's the translation of the DOA++ endings. Raidou's took forever, by the way. Like, WTF?

--Brother, I won...

(Electronic interference...)
(Computer nonsense...)
(Electronic interference...)
--I want to go home, brother...




A dense fog arrived seemingly out of nowhere, and the surroundings became unsettlingly dark.

--Hey! Can you hear me? What in the world is going on?
--I don't know! I can't confirm anything!
With a violent roar, a gust of wind raged through.
Soon, the fog was gone, and light returned to the room.


The forms of the two people who were supposed to commence the violent battle weren't there.
...And without a sound, the room slowly began to collapse.

--Hey! What's wrong? Are you listening? Hey...

Jann Lee
-#3 DIARY-
Today, I went to see the DOA tournament with my family. There was a guy there that yelled things like "acho~", and I cheered him on with all I had. He was so cool until the very end. After the tournament was over, I went over to him and made him a promise. I'm going to be strong, too, just like him! I'll do my best!


I don't know...what this is. I have this restless feeling. Could this be anxiety? Yes... Who am I...talking to? I know. No..., I don't. Meaningless rambling. It's hard to breathe. Well, then, I'll go on and say it.

H e l l o .

-#5 DREAM-
What is my dream?
I'm going to become Mom. It's because I feel sorry for Dad who's all alone.

My dream for the future?
I'm going to become strong. I have things I want to protect.

Was that really my dream?

Even now, I'm getting so involved in dreams.

DOATEC leader Fame Douglas deceased...

Cause of death unknown.
Possibility of assassination.
Confirmation is being rushed.

Replacement leader for DOATEC decision is predicted to be tomorrow.
Effects toward T-NET inevitable.

Avoid any confusion in information.

--Welcome to DEAD OR ALIVE
Fame Douglas

--Come back soon. I'll be sure to watch over the house.​

--So, you're the successor of the Hayabusa ninja bloodline?​
--This, too, is fate...
--I didn't want to have to fight you like this.​

--It's over, Irene...
--Welcome back...​
--No. I still can't see the light...

--I see. It went well, did it...?
--In that case, the objective will soon be within reach... And the data?
--All data entry has been completed.​
--The dangerous sample... No. You know, I take it?
--The plan is already in motion.​
--Better than expected. Let's proceed to next phase... Seize the girl...

1: Try your best not to tell any lies.
2: Don't pick up money.
3: Rhythm is important.
4: Want what you want.
5: Aim big!

Gen Fu
-#10 VOICE-
Can you hear me?
I can hear you.​
A faint voice.
I can hear you...
It's okay now.​
Thank you, really.
Something's crying out...
I can hear you...​

I can hear a faint voice from beyond the perpetual cycle...

The foreign entity who was unable to fuse with me violently resonated inside "that". "That" gave forth a scream from within the spiraling time-space of myself...

In the shadow that the scattering particles cast, the young girl's name rises to the surface. Time forms a ripple, and in that space, a distortion comes forth.

In the loop seemingly without end, the information made manifest within the rift stops the flow.

In the the white darkness, the growing chaos and the new will made contact.
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PLOT TWIST: Donovan is actually Bass's lackey and in DOA6, Bass will reveal himself to be the true mastermind. He will be known as Hollywood Bass.
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