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Okay, so it's about time we had a thread in the Marie Rose section about, well, Marie Rose. The point of this thread to put everything we know about Marie Rose into one convenient location. This post will be updated with any new, relevant information we learn.

Frame Data
Japanese Frame Data
Video of Movelist

C1 - Default gothic lolita
C2 - Blue tightsuit
C3 - White tightsuit
C4 - Gothic lolita with accessories
C5 - Santa
C6 - Punk schoolgirl
C7 - Japanese gym suit
C8 - Nurse
C9 - Cheerleader with pom-poms
Like all females she has an optional glasses toggle for these outfits.

Currently, she is only available in the Arcade version of DOA5U found in Japan (opened Dec. 23), though Team Ninja has announced that she will be made available for home consoles.
Edit: Famitsu revealed that she will be released as DLC on PSN March 25th and XBL on March 26th.

Arcade debut trailer
English consoles trailer
Japanese consoles trailer
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Honestly, Marie Rose creeps me out

looks like those creepy dolls that you think will turn to life at night and kill you
That's exactly why I like her!
she reminds me of Shinku from Rozen Maiden.

@Brute you were the last person I'd expect make a thread about Marie Rose, Thank you!
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It appears that she's one of the few characters to have toggle able glasses that don't look hideous. This is good.

Personally, I'd have preferred to have DOA's loli character look like this;


I can live with what we got though. In all honesty, I doubt I'm even gonna play her though, but I'm still interested in seeing how she turns out.


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Looks to be quite an agile fighter. Almost like a mixture of Bayman and Leifang. Could be interesting.


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Random thought!: She might be a LITTLE like Christie. Special SS and a roll and great mobility...... o_O
That was just a random thought so don't get picky with me! *looks at Brute*
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