Win/lose/intro quotes in Japanese?


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I'm so curious about Marie's ( Yare Yare Desu) does it mean ( Im doing it) ?
Or does Japanese like to make their own random sentence?
You appear to have put spaces in between the words. Japanese doesn't work like that. Just type it all right next to each other. You'll get a more accurate (and yet still terrible) translation.

"(laughts) Minna~San Konnichiwa Gozaimasu"
No one adds "gozaimasu" after "konnichi wa" in Japanese. Where did you hear that?

I want Zack to get his "Mattase dana? (Did you wait long?/Zack at your service!) " quote back.
The proper way to write that would "Mataseta?"


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Quick question, what exactly does Ayane's "Baka mitai" taunt mean?
I understand the "baka" part, but the "mitai"??
I'm just

Is "baka mitai" more disrespectful than "baka" or something


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Pre-fight quotes

  • "This is going to be a good match."/ This is going to be the best stage for us [Saiko no stage ni nariso ne]
  • "I cannot lose." [Makeru makeruwa arimasen]
  • "You're not my concern." [Anata wa kan kenai]
  • "The curtain has just risen." [makuwa agatabakari]
  • "May God bless you." [Kami shukufuku anarao koto]
  • "You better watch yourself!" [Yudantai tekurawasu yo]
Victory quotes
  • "Did you think that you could defeat me?" [Masaka watashi no katsuki derash tano]
  • "The prelude has not even ended." [Preludutowo atenaiwa]
  • "What a noisy boy...." [Hurusaish to ne]
  • "It isn't you...." [Anata wa shigao]
  • "You are not the one...." [Anata janai yo ne]
  • "Only victory can bring me to the truth." [Kono sakini shinjitsuga aru]
  • "I cannot lose." [makeru makeruwa arimasen]
  • "Don't be too hard on yourself." [Kyo atenasai kudasai]
  • "This is perfect harmony." [saiko no harmony da wa]
  • "I don't know what to do with you." [komatesh tone]
Losing quotes
  • "I hear the requiem." [Requiem ga kikowe ru]
Please do correct any mistakes that I've made (I only did this by hearing) I would highly appreciate if anyone could put this on Japanese writing, Thank you very much.
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