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Dead or Alive 5 set to release on September 25th

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Tecmo-Koei has released it's E3 press release today. The contents of the press release go on to talk about the E3 IPL event as well as finally giving a release date for Dead or Alive 5.

The release date has been currently set to September 25th.

Tecmo Koei said:
New Generation of DEAD OR ALIVE on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 to Enter the Arena on September 25 Following Conclusion of
DOA5 IPL Tournament Series Kicking Off at E3 2012​

BURLINGAME, Calif. – JUNE 5, 2012 – TECMO KOEI America today announced that the new generation of DEAD OR ALIVE combat, DEAD OR ALIVE 5, will be available in stores and online retailers on September 25, 2012. After taking a hiatus, the widely recognized series returns with a new look and feel while retaining the legacy that established the series as a core fighting contender. Created by Team NINJA, DEAD OR ALIVE 5 will be published by TECMO KOEI America for the PlayStation®3 computer...

DOA5: Special editions of Dead or Alive 5 to be released?

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According to the updated Dead or Alive 5 official website, it appears that DOA5 will have more than one version released. The website states that you can preorder the "standard edition" from various retailers. Honestly, I find this shockingly expected. I look forward to hearing what other editions are announced and their offerings. Hopefully they won't have gameplay altering exclusive DLC (such as characters or stages) as that's always a low blow. Dead or Alive 5 is scheduled for release in September of 2012.

What items would you want in a premium or limited edition version of Dead or Alive 5?

Source: Dead or Alive 5 Official Website

FGC: Yosuke Hayashi on Fighting Games at GameSpot's symposium

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It looks like Yosuke Hayashi was interviewed over on GameSpot about the Fighting genre (again). He comes off with at least a new analogy to Fighting games in regard to Boxing and talks about the non-traditional features in fighting games and their purpose. It's a nice read for an otherwise lack of news lately (come on Team NINJA, I want a Bass/Lei Fang reveal!!!!).

It's an interesting read as Seth Killian (Capcom community manager) and Mike Zaimont (Skullgirls creator) also weigh in on the genre as well.

GameSpot said:
Yosuke Hayashi, Leader, Team NINJA
Why do people enjoy fighting games?

I would say that competing against others is human nature. The most primitive form of competition is through fighting. In this way, fighting games are very close to the human instinct, and they don't need to be described in words. So it's for this reason that I believe fighting games are loved and played across the globe.

How important are nontraditional modes...

3 days left to give feedback on DOA 5 Demo

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There are only 3 days left to give your feedback on the DOA 5 Demo. Be sure to follow the link and give your thoughts to Team Ninja to help make DOA 5 the best in the series.

New DOA5 trailer reveals Christie and Bayman.

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A new trailer was released from Tecmo Koei, revealing not only a new stage but the return of everybody's two favorite assassins. In what is sure to shock many, Bayman is not wearing his stapled barret and Christie is apparently sporting a bra. Once Mr.Wah returns from his vacation, I'm sure he'll give you a more detailed breakdown however I'll do my best to point how the new stuff.

As we take a look at the new stage, we see the new stage is a battlezone is some rural part of a city. Soldiers are shooting at each other and firing off missles. Enter Bayman, who is sporting a new haircut and Christie, who is still looking rather hot wearing a open blouse shirt showing off her cleaveage and sporting a bra of all things. As the fight begins Bayman shows off some new tools like a forward tank roll that goes into a throw, then follows up with P+K into a throw. We also see his staple back throw is still there as he pulls it off flawlessly. Bayman...

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