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There's not much really to talk about design wise imo, the cloth and that chain mail mesh look alot better and cleaner tho thank god since its my favourite Ryu costume xD and I think we all know at this point that there's no actual correctly defined navels on the character, but I'm sure they'll touch that up evenfually
If he wants to @ someone he can do that, Tyaren’s opinions are wanted, that’s why PB asks for it.

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They better give one of these costumes to Ryu already and stop stressing me out

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I will be pissed if he got the DOA2, DOA4 or DOA5 version of this. DOA 3 and U2 are the only two games they should use as reference when they try to bring back past costumes and stages.

I won't mind an updated version of this either

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MASTER already said on stream that this costume isn't coming back.


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So do we know if the costumes shown in the beta are going to be the only costumes for those characters or are the guys going to get at least a 3rd (not counting color swaps) option?

I mean I know we will get dlc frequently, but I’d like to see more options on disc. I am also hoping for secret costumes, something unlockable that is a major surprise, like what they did with the swimsuits for Tina, Lisa, and Christie in vanilla.

Side note: would be cool if the dlc costumes also get 3 different color options.


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So what Ive noticed from the Beta is this that Diego has in his Winning Pose is Mouth the half way open . We see teeth and the otherside seems closed. Looks totally weird and i do not know if its supposed tho reflect anger =?
And still I think The Leather Jacket he is been wearing should move and not hang stiff to his Body . The same as for Zack in his Suit.


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It’s going to be disappointing if Diego only had two options for costumes at launch: option 1. Jeans, tank, and leather jacket. option 2. Jeans and tank.

Pretty weak for a new character.
Those aren't the only final costumes that'll be in the base game, there's definitely gonna be more. Nico has her default, her thong leotard schoolgirl uniform, and her new coat costume so he'll likely get 2-4 more. The beta was a month old or so build iirc so I think they just basically used the latest build they've been doing promo with and they locked out all the modes and characters besides the ninjas and Diego and just left in the costumes they had ready at that point.

Diego also has a shorter hairstyle that they didn't have in as well in the beta and Kasumi only has her ponytails and loose hair in there too, I doubt TN will just leave out her other hairstyles and such while Nyo and Kokoro get new hairstyles xD I think as time goes on they'll show more, there may even be hidden costumes that become unlockable after you do missions in quest mode too


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Yeah, it hurts my heart but maybe it's my karma for me making that Lisa graveyard picture last year xD and Ayane I think will still have a chance, I think they're trying to make Eliot a pimp or something with how many girls he's got coming at him xD

Oh my GODDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD:oops::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek: Nico's was already gonna be a knock out for me but Eliot SHIRTLESS and muscular too??? Jesus.... I am not ready at all when March 1st comes <3

Also these costumes for Kasumi and Nico are everything, I love the colors
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I really like the direction TN is going with the costumes. Hope they release more GOOD quality costumes in the future.


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I guess at that point it's safe to assume every female will have 15 costumes (5x3) at launch… in the beta the guys only had 6 (2x3) though. So at this point, I'm actually wondering, if they will get more than that.

I'd assume there will at least be a third costume since the green Busa costume exists… I doubt they would port the costume and then not recolor it.

Will probably be interesting to see, if DLC costumes will have recolors, too.
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