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I'm going to say this once because this debate had long since been resolved.

All of the things you've mentioned were already addressed and/or answered either in the Video or the Previous Comments.
I just wanna say something I knew
1,Pai sucks in VF,she is in a very low character tier.In DOA5U,she's great,don ask me why
2,NOT ONLY VF characters' sabaki could be thrown by high counter,please check out kokoro's 44P Eliot's 214P..etc,IT IS FAIR.
3,hitomi's 9H is a special hold,she can't use it during stun,and followed P or K are NOT safe,everyone who blocked can punish a throw ,anyway,DOA has so many mindgames.
4,In fact,you just push H button before you move,thats why your Jack 5P counter hitted by hayate's 6P

PS:different games dude,fit youself ,enjoy both games
Are you seriously trying to say that walljumps are better than Akira 2P? lol Okay, now I'm done for real.
Brute, I'm not sure if you have ever seen or heard of it but, there are situations where the VF 2P doesn't help.

I fought against Bayman's, Leon's, Rachel's, Tina's, Bass's, and Lisa's who made the Akira 2P useless.

I know the 2P is an awesome tool, but its not a solution when under pressure. Especially when someone's expecting it to happen
hayabusa's wall hop is one of the most useful tools a character can have?
in the time it takes to use 7P, you will get hit by whatever mid or low your opponent tosses out, since even when on the wall, you are susceptible to all mids and certain lows, and the same applies for a good chunk of frames after hitting K. you're also left at disadvantage the vast majority of the time if for some strange reason you are "successful." and even if that was theoretically something amazingly useful, so what? the VFs have useful "get out of jail free" tools that others don't. 2P is way more useful than some fucking wall jump. I'd trade a wall jump for an akira 2P any day. not all characters get all tools. that's common sense. the VFs have way, way way way way way way enough tools to not only be viable, but to stand head and shoulders over a good chunk of the rest of the cast. we can tell you this 100 more times but if you don't get it, no amount of my yelling logic at you will change it. so on that note, I'm out. I wont be commenting in this "discussion" any more.
You're dodging the question. The Wall Jumps in general crush Lows and Mids. Its not fancy, its one of the most useful Tools a character can have
if you're in a situation where you can't block or SS, all that fancy crap you're talking about won't work, either.
I'm not saying they should get a special pass. I'm saying the VF's should get all of their moves because of the likelihood of being pressured with nowhere to go.

Hitomi, Brad Wong, Ayane, Kasumi, Hayate, Hayabusa, and Momiji have ways of getting out of tight situations with either Wall Jumps/Attacks or Moonsaults.

If the DOA characters have those kind of tools, why not the VF's?
Sounds like guaranteed damage.
Unless you mean stuns, in which case, use holds.

Whatever that situation is, EVERYONE would be caught in it. Why you think the VFs should get a special pass when no one else does is baffling.
Block? Hold? Fuzzy? SS?
The usual shit that everyone can do.
No matter how you slice, Striker; all techniques are required for efficiency.

What would you suggest a VF user do in a situation with their back to a wall or if they get cornered?
Why did you revive this thing?

But Akira, Sarah, and Jacky are some of best characters in the game. Do you not realize how much faster they are compared to VF? You're going on and on about who's meant to do what, but end of the day, they're still high tier and much better than the average DOA character and you want them to have more.
When you put it that way, I have to concede to your logic.

You're right.

But I truly believe I am not wrong . Akira, Pai, Jacky and Sarah need their moves in order to have efficiency
That's odd. none of those things happen to me in VF5.

You're right Nova on all 4 accounts of the Subaki's, I realize the first quarter of the video is me blundering. however I stand by what I said.

The Virtua Fighters need all of their techs because

3 aren't meant to juggle
2 are meant to stop combos
1 is meant fight on the ground
1 is meant to be faster than the opponent

Its necessary for The VF's to have them due to the dependency of all their moves. Its just these guys in particular. If it were to be any other 4 Virtua Fighters decided to be guests in DOA5, then I would not debate so insistently. The Subaki's and Inashi's are cogs in the machine that drives the VF's forward.
Oh and when it comes to the VF characters not having all their moves, I admit I do wish they were there but they still have all that they need to win so I'm don't really. As for the Hard Bounds I would like them to be in DOA but its not the end of the world if they're not because before VF5FS Hard Bounds VF5 and VF5R bounds were actually similar or the way they are in DOA. Jump moves and Staggers um if TN can make them work in the DOA system fine but I kinda doubt that they can tbh. Juggles for VF character are fine, I personally never had any trouble with it. Anyways hopefully all the information in my last post and this one are correct, but this is my final opinion on the mater so take it as you want.
Alright I admitt I should have use better words in my last post because that one was me just talking about the sabakis so my bad. Anyways after watching the video again, you make me believe you just don't understand why these thing happen, which is why I 'm gonna explain why it did. Starting with Akira, @3:22 Akira was thrown out of his following SS. The reason it happened because Ryu DUCKED under the P part of 2H+K P which opened for Akira to be thrown and I tested the same situation in VF dojo mode and I was able to grab Akira out of his SS followup just like Ryu when I DUCKED the P of his 2H+K P. I also tested this in DOA dojo as well and the results were the result happen. @3:32 You did Akira WS46P Ryu sidestep and threw Akira that happen simply because he was punishing you for WIFFING the WS46P and just like the other situation I tested in both games and the same thing happen. As for Jacky @4:25 your sabaki was successful and you got the followup P for free and put Hayate in a stun where he held your followup attack. In VF that world allow Jacky to get guaranteed damage but because he is in DOA and not VF thats not gonna happen. @5:10 You tried to sabaki again and it failed that time. I think you just miss timed sabaki thats the only conclusion I can come up with. Now for Pai @6:22 Pai was thrown there because in that stance she is vulnerable to certain attacks and throws during the time when the sabaki should is able to activate and it happened in both games. Now for Sarah her P+K gives her frames advantage of 0 in DOA and +4 in VF when the sabaki is successful. @14:22 You tried to sabaki with Sarah on wake up and got hit. Like I said in my other post Sarah P+K is a offensive sabaki the deflect only works if your at +frames, so doing it on wake up where your - your gonna get beat out every time. Anyways I hope this help you understand why these thing happens and if you have any doubts go ahead and test them yourself. Finally I wanna say when it comes to most sabakis and other stuff I covered in this post I don't believe those moves have been nerfed. As for the few that have I don't think its not that bad because VF have strength in DOA that they don't have in VF and vice versa. I hope this helps.
I absolutely can and will.