The Official SoCal DOA Thread


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I live in SoCal. Currently near the L.A. area, though I also frequent northern San Diego.

Nice to see plenty of other Cali DOA players! :)
So Cal also a resident of 91106 (pasadena, ca). If anyone wants to add me up on XBL add "Lion Zest." I haven't really been playing as much DoA4 for a few months but I'd still be up to play before DoA5 hits.
Nice! Will we be playing the retail version of the game and will we have time to practice before the tournament begins?
Yeah it's going to be the retail version. You will have time to play before the tourney starts since we'll be setting up at least an hour before it starts.

Also, we will be providing free food and NOS all night!
For any1 interested, Gameplay at Long Beach already got their shipment of Dead Or Alive 5's fightstick! If you want to get your hands on it then call them and see what's up. They told me they only have a couple.

1 (562) 421-6880

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